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  1. Roybrew

    be careful on those icy ramps

    I've run chains on my truck to get home a few times. They probably wouldn't help on an icy ramp. They are only good on snow. Sucks about the jeep. I figured it would've stopped when the rear wheels went into the water because the ramp wouldn't have ice on it under water. Wierd stuff happens.
  2. Roybrew

    cherokee/ douglas

    Thank you for the report. Wow that's some cold water.
  3. Roybrew

    cherokee/ douglas

    Sorry for late reply, I was at work and couldn't answer, then fell asleep when I got home. No courtesy dock. Got to beach it on the dirt. Anybody been out there today?
  4. Roybrew

    Crappie Size

    Yes captain Ds has been my go to for a while now, sad ain't it. Crappie got to eat don't they? That's interesting information, thanks minnerman.
  5. Roybrew

    cherokee/ douglas

    If you are coming from Bean Station on 11W, you will cross Poor Valley creek bridge and there is a public boat ramp about 2 miles or so past on the right side. Big parking lot, pretty nice place to launch. Most people drive past concrete ramp and put in on the gravel point. I use concrete ramp cause I don't have 4 wheel drive. When the water gets extremely low the ramp can be a challenge for me but I always manage to float the boat off. After you get boat in, head south, down stream, toward dam. Go maybe 1.5 miles and you will see poor valley creek, marked with mile marker and sign, on right side of lake. I might go Sunday morning. Good luck, and don't be telling any tall tales Ha.
  6. Roybrew

    Of Ice and Men 12-31-17

    Yes! I hope them fish get real hungry. I use braided fire line a lot in the winter. When the area below the John Sevier power plant was open, I would stand on the bank, cast up stream parallel to the bank and drag a 3/8 jig through the rocks. Braided line was the only thing that would handle being dragged through the rocks. Caught some nice smallies.
  7. Roybrew

    Cold out there!

    Drug the tub in basement to keep from freezing up. As soon as it warms up outside at least to 35° it'll be lip yanking time.
  8. Roybrew

    New filet table but no fish hmmm...

    My wife would divorce me if I cleaned fish in the house, hmm bachelor hood here I come!
  9. Roybrew

    Cold out there!

    I purchased some lively minnows the other day, and thought I'd poke around for some walleye around the upper end of Cherokee lake near Rogersville, but I got up early and noticed it was little to cool for my taste. I dont go when its below 25 degrees unless it's going to warm up when day light breaks. Any how I put my bait in a 35 gallon tub that I have setup with filter and air bubbler. I figure I push the fish food and pour the energy drinks in their water, and they'll be in a fighting mood when I do take them fishing
  10. Roybrew

    Hello, Lost Forum

    Hello dada, 1/2 oz? That be rough on the ole 10' crappie rod. I just got back from Watauga lake, man was it cold up there! First off my starting battery wouldn't turn motor over, it's only a year old, so I know what I'm returning. I hooked up one of my 7 year old trolling motor batteries, and the ole 78 smokey Johnson fired right up. Spotted fish around the 40 to 50' depth, but I didn't have a clue what to use, maybe some dynamite.... Watauga is a nice like, but I leave it up to the experts. Water temperature 48.3 this morning out from rat branch. I'm hibernating till spring.
  11. Roybrew

    Hello, Lost Forum

    Thank you. I've never been called "New meat" before. Humm don't know what to think of that. Sexxy. Ha. I had some walleye fillets in the freezer that I cooked up a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm getting the shakes for more. I live close to Cherokee lake, but thinking of going to Watauga lake in the morning. Never catch anything this time of year anyhow. I don't see many recent posts on here. Is everyone hibernating? Or maybe they don't want to post that they are catching any. If I go tomorrow, I'll post what info I can, for what it's worth. Glad to be back.
  12. Hello again, I lost this forum some how. I haven't been on here in awhile. Dad had a stroke a few months back, and I just ain't had the urge to get out with out him. His knees were already worn out and then the slight stroke he had really set him back. I'm hoping to get him back in the boat come spring time. Anyhow I am enjoying y'all posts, and I am hankering to get out on the water.
  13. Roybrew

    Cherokee lake 4/13

    Thanks y'all. We enjoy getting out the fish are a plus. Hugh is my dad's middle name. That's what most people call him.
  14. Roybrew

    Cherokee lake 4/13

    Well dad and I go crappie fishing. Quarryville ramp to poor valley creek. All we caught were bass. Nice bass but a few crappie would've been nice. Next week we go for bass then maybe accidentally catch crappie ha.
  15. Roybrew

    Lake weiss alabama

    Thanks for the advice. I enjoy going somewhere different. Be great camping and fishing with my brother.