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    currently at tennessee tech in cookeville majoring in fisheries
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    lafollette/ cookeville
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    fishinf for musky, walleye, bass, striper, carp, trout, and all other species plus shooting

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  1. Zactankersley

    bowfishing footage

    here is some bowfishing footage from my trips if anybody wants to join one day let me know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwUzUTsk2as
  2. Zactankersley

    going to fall creek falls 2morro

    no he just said its rare to shock catfish but that's from them hanging out deep like you mentioned. he never did say if the fishery was any good. my friend here is about to begin a big study on catfish abundance in a few places sadly FCF aint one of them but im curious to see how it goes but collection methods are difficult for catfish they may have a new way to get catfish with electroshocking but we haven't tried yet
  3. Zactankersley

    going to fall creek falls 2morro

    here is link to the electroshocking trip it went great as you can see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA2pNEL1Pa8&feature=youtu.be
  4. me and a few other guys are going electroshocking 2morro on fall creek falls with TWRA to sample the area and see whats there will post results next week
  5. Zactankersley

    musky trips to come

    the end of the school year is coming up and ill be chasing musky pretty soon on melton hill and bowfishing some if anybody wants to tag along shoot me a message ill start going in about 4 weeks or so
  6. Zactankersley

    musky season

    lol I may take ya up on that. musky are spawning here in middle tn so it will be slow but this may ill be hitting em hard on melton, I dropped my boat off 2day awaiting results of whats wrong
  7. Zactankersley

    musky season

    after a long and slow winter for me musky season on melton hill will be firing up. I'm eager to get out there aqnd do some musky fishing with a little bowfishing on the side in may. I been after them here in middle Tennessee but since my boat has been broke down things have been slow. from October I have lost 6 musky in a row out of 15 trips or so. melton hill will be pretty awesome this year though. anybody else out there chase them
  8. Zactankersley

    Catch rates for several lakes

    shocking times are based on how much data they have gathered they likely have a quota of data they want to get before leaving to get the best overview of fish populations and health
  9. Zactankersley

    Catch rates for several lakes

    there are a lot of things that affect numbers shocked like weather and other factors but overall since its all random numbers should go along for all lakes evenly. I did notice loudan had a high number of bass shocked compared to other places
  10. Zactankersley

    Catch rates for several lakes

    theres a lot that can be taken away from this as far as how fish density affects overall fish size in a body of water
  11. Zactankersley

    Planning a tourny on melton hill

    I'm planning on hosting a tournament on melton hill this summer sometime in may on a Saturday. who would be interested im gonna meet at solway ramp but let ya launch from anywhere any tackle will be fine just no live bait. WHO IS INTERESTED!!!!
  12. Zactankersley

    walleye in Norris

    mums the word with norris walleye
  13. im the most rounded man around I fish all species in Tennessee just about
  14. Zactankersley

    Underwater camera Joy

    see any fish on it?
  15. im planning a trip to the plant Thursday anybody know if the skipjack are there now and if its running or have tips