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  1. Jusfishn

    White bass vs Rockfish

    You're on to something dada. I'd bet they was rockfish and they have ate all the crappie out of there like they did at Cherokee. U may have to start rock fishing.
  2. Jusfishn

    Jon Boat Conversion

    There is a metal supply yard that will sell u anything/size u want. Not sure about aluminum. It's on North National Drive in Knoxville. Can get a address if u need one.
  3. Ok so I've brought this up a time or two but now I'm more serious. I've got to get a new trolling motor. I troll mostly when I fish. Lots of times I'm alone. With that being said I have a great trolling motor now but if I'm alone and I set it to continuous and move around boat tending poles it tends to veer off right or left as boat leans one way or another. So now my dilemma...I want a good trolling motor that I can tie into my helix 10 and plot a course and it stay on that course while I tend poles. I know someone on here has one they are happy with and that's what I need to know. What kind is it,what model , pros cons. Im setup for 24volts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Jusfishn

    Gonna beat a dead horse.....again.....

    Ok. Let me make sure a 48 inch will work. I think so but not for sure. I've been figuring on a 54.
  5. Jusfishn

    Gonna beat a dead horse.....again.....

    Thanks for the info. That's what I am looking to find out. I've been looking at the terrova,ulterra,and motor guide xi5. Think minnkota is gonna be th way to go.
  6. Jusfishn

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Yes all drop and hook. Every now and again a live load or unload but not often.
  7. Jusfishn

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Yes, I am. I'm home every night. Run usually around 500 miles a night . GA,TN,SC,VA,NC,KY.
  8. Jusfishn

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas dada!! Hope u and yours are all well!!!
  9. Jusfishn

    Merry Christmas

    I'd have to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. One, because it doesn't cost a arm and a leg to celebrate and 2, because the rut is usually in full swing
  10. Jusfishn

    a bit of a upgrade

    That's a perty fish catching machine!!!!
  11. Jusfishn

    Douglas again

    Sounds like I done good by opting out of going to the big D. Good job to all of yall that got out and caught a few.
  12. Not sure if I'm breaking a rule or not if so let me know and I will remove.. Just thought I'd let everyone know that for the month of December Sam's is selling their agm batteries for $25 off. That's a decent deal for someone needing trolling batteries . They are the Duracell brand.l
  13. Haven't posted on here in a while just been reading every one else's stories. Haven't fished in a while but we did hunt all last week and starting back again tomorrow. Not been a great season due to late rut but we still managed to kill a couple and fill the freezers back up. Hoping this cold weather will kick off the rut this week. Like to see a big boy.
  14. Lol funny u should say that. I'm having to empty my freezer out in basement that had deer and bear waiting to be mounted to have room. Been putting off paying the taxidermy to mount em but at least it will be done. Small price for such good eating. Deer stew, fried deer,boiled deer, deer kabob, deer jerky....oh sorry had forest gump movie on my mind
  15. Jusfishn

    Douglas today

    Boy that's a nice walleye!! Good job Dada!
  16. Jusfishn

    start of douglas crappie

    That's sounding better Dada!!
  17. Jusfishn

    Striper planer board

    I will be the first to brag on Dada's planer boards. I have water bugz and a set of the yellow board( cant remember brand) and Dada's boards do just as good. Take him up on his offer if u can then just duplicate what he has. Its really a very simple design.
  18. Jusfishn

    Diane has joined us!

  19. Kwk, Any report is appreciated skunked or not especially this time of year. I'm like dada just do some googling u will find the answers u need. Personally my skunked days are probably bout even with non skunk days lol. Dont ever be ashamed of getting skunked......
  20. Possible New World Record Black Crappie Caught If DNA Gets Confirmed https://search.app.goo.gl/ucxxu
  21. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    http://wcyb.com/news/local/update-genetic-testing-confirms-state-record-black-crappie-catch-in-tennessee We have a winner folks....
  22. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    No not confirmed yet. Waiting on dna test results.
  23. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    Yeah its a dang big un