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  1. Ps...just changed my display name from cdicken865 to knoxfrog to mirror other forums
  2. Hello All, I'm Cameron and I live in Knoxville. My "home" lake is now Ft Loudon as I fairly recently moved right near Concord. Formerly I fished mostly Douglas. I am primarily a crappie fisherman, mostly longlining (but I'm trying to expand my repertoire). Always looking to learn more and I'm also looking to learn walleye and sauger. I'm a firm believer in helping anyone out that I can, so feel free to ask anything. Most of what I know is from others helping me learn along the way, so I'm glad to "pay it forward". I learned about this site from a couple of local crappie guys I met at Crappie University recently who go down to Guntersville a lot, but I failed to get their user names. So if one of you happen to read this, give me a shout. Maybe we can meet up some time or head down to AL. Nice to meet everyone.
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