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  1. Use to, it seemed to be the pleasure boats being troublesome however in the last couple years it seems it's the fishermen that are the people who give the most trouble these days. Lots of similar examples the last couple years but just this weekend in about a 3 hour period I was cut off twice and nearly swamped once. Trolling along the channel there was one guy about to move. I was on a straight path between two of the channel markers. He turns and starts straight infront of me. I thought he was just crossing to the opposite shore which was still a dickmove but turns out he was going back downriver behind me. So instead of waiting on me to pass or just running down the side he was on he planes off as he crossed about 15-20 yards infront of my bow. Guy doesn't even give me a look. Second guy was a little while later. Man and his wife also in a bassboat is running downriver. I'm heading upriver once again on the main breakline lining up between two channel markers basically. There's no other boats coming or going and the guy is running straight toward me. About 50 yards out he just comes off plane and stops directly in my path and goes back to start messing with something in one of his compartments. I have to swing left around him and once again the guy doesn't even care. Then finally before leaving I was casting the shore and with the whole channel wide open some guy in a little 16ish foot jon comes by me maybe 20 yards away half planed off. Some old man driving and stares at me like an idiot. I understand if fishing offshore structure you have to deal with other boaters, wake, etc much more but the people I've been seeing out are downright dangerous. What makes it worse is that I'm just using my little 1436 jon. So I'm not sure if they see a non-50k bassboat and have less respect of what it is
  2. Wood_Duck

    Lowe Boat Problem

    Is it built by Caravan? Good to know to look for though
  3. Just curious as I just ordered one for my jon boat. I'm sure the screen size will stink after being use to 800 series screens but I've got a little 14' Alumacraft I use to fish some tiny local reservoirs and had some Amazon gift cards to burn so I figured what the hey. 2D and down imaging for less than $100. If you have one or have used them before are you happy with the performance and function for what it is?
  4. Wood_Duck

    Lowe FM160 Tiller

    Lowe FM160 Tiller
  5. Wood_Duck

    A bit off topic, but a desireable panfish

    Natures candy! Sent you a Pm
  6. Wood_Duck

    Gear for rock fish

    I use muskie gear for striper myself but the lightest I would go would be something like the Tidemaster rods which I use for finesse muskie but I still use 50lb braid. It also depends on your goal with the fish. If catch and release, especially during warm weather I generally try to muscle them in and release back quickly as possible to improve survival. If you pop a 40-50lb stripe in heavy generation, you will want all the rod you can get.
  7. Wood_Duck

    Melton Hill drawdown

    Be careful on ramps too, good time to tear an axle out on a short ramp
  8. She's been battling with breast cancer for a little over a year now and it's definately taken its toll on the family. We decided to start taking up donations to help her out as my father in law is the only source of income and after this long the bills have been growing. If anyone can help we greatly appreciate it and also ask that you remember her in your prayers. The one positive thing we heard at her appointment Tuesday though, was the word remission. Still has to do radiation and is far from out of the woods, but at least physically she's gained abit of ground. Thanks for your prayers/support. http://posthope.org/help-in-joan-heatherlys-fight-breast-cancer
  9. Wood_Duck

    3-19-16 Douglas

    Made my first trip to Douglas to take my son for crappie. Got some tidbits of wisdom from the infamous dada to start with. The front had everything pretty inactive but we ended up with 3 keepers and a few throwbacks. Most of the boats I talked to had about the same or even worse luck. One guy managed 9 keepers. Most of the fish had moved down around 16' and I spent most of my time long lining along the primary channel breaklines. Fished secondary channels too but only managed one. Big plus is all my fish were caught on my own handtied jigs, mostly purple/chartreuse, and electric chicken. Toward 2:00 there was a substantial amount of debree which made managing the lines tough and bite tapered off as well. I missed quite a few bites though due to the fact I have no bow sonar so I was back behind the console running the Terrova. By the time I made it from the back of the boat to the rods I missed em, but I ordered a new 859 Humminbird to remedy that.
  10. Thanks, if he loves it that much I may get some spider rigging holders and such but I've got quite a few holder bases for my Monsters that I'll use for now. It'll be weird targeting a fish the size of my normal bait lol.
  11. He's never even seen one that I can recall but the past two months has been obsessed with crappie. I only ever fished them under lights on Norris which being Norris is awful. I'm looking at taking him next weekend if I don't have to work or have any trips to Ft Loudon, likely Ish Creek but beyond that I'm gonna wing it as I go mostly. If anyone regularly targets crappie there and wants to share some insight either here or via PM id appreciate it. I've been to busy with cats and muskie to branch out much over the years but looks like I'll have to now since the kid demands fried crappie lol.
  12. Something that would be full lock to lock with one turn of the wheel on an outboard?
  13. Wood_Duck


    I'd recommend Madisonville Marine as well out of those two
  14. Not sure if everyone has hated themselves out of muskie fishing or just gone underground, so here's a little fella from last night just because. ~TVMA out