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  1. Happy Birthday Keagli!

  2. Happy Birthday Keagli!

  3. Happy Birthday Keagli!

  4. Happy Birthday Keagli!

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have been reading up on it and it looks simple, although, I just realized that I need to get an extension cable for my transducer. Its a 22 ft pontoon, and I'm guessing, but I dont think they gave me enough cable. Hopefully this will be the last thing I have to buy to get this thing up and running
  6. Santa came early this year and I got a Humminbird 998c SI. I'm pretty good with a wrench and I was wondering if I should just install this myself or pay the shop. Any suggestions or tips? Thanks!
  7. We've been out on the boat a few times. Gonna have to share a few new to boating stories. We decided on crappie an striper and have dedicated our efforts to learning as much as we can about them. Melton hill is 5 mins away so we are working that lake pretty hard. Might try Loudon next.
  8. I have been a bank fisherman my entire life until recently when I was able to purchase a boat. Im now trying to learn how to fish these large tennessee lakes, primarily for crappie and striper (they seem the most fun).
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