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  1. Getting older sucks!

    dada,Also when you schedule fishing around Dr. appointments instead of Dr. appointments around fishing!
  2. Watts Bar Striper

    Thanks! Actually that fish was caught at Norris Lake in January with guide Jay. Jay'sStripers Guide Service
  3. White bass

    I haven't been up that far. Where is a good place to put in? I usually go to Quarryville.
  4. F150

    Striper caught last Thursday on Watts Bar
  5. F150 has joined us!

    Thank you Rtillett!
  6. Boats

    We fished 28-30 yesterday. We didn't get any stripers. I guess we should've went up further, too.
  7. Martvol has joined us!

    Welcome! I'm a new member as well.
  8. Boats

    We fished Cherokee at 23 to Quarryville Tuesday. I guess we should've went further up river. Not one fish!
  9. What do you fish for mostly?

    Walleye & crappie
  10. I have fished in Iowa, Minnesota and Ontario. On a bear hunting trip, I fished in Saskatchewan. Fly-in fishing trips in Ontario have been the best.
  11. F150 has joined us!

    Hello all! My wife and I moved to Dandridge, TN, a year ago to be closer to our three daughters and where we could "fish" all winter. We are avid bowhunter and love to fish. We spend a lot of time fishing Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Since moving to Tennessee, we have met many wonderful people and we love it here. While we fish mostly for walleye and crappie, we have a new found fascination for stripers (rockfish), but have much to learn. A member here, Ecox, posted a link to this website on another fishing forum and that is how I found Tennessee Anglers. Glad he did!!! I am looking forward to being part of TN Anglers. Thanks!
  12. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.