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  1. miket55

    Done with daytime fishing til Fall

    Haven't been out since early June, but I'm tempted to hit the water either Tuesday, or Wednesday with the forecast rain and lower temps..
  2. miket55

    Numbered point signs

    This might be of help... The Daymarker is described on Page 3. Some have the river mile on them, some don't. https://www.tva.gov/file_source/TVA/Site Content/Environment/Managing the River/navigation_aids.pdf
  3. miket55

    Douglas Saturday

    Wow... I haven't checked over the last few days, but tit sure did!! Haven't checked over the last few days, but it sure did!!
  4. miket55

    Reclass Swan's Marina

    Thanks for passing that on.. The ramp at Daindridge is getting mighty crowded these days!
  5. miket55

    Douglas crappie spawn

    Everything I saw on the sonar today was no higher than 10'.. Caught a half dozen nice females fishing those depths, and a couple of tiny ones shallow early.
  6. miket55

    1st time out this year

    Nice looking rig... Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, been there and done that a time or two... Last week, at a local ramp, one guy ahead of me splashed his boat, then cranked, and cranked until the batteries were dead.. The other had a pontoon that wouldn't stay running.. neither had been run in some time.. 'tis the season.
  7. miket55

    Rogersville water level

    The riffle under the old railroad bridge is exposed.... You can see it from the ramp at the steam plant (look downstream). The TVA has been lowering it to more normal levels, and according to their website, it'll be at the current level (1056'-1057') through the weekend.
  8. miket55

    Have to look for the them

    Thanks for the grim report... One of these days they'll turn on!
  9. JMHO... The Steam Plant's effect on the ecosystem has been highly overrated, and anything below the bend right below Bull Run Creek isn't even aware of the Steam Plant.. I've taken quite a few temp readings all the way through the water column all through there.. Once you make that right turn, (heading downstream) everything has a chance to mix, and the temps remain consistent all the way below Jackass Cove.. Again just my humble opinion, with some actual observation...
  10. miket55

    Any Kayakers Here?

    I've been looking at the kayaks on sale @ BPS... specifically the 10' versions... Anyone??
  11. miket55


    Bass Pro Shops sells something along those lines. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/offshore-angler-4-arm-umbrella-rig
  12. miket55

    Boat storage

    Where are you located?
  13. miket55


    It is...dropped a fishhawk down the water column, and the temperature readings confirmed the depth of the thermcline..This pic was taken in early September on a lake in WI.. the only pic I have..
  14. miket55


    A properly tuned sonar can pick up the thermocline.
  15. miket55


    Upgraded to Carbontex drag washers on my Revos.... plan on doing the same to all my other reels... Get 'em on Amazon, eBay, or www.smoothdrag.com