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  1. JMHO... The Steam Plant's effect on the ecosystem has been highly overrated, and anything below the bend right below Bull Run Creek isn't even aware of the Steam Plant.. I've taken quite a few temp readings all the way through the water column all through there.. Once you make that right turn, (heading downstream) everything has a chance to mix, and the temps remain consistent all the way below Jackass Cove.. Again just my humble opinion, with some actual observation...
  2. miket55

    Any Kayakers Here?

    I've been looking at the kayaks on sale @ BPS... specifically the 10' versions... Anyone??
  3. miket55


    Bass Pro Shops sells something along those lines. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/offshore-angler-4-arm-umbrella-rig
  4. miket55

    Boat storage

    Where are you located?
  5. miket55


    It is...dropped a fishhawk down the water column, and the temperature readings confirmed the depth of the thermcline..This pic was taken in early September on a lake in WI.. the only pic I have..
  6. miket55


    A properly tuned sonar can pick up the thermocline.
  7. miket55


    Upgraded to Carbontex drag washers on my Revos.... plan on doing the same to all my other reels... Get 'em on Amazon, eBay, or www.smoothdrag.com
  8. miket55

    Melon Hill mess

    The ramp is useable, but there's a LOT of equipment cluttering the lot, and the "work boat" gets tied up to the dock in a way that blocks most of it..I wound up using Guinn Rd. yesterday. Bull Run would be another choice. They're running a bunch of water (8000-12000) cfs, and the lake temp is running 59 throughout.. Anybody know what kind of work is being done where the barge is?
  9. miket55

    navionics or lakemaster chips

    Here's a list of the lakes found on Lakemaster chips. https://www.humminbird.com/sites/humminbird_site/files/600039-3_ll_ss_southeast_r6.pdf
  10. miket55

    Humminbird lake maps ??

    Here's the list if you're using Lakemaster chips https://www.humminbird.com/uploadedFiles/Site_Assets/manuals/Product_Manuals_from_Shopatron/600023-6_LL_SOUTHEAST_r7.pdf https://www.humminbird.com/uploadedFiles/Site_Assets/manuals/Product_Manuals_from_Shopatron/600023-5_LL_SOUTHEAST PLUS_r6.pdf
  11. miket55

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    I have squirrel tails, bucktails, various feathers and such, of all different colors. I find it therapeutic to tie hair jigs, and "dressed trebles, when I can't get out.. The "pinky jigs" in the photo were made back in the day using craft fur.. (think kewpie doll hair). I picked up a few of these in Land O' Lakes WI, after not seeing them around for almost 50 years, for nostalgia's sake more than anything.. I just got a bit of a shock realizing I'm sharing personal experiences going back fifty years...
  12. miket55

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    That's what I knew them as. There was a place on 95th around Harlem, we'd buy them at ( I forget the name). Pink/yellow, pink/white , and orange /yellow was all we needed
  13. miket55

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    These were made in Knoxville?? My favorite crappie lure as a kid growng up in the Windy City..
  14. miket55

    Plywood deck replacement

    Thanks, msg sent..
  15. miket55

    Plywood deck replacement

    It's a small tub...lol All kidding aside.. I'm looking for someone willing to do the job. I would take it on myself, but currently have no place to do that kind of a job.