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  1. tnanney

    fall shad and bass

    Any of those lipless crank baits should do the job working them around and through the shad. I also have caught them throwing a crankbait that runs 10-12 ft deep to get to the bass hanging below the school of shad.
  2. tnanney

    we finally made it

    Chrome with a blue back has been my go to bait for many years. Occasionally, I'll use a sexy shad color.
  3. tnanney

    we finally made it

    On Watts Bar, I've seen a lot of folks throwing Rooster Tails (or reasonable facsimile) at the "boils". I'm personally partial to a lipless crank bait. Can catch a variety (smallmouth, Kentuckys/Spots, stripe (white bass) and hybirds. I've even caught a 22 lb rockfish (striper) on the rattletrap chasing shad/boils. Lots of fun.
  4. tnanney

    World record crappie possibly.....

    Are they checking the stomach contents for dog food?
  5. tnanney

    Remembering all who served

    Just wanted to make sure that all that have served and sacrificed all are remembered this day. As one who saw the guys come home, I just wanted to make sure they knew that they also were appreciated then and now. And to the families of those that only returned home under a flag, I really want you to know that they are especially remembered and appreciated. Every time I go to D.C., I make a visit to the Wall, honoring those that went and served.
  6. tnanney

    Woods Reservoir Smackdown!!

    Didn't take long for the word to spread. Pretty soon it'll be covered up with tournaments like the Chick.
  7. tnanney

    Rod repair in Knoxville area?

    I've fixed rods pretty much how rusty50576 described, except I use a epoxy (I used JB Weld) on the piece I slide inside the broken rod, making sure that the piece I use extends a couple of inches either side of the break to give more strength to the broken area.
  8. tnanney

    Woods Reservoir Smackdown!!

    That's a great day for anyone. You don't get many of them unless you're fishing a stocked private lake, so savor the moment. Makes everyone start looking for the closest ramp on Woods.
  9. tnanney

    Fishing License

    I've finally made the move that ecox talked about. I turned 65 in the fall and just got my '"permanent" hunting & fishing license for $50 (could have continued at $5/year). Licenses are worth every penny for the enjoyment (and frustration) of fishing and being on the water.
  10. In case you don't have this link, here's a link to TWRA that takes you to a site showing launch ramps all over the state. https://www.tn.gov/twra/gis-maps.html
  11. I agree with kwk, nothing can beat fried rabbit, gravy biscuits. dada, I heard of people tying a string to door of a wire cage and routing it above the cage so you can "remotely" open the door.
  12. So, dada, what do you do when a skunk comes calling for the peanuts? That's why I'm real leery of using a rabbit gum/live trap.
  13. Good reminder. Since I don't use the on-board chargers, I keep trickle chargers on my batteries during the winter to keep the charge up and protect them from freezing. Days are getting longer, so Spring is not too far away.
  14. tnanney


    I'm assuming you can catch walleye like we catch sauger (or try to catch sauger, a year to year thing). We use a heavy hair jig with a stinger hook using either a minnow on the jig hook, or a 3" sassy shad which I would normally use. Like above, we bounce them on the bottom trying to find the correct depth (20 - 50 ft). In Kentucky Lake, we look for hard bottoms(majority of river bed is mud) which usually mean mussels, which attract drum. The sauger feed on the drum fry. The old adage in West Tennessee is that if it's spitting snow and you have a north wind blowing a gale, the sauger will be biting.
  15. tnanney

    fish in in the marsh

    Makes me want to book another trip to Louisiana. 32 incher?