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  1. tnanney

    Hey Rusty

    They use this type of motor In Reelfoot Lake in West Tennessee because of all the submerged stumps. Think a lot of duck hunters used them, too. Always heard them called Go Devil motors. Looked it up on-line, and that is a manufacturer's name and they are made in Louisiana.
  2. tnanney

    Trolling Motor Torque/Noise

    I've been transferring some rubber bushings (like extra thick rubber washers) that came with one of my past Minn Kota trolling motors. They go on the bolts as you push them through the holes in the deck of the boat. Not only do they provide the flexing needed for torque from the motor, but they also help water proof the holes through the deck when they are compress as you tighten down the mounting bolts. They are now on the third Minn Kota trolling motor on my Stratus. Don't know where you could actually find something like that.
  3. Anyone going down to Dayton this week to observe the Bass Pro Tour tournament? I'm probably be there for the first 3 or 4 days. I should be wearing a AA of LA fishing shirt (guide service I use in Slidell, LA for redfishing). Be glad to meet some of you.
  4. tnanney

    1st time out this year

    Can happen even when the boat has not been put up all winter. Last fall, I was up with the grandson on Watts bar. Had put the boat in the water and ran it. We got ready to leave to fish and it wouldn't crank. Charged it a while and it ran great. Went fishing and ran the trolling motor a good while. When I tried the crank the motor, it wouldn't turn over. I started to troll back to the dock (which would have taken a while if the battery lasted), but I thought I'd try something I haven't ever tried on this rig (bought it new in 2003). I dug in the storage bin and got my owner's manual packet out. In it was a pull rope. Popped the cowling, turn on the key, one tug and it fired. You would be amazed how easy it was to turn over that 115 Yamaha with a pull rope. Found out wihen I looked that the cranking battery was 8 years old.
  5. tnanney

    White bass vs Rockfish

    From TWRA site: Striped Bass Identification Key
  6. tnanney

    Stay dry and safe folks!

    Just heard a report on the news that the Tennessee River below Pickwick Dam around Savannah is predicted to crest over 41 feet above summer pool, possibly the highest it has been since the dams have been built on the Tennessee.
  7. tnanney

    White bass vs Rockfish

    They possibly are hybrids, which typically run 2 - 3 #. The way to tell (according to the TWRA Fish ID chart) is that the lateral lines on the hybrids are broken. They are also slightly darker than the white bass.
  8. tnanney

    Polls: Best Bass fishing months in TN

    Quality or quantity? In the West end of the State: quality - February, March, April; quantity - June, July, Sept. We've boated over 100 bass in a day during the summer months on Kentucky Lake south of Interstate 40.
  9. tnanney

    Pics from a few weeks ago

    There's a lot of yellow bass in the watershed lakes in West Tennessee, so many that they steal all your bait when crappie fishing. Never saw one big enough to fillet unless you want tater chip fillets. Supposedly pretty bony.
  10. Old ain't always bad. I just swapped out an old Cardinal spinning reel I bought when I was at UT nearly 45 years ago. My grandson used it when we went fishing on the Bar 3 weeks ago and he caught his small jaws and hybrids on it.
  11. tnanney

    Watts Bar report

    The hybrids were where they were supposed to be right at sunset, but they just were not busting bait. I had hoped we might even hang a rock fish since they usually hang around the same area.
  12. I took my grandson fishing on the Bar a couple of weeks ago looking for schooling fish. Didn't find any busting shad. He did get to catch a few nice ones (2 lb smallie, 2 lb 13 oz hybrid).
  13. tnanney

    fall shad and bass

    Any of those lipless crank baits should do the job working them around and through the shad. I also have caught them throwing a crankbait that runs 10-12 ft deep to get to the bass hanging below the school of shad.
  14. tnanney

    we finally made it

    Chrome with a blue back has been my go to bait for many years. Occasionally, I'll use a sexy shad color.
  15. tnanney

    we finally made it

    On Watts Bar, I've seen a lot of folks throwing Rooster Tails (or reasonable facsimile) at the "boils". I'm personally partial to a lipless crank bait. Can catch a variety (smallmouth, Kentuckys/Spots, stripe (white bass) and hybirds. I've even caught a 22 lb rockfish (striper) on the rattletrap chasing shad/boils. Lots of fun.