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  1. OldManOwen

    I'm back online and Crappie fishing!

    Yes sir! Still stuck here for the time being. We spend most evenings making plans to leave!
  2. OldManOwen

    Bass fishing

    Rusty, That is New Melones reservoir and it's 140 feet below full right now, crazy how all of the timber is out of the water. The crappie were from the same lake. It's no Douglas as far as the Crappie fishing goes but they taste just as good!
  3. OldManOwen

    Bass fishing

    Had the pleasure of joining a fellow fisherman for an early morning on the lake here in Comifornia. I'm new to these fish but had a blast. I caught a few on a ratle' trap but switched up to worm rigged a way I had never seen and caught most of them on that setup. Pretty fun on light line! I'm not sure how to tell if they are largemouths or spots but I had a great time.
  4. It's been a long time since I have posted, glad to be back online and reading the forum once again. I was able to get out overnight and get some nice Crappie under a green led light. The one in the center is my biggest to date at 15.5"
  5. OldManOwen

    Winter Clothing

    The BPS stuff is great, ask Eddie (Cannonball) about the warm weather gear he got last year. I know when we were out Crappie fishing after Christmas I was freezing and he had to take his jacket off because the bibbs were so warm! The stuff he got also floats, good for safety!
  6. OldManOwen

    Help with boy's Christmas present

    Enjoy the raft, save for the boat! Merry Christmas! Your son will be thrilled!
  7. OldManOwen

    Here's one for ya

    Oregon, I feel for you! While I was in Basic training the Navy decided to pull my 4 wisdom teeth (standard for the Marine Corps / Navy). Well one of them was in there pretty damn good and they had to call in the Commander who had to PUT HER FOOT ON MY CHEST to get it out. When it finally came out it took a large portion of my jaw bone with it. They ended up rushing me to the Navy Hospital off base because it was pumping blood out in spurts. They then proceeded to use Craftsman pliers, I swear to God to break off the sharp pieces of my jaw bone and then shoved gauze with some paste in the hole. The best part is we were in the field doing live fire when I was supposed to go back to have the gauze removed and my gums stitched. One of my fellow recruits pulled the gauze from the hole with a tool from my M-16 Rifle cleaning kit and I have not been back to the dentist to this day. The Commander told me it was the largest piece of bone she had ever pulled and has it on her desk in a jar. Semper-Fi !
  8. OldManOwen

    Help with boy's Christmas present

    If it were me I would be looking on Craigslist! I bet you could find yourself a 10' or 12' john-boat without a motor for a very very good price especially if you don't mind doing a little cleanup. It would give you a great platform to build from as well. My first boat was a 12' aluminum with a 7.5 HP Mercury that looked brand new under the cowl for $500. When it was time to go fishing I just slid it in the bed of my old Ford, the Mercury was a clamp on model and could be removed and set in the boat in less than 5 minutes by hand. It also had oar locks and two oars I kept in it at all times. I sold it 15 years later for $500 and never did anything to it during all that time aside from sand and repaint the plywood seats. Good luck! PS: I would like to add that if you do go the inflatable route please please be careful as some of these very inexpensive Wal-Mart types might only have 2 air chambers. A small boy with a treble hook could land you in a heap of trouble in a big hurry. As always be sure and set the example for him at a very young age and always always wear your life vests!
  9. OldManOwen

    Veteran's Day is tomorrow

    Semper-Fidelis Marines! YUT!!
  10. OldManOwen

    BayouCajun Needs Our Help

    It makes my heart swell with pride to read this thread! I'm sorry I am so far away and was unable to help. I can say that I am proud of all of you who were able to help, I wish I could have been there myself to offer my skills and equipment. Thank you again to all who made this possible, and I pray for a speedy recovery Mr. Cajun!
  11. OldManOwen

    bad luck

    Not sure if this will help but i'll share what's going on here in CA. The catfish in our area are literately swimming against the bank in the evenings looking for food. I have used a flashlight to watch them in 6" of water with their fins out of the water like a shark. The surface is the warmest water available here right now and they love it. When my son and I go fishing at night we aim to place our baits 2 feet from the shoreline maximum. Try fishing in the evening and very shallow. If you must fish during the day I would try 20-30 feet in a lake. I have no experience river fishing, Good luck!
  12. OldManOwen

    When it Rains

    Get well soon bud. It's always harder when it's family, Kim and myself had to leave TN with 6 days notice to take care of her father, We at least know what it is now, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and he just tried to hide it for to long. We are making the best of it out here but it makes me sad when I look out the window and see the boat covered up with pine needles all over it. I miss my fishing buddies in TN. Family first though, I would do it again without hesitation and I hope some day if I am in his shoes one of my sons will take care of me and the misses. Get better as fast as you can and take care of those you love.
  13. OldManOwen

    penn309's for striper

    I have the ABU's in 4500, 5500 and 6500, none has ever failed me. They can be disassembled and cleaned in 5 minutes and parts can be had direct from ABU. If it were me I would pull it apart and clean/ lube. If there is a part bent or broken replace and enjoy for the next 20 years. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
  14. That looks like it's ready to fish Sir, why the new rig? I'm thinking to myself those seats look mighty comfortable!
  15. OldManOwen

    RIP Robin Williams

    If it's true then I am saddened. He was an incredible actor and extremely versatile. RIP Mr. Williams!