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  1. Jusfishn


    Ok Troutgirl no need to sugarcoat it. Tell us how u really feel
  2. Looks good to me for what its worth.
  3. Yeah I repaired a plenty. I had a body shop for years then 2008 hit and I got cautious and took a railroad job just in case it was gonna get bad. Not really much difference in plastic vs metal. Only real difference is, even from factory, 99 out of 100 plastic bumpers or spoilers wont be a 100 percent match in color if whole panel is sprayed. Never have gotten a good reason of why other than surface smoothness of plastic vs metal. Still never added up to me tho. I dont see your scratches being a big job tho. Just the one. The others will buff out. Just dont buff them out then get someone to fix the bad one. They will not be very happy with u cause all the polish and compound will cause fisheyes when painted. No fun at all.
  4. The first pic may be too deep. Hard to tell. Rest are fine.
  5. 1200 grit sandpaper. Sand lightly till smooth. I use 3m compound. They have rough to super fine compounds and their final polish compound is 2nd to none. Dont see any reason that wont buff right out. Biggest problem I see is gonna be swirl marks on black. Hard to get em out sometimes.
  6. That trip is definitely on my bucket list. Nice catch!!
  7. Just my 2 cents but I would think twice before I put a keg protector on it. Skeg is alot easier than a lower end to repair.
  8. I cant imagine why fiberglass wouldn't work just fine. Cloth and resin not the kitty hair in a bucket.
  9. Thanks tubejig! I will show it to him and see if he is interested. if he is he will be in touch!
  10. Yea been looking on there as well. Trying to find a cheap one for a friend. He has 2 boys that are doing to get out on the water. A "GOOD" cheap boat is hard to find.
  11. That's kinda what I figured. I tell ya, I'd hate to have to clean 100 crappie lol.
  12. 1 more week whatcha think dada....
  13. They are taking their sweet time this year. Goes to show how water level and temps play such a vital role. Thanks for the report.
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