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  1. Just my 2 cents but I would think twice before I put a keg protector on it. Skeg is alot easier than a lower end to repair.
  2. I cant imagine why fiberglass wouldn't work just fine. Cloth and resin not the kitty hair in a bucket.
  3. Yea been looking on there as well. Trying to find a cheap one for a friend. He has 2 boys that are doing to get out on the water. A "GOOD" cheap boat is hard to find.
  4. Ok. Let me make sure a 48 inch will work. I think so but not for sure. I've been figuring on a 54.
  5. Thanks for the info. That's what I am looking to find out. I've been looking at the terrova,ulterra,and motor guide xi5. Think minnkota is gonna be th way to go.
  6. Ok so I've brought this up a time or two but now I'm more serious. I've got to get a new trolling motor. I troll mostly when I fish. Lots of times I'm alone. With that being said I have a great trolling motor now but if I'm alone and I set it to continuous and move around boat tending poles it tends to veer off right or left as boat leans one way or another. So now my dilemma...I want a good trolling motor that I can tie into my helix 10 and plot a course and it stay on that course while I tend poles. I know someone on here has one they are happy with and that's what I need to know. What kind is it,what model , pros cons. Im setup for 24volts. Thanks in advance.
  7. That's a perty fish catching machine!!!!
  8. I have an engine hoist if u wanna meet in knoxville.
  9. Derrick, Today (wed) I got 5 just in sight of Dandridge ramp, then went to Muddy Creek & got 8 more in the livewell. Had to use speed #2  (GPS-1 MPH ?) on my  troller. Black/ purple with chartruse tail & john Deere green / yellow also was hit often. Of course, I was also using minnows. SamSam (Sam Lee) was also there, late as usual, but  he & partner took home 18. He was NOT letting much line out behind his boat. THAT WAS HIS SECRET METHOD for today's crappie.   Water is 56 in Muddy Cr & crappie are spawning, some are close to shore. We were in 20-40 feet.  Unless you get your minnows elsewhere,  Bucks & Bass is closed on Sundays. Call to  ask about minnows at 865-397-6455.   dada    3-28-18  5:55 PM

    1. Jusfishn


      Thanks dada! I was curious how u have been doing. These temps should really get em turned on. Im surprised that mcguire creek hasnt been doing real good yet. Last year this time it was on fire. Im fishing fri sat and sunday so maybe i can catch a few myself.  Im gonna do my best anyways. Take care.

  10. Hey rusty whatcha know about the waters at forks of the river industrial park off of john sevier?

    1. rusty50576


      I fish around there several times a week. It's about 50 degrees and moving fast right now. 

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