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  1. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    Private pond
  2. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    http://wcyb.com/news/local/update-genetic-testing-confirms-state-record-black-crappie-catch-in-tennessee We have a winner folks....
  3. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    No not confirmed yet. Waiting on dna test results.
  4. Jusfishn

    World record crappie possibly.....

    Yeah its a dang big un
  5. Possible New World Record Black Crappie Caught If DNA Gets Confirmed https://search.app.goo.gl/ucxxu
  6. Jusfishn

    Douglas report

    From what i seen on the fishfinder yesterday they were stacked up from 25 to 40 feet and diagnosed with lockjaw. Looks like the summertime pattern has started a little earlier. Night time fishing from here on out for me probably. Too dang hot and it aint even June yet.
  7. I have an engine hoist if u wanna meet in knoxville.
  8. Where ya live?
  9. Birds should eat good afterwards
  10. Jusfishn

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    You got that rite. Some people just amaze me....
  11. Jusfishn

    Jus foolin around

    4/1/18 We got out again today and done fair. Wind was terrible early on. Crazy thing was when wind stopped the fish stopped. I have always had a strange theory and have read a bit about that when wind is blowing it stirs up plankton, which gets bait fish goin, which brings in predator fish. True? No idea. But i know when wind stopped today the fish shutoff. Ended up seeing Dada out there and some of his good luck rubbed off on us. Finished up 16 crappie,1 sm bass,1 white bass. Biggest crappie "14 1/8 . Its the farthest fish away from my son in pic. Probably our personal best. Pretty good day all in all. Water temp 58.5 to 60.2. Ps...Dada.... as soon as y'all left the wind stopped....... your luck is like mine lol.
  12. Jusfishn

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    That sounds like the Nolichuckey river. There are supposedly underwater caves or deep cutouts that cause a strong hydraulic pull and has taken a many a life. People dont really think about the unseen sometimes. Im not scared of water or currents but i know to respect them. Now one fear i can say i have, which is in my own head, is dark waters. I dont even really like jumping in a lake. I like to know whats around me. Crazy i know but thats just how im wired. As a kid we would swim in abandoned mine holes in nc that would feel up with water and i would hear older people talk about water moccasins and such being in there. Guess thats where it comes from.
  13. Try the bb gun on them
  14. Jusfishn

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    I just cant understand how someone doesnt respect water no more than that. I know i am always probably too safe but the alternative isnt an option. Im ready to try below the dam fishing like fort loudon, but until i know what im in for i wont even consider it. U only have a few seconds between safety and oh shi##.