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  1. I've never been able to successfully splice a transducer cable. Your probably going to need a new transducer.
  2. The only way to tell for sure what's going on is to pull the head off. With one that age of be very careful not to break any head bolts, they like to corrode over the last 40 years. I really don't see a lot of heads warped bad enough to loose compression like that. Take the head off look for cylinder scoring, check the head gasket compression ring for failures, might be able to put a new gasket on it and be ok. Pulling the head off is really easy on those motors, providing the bolts want to come out. If I remember right it's only 8 3/8 bolts, the 1/4 inch bolts are for the water jacket and can stay on.
  3. Sounds like the low speed circuit is in need of adjustment or the carburetor is contaminated. If it is coughing you can try enriching the circuit until it smooths out but not any farther then it has to. The plugs should definitely be replaced, they are affordable enough that I usually recommend replacing them every year. Replace them with only Champion plugs, do not let the part guy talk you into cross referencing.
  4. Thank you guys this was a very challenging one, a lot of equipment and wires to fit in a small area.
  5. Big project done today, replaced all the electronics in a 2009 Ranger with the latest and greatest Lowrance equipment. Two HDS 9 Gen 3s, Structure Scan 3D,and Sonic Hub2. The Structure Scan 3D was very hard to come by, but got lucky and found one just in time for to put on this weekend. Here is what came out. And the After
  6. It could be a battery or charging system issue. Do not use wing nuts and make sure everythinget is clean and tight as suggested. Continuing to use weak or insufficient batteries can damage electrical components especially on the engine so just make sure it's all ok.
  7. Copied it from their facebook, its not me offering the position.
  8. Not 1 but Flow-Tec makes a 1.5 lock to lock. It was originally designed for jet boats but will work on outboards too. Might be a little hard to find, they are made out west and do not have wide distribution. The quickest one you will find from teleflex is 3 turns most systems are 4-5. Depending on your setup, stick steering would be the quickest steering of them all.
  9. Nope just a NMEA certified Advanced Marine Electronics Installer also certified with Raymarine, Garmin, and Lowrance. As far as i know Humminbird does not have a certification program. I work at a boat dealer in the Tri Cities and marine electronics is only a small portion of my job but a part of the job i enjoy and follow in my spare time.
  10. I have Sold/Installed many Garmins in the last year and if any of you have them Garmin has added a whole lot of new features to those units. All for FREE via a software update. This is one of the things i really like about Garmin, the don't reserve new features for the new units coming out, they take care of their previous customers by if possible adding those features to previously sold units. Take a look.
  11. Trailmaster offers it as an option on their trailers, seems to work well.
  12. 4 stroke or 2 stroke? What Year? Could make a big difference on what you need. Impellers are very important DO NOT WAIT until you have problems with it to replace it, it is a maintenance item. I usually recommend replacing it every 2 or 3 years. I see it happen at least once or twice a year where someone "limps" in because their impeller quit and ends up scoring their cylinders essentially ruining the entire engine over a $30 on average part. Also agree not to use parts from Walmart or auto parts store, especially fuel lines/primer bulbs, they are terrible. And the guys at the auto parts counter more often give bad information then good, NO autolite spark plugs are not the same as NGK or Champion. As far as brands, any one of the OEMs are good, doesnt have to be Yamaha, Quicksilver (Mercury), BRP, or Honda are all good, Sierra isnt bad either.
  13. Honda is having an inventory reduction sale to try and move some outboards. They are giving their dealers huge discounts on 60 75 115 150 and 225 engines. On the 150 and 225 the savings are like 3 or 4 thousand. Sale ends on Jan 15th so just a heads up cor anyone looking to upgrade this offseason. Not all models are on sale either 225 for example the 25 inch is on sale but not the 20 inch so contact a dealer or send me a pm. I am not a dealer and cant sell any motors but I can help.
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