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  1. Dandridge Bridge

    They did have 2 cranes setting there. Figured they would use them to lift up and out of water. Think they are removing it section by section.
  2. Anyone Catching Perch

    You are about 10 months behind on your dates there dada......
  3. Plywood deck replacement

    I could help ya out with it next week if u want. Noticed u are in Kingsport. I live 5 minutes from the farmers daughter off of 107.
  4. Happy Birthday Derrick. I haven't been fishing since you got the 9.9 back to me & my son in Ohio has told me to WAIT to go up there to help him put down flooring, so I am just waiting for the crappie to start. LOL   dada   (Dave Hall)   11-11-17   7:55 AM

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    2. Jusfishn


      Did u order that idle knob I sent u a pic of?

    3. dada


      I GOT YOUR POST. Did NOT order the knob. Do I need it yet?   Bye the way= I MADE 20 MORE PLANER BOARDS IF YOU NEED MORE.   DADA 11-12-17  4:25 AM

    4. Jusfishn


      Nah I was just curious if u had got it. No rush it'll operate fine as long as that knob doesn't start vibrating it's way back out. If u could find a coupling that has same threads as the end of that thing u could just make u one. Or get 7 or 8 nuts and weld em together then make u a handle and weld a washer on inside of casing is all u would need to do. 

      Dang dada you going into the planer board business? I haven't got to wet the others yet. Any day now.....

  5. Haven't been fishing as much because...

    Lol now that's funny right there...
  6. 9.9 fixed

    Glad to able to help, dada. By the way I think at 79+ u might be forgetting how to count....I said $31 and that was what I meant. No need for all that u gave me but I appreciate it. You ever need anything don't hesitate to ask.
  7. Forks Boat Launch

    Yes that's correct. It's under the over pass on Asheville highway. Exit 394 off of I 40.
  8. Skipjack

    Sabiki rigs...
  9. 1987 dolphin flare info.

    A pic of the ole girl. I got a ways to go but she's starting to feel a lil better bout herself.
  10. 1987 dolphin flare info.

    Yeah dada I went to Douglas. Tried the crappie bite but it was about non existent. Pulled one small one out of muddy creek. Water still a bit warm at 76 and wind was terrible. Wasn't there to fish really anyways. Also Dada, by this weekend I'll hopefully have u fixed up.
  11. 1987 dolphin flare info.

    Well maiden trip over. Went fairly well. Had 2 engine hiccups that I figure are due to engine not being run for four years. After getting that straight and discovering I have to move fish finder location I was able to put in a couple hours of trolling. Fishing was slow. Water temp at 76 and I caught 1 crappie trolling boards and jigs. Like the ole boat tho. Got her up to 36 mph on rough water. It's not as stable as I'm used to but I like how easy she maneuvers.
  12. 1987 dolphin flare info.

    Well I did it. I bought it. For a 30 year old boat this thing is straight as an arrow. Fiberglass needs buffed to bring shine back and all the wood trim needs to be sanded,stained and clear coated. Gas tank has 5 year old gas in it so it needs cleaned out but Other than that it seems to be good boat. The motor fired right up and sounded great. Has power trim which I'd didn't expect but wouldn't have bought without it. Overall I think it's gonna be a good crappie and all around fishing boat. Should get me where I'm going a little quicker too. I'd say 35 to 40 mph should be what it runs. Couldn't pass it up for The price.
  13. 1987 dolphin flare info.

    90 mariner not merc......
  14. Any one familiar with these boats? It's a center console like a Carolina skiff with a 90 merc on it. Has normal aging on it but for the price I think it would make awesome fishing boat that's easy to pull. Jus curious what some the older guys know.
  15. idling problem

    Dada I'd be glad to tear it down and fix it if you're interested. All you'll owe me is what the parts cost. I can come by and pick it up as I'm in Knoxville 6 days a week.