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  1. Thought I'd Share
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    Melton Hill Monster

    school of shad
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    I had a guy fix "carp ribs" was like fish sticks with a bone...small carp like 4-6 pounders like any fish, bigger usually = worse taste trick is take of the red line and soak in cold salty water. as far as hitting a lure, fly guys do all the time, bout yanks their arms outta the socket!
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    After one rips off 30 yards on the 1st run usually has people wanting to do that again!, I still enjoy fishing for other things, but the fight keeps me fishing for carp....The fight has been compared to a giant bonefish,...pretty bad when the spunk of a smalie seems mundane in comparison....there are people who fly to TN JUST to fish for Common Carp! even Guides are available. here is one from a lake in TN
  5. This was a nice 90 min DocuFishery about 4 kids 2 in America 2 in England
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    I live In SW Missouri, fished for and caught most everything, as I have gotten older I fell into Euro Style fishing for big common carp....I came here because of friends that have been fishing dale hollow for world class carp...and then there are those brown fish too..I am retired now looking forward to more fun fishing
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    GLAD to be here!