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  1. Just a useless knife review

    They are in my opinion the best knives u can buy. We probably have 12 or 15 different from big to small. Some ive had for nearly 20 years. On a side note im glad to see you back cannonball. Youve been MIA for a while. That tells me you are getting ready to start slaying the crappie again. Hope your doing good pal. Last id heard u was having back problems.
  2. Just a useless knife review

    No ive been wanting to try one but just never have. Ive seen people use em and seems like they always have alot of waste. Im sure its all in how u use them though. I will get one sometime im sure just to try for my self.
  3. Just a useless knife review

    Just thought id share my experience with ny new filet knife with everyone. There are lots of knives out there and without buying them or having someone tell u how good or bad it is u either waste money or get what u set out to get. I recieved a RADA brand filet knife for christmas and so far it out performs anything ive ever used. I havent fileted but 10 or 12 fish but if u will remember when i had all that hog meat to process this is the knife i used. Im yet to sharpen it and its like a razor. Ultra flexible and the handle is rubber coated and very secure and comfortable. It bends very well when cutting down the spine to make beautiful filets. Hope this helps someone decide what they want cause i know ive been thru a lot of filet knives in search of a good one and i think i found one thats gonna last me a lifetime. Which by the way it has a lifetime guarantee. Just ship back and they send u a New one. Now if the crappie will just get fired up so i can put it to work lol.....
  4. cherokee/ douglas

    Well dada at least u didnt get skunked.
  5. cherokee/ douglas

    Does that ramp have a courtesy dock roybrew?
  6. cherokee/ douglas

    Dada im not sure its condition this time of year but their is a boat ramp off 11w thats in poor valley at the bridge. I think its public but not real sure.
  7. cherokee/ douglas

    Good luck. Hope ucatch a boat full. Im going sunday hopefully.
  8. cherokee/ douglas

    Dada im being told that poor valley is giving up some crappie if u know where that is.
  9. cherokee/ douglas

    Are u talking about poor valley dave ?? On cherokee??
  10. Douglas-No

    Hey dada i think ill hit cherokee for some striper sunday. You are welcome to go. Good eatin
  11. U Rigs

    Hey ecox ive been looking for a new trolling motor. Would the knoxville expo be a good place to go and possibly get a good deal on one?
  12. U Rigs

    I dont see any reason u couldnt. Ive considered it. Just never came up with how to jpin it all together like a store bought deal without having a lead mold for connect point. Im sure u could weld or braze it together. Dunno...
  13. Too cold to fish?

    Thats concrete yard decorations dave!!
  14. Snichols, what kind of boat is that? I sure like the looks of it. And your garage is nice. I like how youve insulated it.
  15. New filet table but no fish hmmm...

    Aint that the truth , most kids now days thinks walmart makes the milk and eggs and sells it. They would be hurting if they had to grow or kill what they eat. Its alot of work to do some of the things we do but boy it sure is worth it.