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  1. Winter Fishing

    Tubejig - You shouldn't doubt yourself about making a lure or two. It is fun and extremely satisfying to catch a fish on one. In regards to those tournament guys they need to relax. I fish to find peace not to compete but I suppose it is kind of neat to catch bigger/more fish than someone else. Those ALX rods seem very nice. Are they custom Hydra blanks? It won't be for a while but eventually I need a quality medium heavy rod and the no scrim, moderate fast action type of thing is very appealing. You're in sales though so I bet them ALX rods are the best thing ever, haha. dave57 - I reckon anywhere I catch skippies and find them big gizzard shad would be a great place for cats. I heard they spawn in the fall so there should be a lot going on during Winter. My catfish rig is broke though and I need to fix it.
  2. Winter Fishing

    ecox- I been spying them shad where they were and caught me a striper. I ain't fishing below a dam neither. dloveday - That f&f stuff is a TN thing? I love finesse tactics. My bread and butter in fact. Gonna have to set me up some of those bobbers. dada - I used to love playing guitar. Haven't for a while on account I can't sing. Tried playing on a banjo and it is a whole different world. I set my instrument down and leave it to the good guys. I love a good string band. Y'all got a fiddle? Tubejig - What are you doing? Making custom lures and fishing tournaments?
  3. Winter Fishing

    Tried fishing 12/9 with only a few casts. Not so much cold as it was windy. Still cold though, haha. What do y'all do in East TN until Spring in terms of fishing? Where I am from it was all about the trout. Any suggestions for hitting the water before Spring?
  4. Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    The website that I use is at https://webapp.navionics.com/
  5. New Canoe/Kayak ramp - Knox County (Concord)

    Picture from Knox County of the new kayak/canoe launch built in Concord Park by the fishing pier across from the RR track bridge. Not sure how it works. I guess they ended up clearing that whole spot out.
  6. Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    Cool, guys. I have been using the online maps to check out areas and have found it to be a useful part of the scouting process. Thanks for the input.
  7. Anyone Catching Perch

    Rooster - I would say maybe not check out the area off Toby Hollow. It is right past the water treatment plant, along the power lines, where the rail road tracks lead to the steam plant right across from ORNL pretty much. Myself, I am fixing to check out Carbide (Clark Center). Haven't been there for a while but it seems like a good area. Not sure if the distance from the steam plant is a major factor. That whole chunk below it is accessible too (around the green trail marker on the map) from what I understand. Furthermore it isn't but a hop and a skip from Solway/Edgemore. If you ain't been there just for general bank fishing you might ought to check it out.
  8. For those of y'all that fish the lakes with electronics on your boats I would be interested in finding out your input regarding Navionics webapp and the general accuracy of this site. Obviously water levels will differ depending on the seasons and certain marked objects are subject to change/interpretation. But overall are the static online lake maps accurate enough to gauge the general contour and depth (when water level is established) of a body of water? I am not reefering to the mobile application with a trial version/paid version but rather the maps that can be pulled up on a PC freely at any time. Thanks for any help. The area of the main channel between Carbide Park and Melton Hill Park
  9. Anyone Catching Perch

    NP. Checked out the area at towards the TVA land. RR crossing is blocked by a locked gate. No signs were posted though. Might not be the best spot for a stranger to leave a parked vehicle. There is a lot for sale there though next to one of the many abandoned and overgrown houses. Property right by the lake? Heck yeah!
  10. Anyone Catching Perch

    TVA undeveloped land is federal property open to the public but subject to certain state regulations. It is not private property so you do require a fishing license. TWRA does not own the property one bit but can enforce its regulations in regards to fish and game. Check out TVA undeveloped land usage and maps and compare it with Knox County and Anderson County property tax parcel information. There is also information for Campbell County and Blount County.
  11. Anyone Catching Perch

    Around Bull Run Park and up river from the steam plant it is thick as of 2 days ago. Picked it off my hooks more than once using single hooks on rooster tails and spoons fished close to the surface. Green if that means anything. Fishing at Solway from the pier towards the opposite bank was never an issue nor at the boat ramp down the road away from the bank.
  12. Anyone Catching Perch

    Rooster - Just information that may or may not be helpful. I have fished at Solway a few times from the pier and there are a couple bank spots at the park that can be fished from. The milfoil is very thick there along the entire bank leading almost to the end of the pier. This may or may not be an issue. Another location next to Solway is the Edgemore boat ramp area but the milfoil is thick there as well. The boat ramp area is along the main channel. Depending on where you are coming from there is a location I have been meaning to check out that may or may not be open for access but is TVA undeveloped land at the end of Tobby Hollow Lane/Road off New Henderson. Directly down stream from the steam plant and across from Haw Ridge. I hope this helps.
  13. New setup I am almost done with.

    Thanks. I took the rod to the lake Sunday morning and fished for about 10 hours. Many, many casts with different lures. Had the rod in my hands nine of those hours setting it down a few times to change lures or fix the leader. Very light rod and reel combo. It was windy and the setup started to blow away once while laying flat on a towel. The sensitivity is astounding. Nothing took place underwater that was not felt. The Microwave Guides work so well in streamlining the casting and I was casting sideways, underhand, as well as overhead. I am going to reassess the running guide layout though and see if I can drop one because there was some leader issues even with just a 10lb braid to 8lb fluoro alberto. All in all this simple build performed great but feel the guides could be slightly tweaked. Oh, and almost the whole day it was pretty windy and most casts were against it in some way. ....I feel an addiction/obsession coming on...
  14. New setup I am almost done with.

    I just need to put the last 3 runners on. St. Croix SCV Light/fast 7 foot, 2 piece blank with a 12" graphite TN handle. Microwave guides (like I said in my review they were going on the next build. Best guides for spinning rods, easily. I just re-used my old ones. ) But with the guides I tweaked the spacing a bit because it is for the 1000 series reel Stradic ci4+ (would have never bought but for some reason they were over 50 dollars off on Amazon. Waited 3 months and they tried to suspend the order!) and isn't in a seat. Changed the position of the runners too using the information about static load from anglersresource. That was after I changed the placement a couple of times already and why I need a break from messing with guide placement. I used the thin metallic pearl thread as the guide wrap, which is more for accents and decoration but it is wrapped very tight and when the epoxy is fully cured I'll clean up any remaining tags. The color of the thread actually looks amazing in certain light. Oh, and haha, I went to the hardware store and craft store looking for something to fashion as a sort of winding check. Got a couple of things and Hobby Lobby has a sale on certain beads and a bunch of Swarovski crystal beads were on clearance as well. Ended up with quite the fancy "winding check". Anyway, sorry for the long post. I had been wanting to create something like this for quite a while and made the decision after much debate. I thought I would share to see if anyone had any thoughts, ideas, or suggestion. If you haven't tried, love a good rod, have a bit of free time, wish to save money with company kits, or just want to work toward building a one of a kind, individualized representation of passion, I would say you ought to check it out. If you made it to the end of this best...Thank you.
  15. Any Experienced Rod Builders?

    Right on. I came very close to purchasing one of the MHX casting rods to work on or even the kit. I needed a medium heavy, fast action rod in the 7' range that was 2 pieces. Ended up getting something else I am not pleased with. 200 thread colors? is that in one of the kits? It must be for some of the advanced wrapping techniques. I only have 1 thread color I am about to use for the guides. It is metallic pearl and I think will look cool with the gloss blue/green flip. I need a trim ring or winding check for the front part of the grip though. Do you know anywhere local that sells rod building parts? Other wise I'm going to the craft store or something, lol. Just something to transition the cork onto the blank.