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    Release Schedule >

    Thanks for the replies. These are the same #s I have. If you will bear with me ( I am computer & ph challenged ). I can figure out to get the generator releases only. Can anyone explain which prompts direct me to the other type releases ( gates).
  2. treeplanter56

    Release Schedule >

    Is there a number or site I can go to that has release info. I have found a site and have a number that shows me the generator releases but not when they will have the flood gates open. Is there a place where I can find this ?? I'm looking mainly for Watts Bar, Fort L, and Melton.
  3. Is it normal for the water level (clinch below Melton) to be this low this time of year? Will it be back up by the end of April?
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    The normal shad tanks work ?
  5. treeplanter56


    Harder to keep alive than shad?
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    How do you guys catch them things. Watched some guys fishing with them. Looked like a good time. I've always used shad.
  7. treeplanter56

    Roanoke Rapids

    Fish there often in the spring. Your assessment is dead on. 20' is a nice fish, there are larger ones there (seen them being shocked ) but they seldom if ever bite. We go mostly go after "keeping" season. There's a lot less boat traffic. Fishing with either a fly rod or light tackle you can have a blast. Great trip for the kids. We will often when fishing with the younger kids use a 16 foot brim buster pole using small shad or minnows for bait. Now that's good for the soul.
  8. treeplanter56

    Roanoke Rapids

    Short answer would be yes. There are a LOT of rocks near the ramp area. If they are running water its a lot better. I would suggest you go with or have someone (I'm 20 miles) go with you that has some experience on the river. You could always follow someone down the river. Once you get around the first curve its pretty good. One more set of rocks on right (visible) with a rock bridge abutment on left (submerged). You can see location by watching the current. I've seen 28 foot cc down there before. Just use your head and be careful.
  9. treeplanter56

    New guy

    This may be the place to get some info. I'm one of the ones that will be coming thru for just a few days looking for some info. Planning to come up the 1st day of Aug, thinking of fishing down river of Belton Dam or fort loudoun dam. Was up there a few weeks ago for a couple days.. Will the fish still be in same general areas. Does the hot weather effect this.
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    New guy

    Probably cuts down on a lot of spamming.
  11. treeplanter56

    Melton Hill Dam Striped Bass

    Headed back up to that area last of July. Are the fish still in the area. Fished down the river from the dam a few weeks ago for a couple days and had a blast. Being from piedmont NC any thing over 8 - 10 lbs is a "hog".
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    treeplanter56 has joined us!

    61 years young, grew up fishing with my Granddad in farm ponds in Piedmont NC. I call Piedmont NC home. About 15 min from Kerr lake and Gaston. Enjoy catching anything that will pull the slack out of my line. Brim ,Crappie, White perch, Stripers etc. Caught my first White bass this year and have to say he went to the top or very close as my favorite to catch. Ran across Melton hill dam while working in Tenn. this year. Went up for a long weekend with boat. Guess I'm kinda hooked.