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  1. duckhunter81

    Used bait tank

    Anyone know where to find a good used bait tank? Must be 40-50 gallons. Thanks!
  2. Break out the gore tex
  3. duckhunter81

    LED Boat Lights

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a LED interior boat light(s)? Do you like green or red, why? I want something that doesn’t kill my night vision. I will be using it for duck hunting and fishing. Also, anyone around the Tri-Cities that may be able to install them? Thanks!
  4. duckhunter81

    Underwater light

    What’s the bet underwater light to catch bait? Do you prefer white or green light at what depth and why?
  5. duckhunter81

    Bait Fishing in Nashville

    In my opinion, keeping bait lively is harder than finding bait. Get a good tank and it will make it easier!
  6. duckhunter81

    TVA Land Hunting

    Same here as holstonangler.
  7. duckhunter81

    Planer boards

    Does anyone have a reasonably priced source for planer boards? Everywhere I've looked online they seem to want 30 bucks a board. Any info would be much appreciated.
  8. I like this topic b/c this is something that i've experienced lately too. Planer boards are easy to lose in the wind or fog. The last few times i've been out people have picked up my boards within sight and not attempted to return them. One of them was a man and a woman in which they obviously were going to keep them. (probably the same folks) They spent the night striper fishing with shiners :/... I have my name & phone # on each but in my experience the people that pick them up to keep don't even know what there used for. I've thought about referencing a reward for the returned boards but have yet to make it happen.
  9. Saw on the TWRA region 4 facbook page that a 104lb new state record was pulled out of Cherokee. The guy that caught it broke his own record (96lbs) from last year. The picture didn't do it justice.
  10. I'm in duck hunting withdrawal. What a sorry year though....
  11. Heard some gobbling this a.m.- Looking forward to next weekends opener. May go fishing and throw the shotgun in the boat...
  12. duckhunter81

    altering SBT II filter side

    Has anyone cut down the stand pipe on the filtration side of the super bait tank II? If so, is there a downside to doing so? I was thinking about cutting mine down so it will be able to filter with less water. I'm afraid that if I chop it down & then fill it up that it won't filter properly. Thoughts?
  13. duckhunter81

    Super Bait Tank II filter

    You can cut polyfill but it has a short life
  14. duckhunter81

    Patrick Henry Water Temp?

    Was at 56 last night at the mouth of cooks valley
  15. duckhunter81

    in-lake bait storage

    I wonder if they were in a river with nominal generation flow if it could work? I agree that the otters could be a problem.