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  1. Storm16

    Info on Braided Flouro line

    Suffix has a orange braid that shows under lights it's pretty neat had about same results as dloveday lasted lil over year and faded out
  2. Storm16

    Did our parents go through this?

    I'm 28 years old have a full time and side jobs my music interest and cultural background are that of a older generation due to location of my upbringing and the people I surround myself with my first job was picking up trash and cigarette butts in sky view campground painterscreek on holston lake I may have bee 6-8 years old my payment was a trip to walmart and 5$ still remember buying a rapala f-7 just about every trip good times
  3. Storm16

    Jet boat diy

    That be fine to scratch and ding it up I don't plan on going extreme with it just foot or deeper no less
  4. Storm16

    Jet boat diy

    How shallow do tunnel hull prop boats run on average?
  5. Storm16

    Jet boat diy

    So the jet boat idea is best option as far as financial options go can work on it little by little and have neat little boat that is one of a kind
  6. Storm16

    Jet boat diy

    The jet ski pump is surrounded by fiberglass so my thoughts were that it would bond better to a glass boat vs aluminum and I already have the glasstream try to do as cheap as possible as well I'd only be out the resin, glass mat and paint if I want to paint old ugly boat haha how much do the jet pump conversions cost I'd love to have one for the 2010 50 merc efi or for the Johnson
  7. Storm16

    Jet boat diy

    I have a 80's model glasstream boat it's around 14 foot long and pretty narrow not sure of beam also have a 750 Kawasaki jet ski from mid to late 90's not sure of actual model thinking of combining the two and making one of those so called jet jons but on other hand I have a 1985 50hp Johnson sea horse that runs like a top should I tunnel the hull and go with outboard or frankenboat it lol any ideas my goal is be able to make it to spillway at rogersville steam plant when my triton aluminum 16 footer outboard prop can't make it safely
  8. Storm16

    Rogersville last Wednesday

    It's like a mix between bear meat and walleye white and greasy my father in law loves em so I brought it home to him the fight took 45 min cause it took all my rod could handle just to bring it high enough to grab ahold of thanks for comments
  9. Caught this on a medium action 6'6" casting rod with 12lb test bomber slab spoon thought I had a giant rockfish for first 15 min of fight lol
  10. Storm16

    Jig fishing casting rod advice

    The wind was blowing between 10-15 mph it was tricky trolling the bank but ya the rod translated bites to my hand incredibly good despite the wind the waves were so high my troll motor would come all the way out of water and I got it trimmed all way down
  11. Storm16

    Jig fishing casting rod advice

    I got to try out new setup yesterday at cedar creek lake in ky here are the results all I can say is wow I never missed a fish that decided to nibble on my football jig
  12. Storm16

    Jig fishing casting rod advice

    This is what I bought its a cabelas tourney zx 7'6" heavy power extra fast tip matched it with cabelas arachnid/daiwa tatula 8.1 to 1 with almost 14 pound drag spooled with 15 pound seagar fluoro plan to fish heavy football and flipping jigs rod had flippin wrote on it and both have warranties 223$ for whole set up including line what ya think pretty good choice or poor choice
  13. Storm16

    Jig fishing casting rod advice

    Thanks for the info I'll look into them see how it feels in my hand