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  1. Hope Rex is doing ok. No tournament anyway not much interest other than me and you and one other. Nobody ever said or PM’d much interest.
  2. I was thinking 8-4 to give guys some extra time coming in from out of town
  3. What about the first Saturday in October Chillhowee reservoir?
  4. Any interest in a tournament for the beginning of October? The finger lakes of the south most likely would be our best bet considering the lack of rain, generation, and how warm the other lakes are. Cheoah/calderwood/Chillhowee My vote would be chillhowee, it’s fishing well right now.
  5. I have never been able to stomach lake trout unless I smoke them. There are greasy so they smoke perfect. I have tried them fried, grilled, broiled etc. they taste like @&€%. However smoked with ritz crackers Sriracha sauce they are excellent. Maybe I need some recipes.
  6. They are threadfin all of the trout we caught this weekend we’re coughing them up. They are 1”-1.5” long any of the real small spoons should get bit. All of the lakes are seeing the young of the year baitfish. Several other type of minnows were in their stomachs too.
  7. Chillhowee, Cheoah and calderwoods trout are fire red and are the best tasting rainbows I’ve ever had. That constant cold water flow does something to the flavor along with a diet not all that heavy in shad or alewife. Here is chillhowee bows in lemon garlic butter topped with capers. Will easily pass as a 5 star meal at a fine dine.
  8. Chillhowee not great not bad, kept 3 bows and 7 perch. Lost a couple bows. Zero generation made for a tougher bite. 20-30 down riggers, core, divers. Dodgers/apex, spoon bite
  9. Another one is in the books. 5 boats showed up to fish on what ended up being a tough bite for everybody. Lack of generation and a ton of debris from storms and previous days heavy generation made keeping lines clean as tough as i have ever seen. Irregardless great weather and scenery helped ease the tough conditions. Big fish was a gorgeous brown that was close to 3.5lbs. 3 fish 1st. 5.54 2nd 3.79 3rd (2fish) 2.22 Look for another date in October for another get together. After all the interest coming into this new year the same die hard crew keeps showing hopefully we can add to the numbers of anglers for future tournaments.
  10. It looks like a good chance of rain which will keep things cool and and cloud cover. Will be at Fontana Village friday afternoon.
  11. Several have asked......Boat, kayak, submarine, live bait, artificial lures etc. it’s all good. should be a good time it’s always fun at the weigh in. We should find out a lot about calderwoods trout population. Hopefully will see a big brown. You never know maybe a laker. I’m sure it will fish similar to Cheoah with all the generation that’s going on and most who fished that day in late may on Cheoah had a great day the numbers of fish caught were high by everyone.
  12. Interest has been quite high for this tournament. Has the potential to be our largest turn out. Conditions should be ideal with consistent generation as fontana starts to ease water levels down for the year. I would expect good numbers are going to come to the scales. Feel free to share this post/link to other social media/websites Come on out and fish.
  13. 585-455-1792. Rochester Reel Repair. Check Brian out on FB or give him a text. He has done a few for me and I am super pleased with his work. He has done plenty of reels for many across the lake Ontario. Located in Rochester, NY.
  14. If you can’t find one locally I know several places in NY. All they work on are linecounter /trolling reels. You would have to ship but they would be like new
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