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  1. ctaylor74

    Creating Cover

    Not that this is a factor now with the lake levels what they are, but my dad has built +/- 12 docks on Boone in the last couple of years and is putting cover under every single one of them. This forum goes great with the one that ProTek put up about fishing docks. He shared this link,
  2. ctaylor74

    Learn How to Fish Docks

    Thanks for the link.
  3. ctaylor74

    My son's first catfish

    Now you just have to teach him to fillet it and fry it.
  4. ctaylor74

    strorage bait tank

    Looks good, i may have missed it but what are you using as filter material?
  5. ctaylor74

    My new fishing Buddy's

    Can't wait until mine is old enough.
  6. ctaylor74

    What do you fish for mostly?

    Smallmouth and striper
  7. ctaylor74

    Do you like our site?

    Just got started but its good so far.
  8. ctaylor74

    Polls: Best Bass fishing months in TN

    April May and June for small mouth on my local lakes
  9. ctaylor74

    Best Trolling Motor?

    Minn Kota
  10. ctaylor74

    Favorite Spinning Reel Brand

    Diawa, mostly because i have only had to buy them once.
  11. ctaylor74

    Favorite Baitcaster Reel Brand

    It depends on if you are talking about round reels or low profile reels. I have some Abu 6500C3 for stripers I like alot.
  12. ctaylor74

    ctaylor74 has joined us!

    I heard about this site from a buddy, TNKen. I am located in NE TN fishing mostly the South Holston, Boone Lake and Watauga Lake and associated rivers. I was introduced to live bait fishing a few years ago and haven't looked back. I bought a 16ft aluminum boat last year that was too small and underpowered for what I was looking for, sold it a few months later and just bought a used 20ft aluminum jet boat w/ a 200hp jet over the weekend. I mostly fish for striper, small mouth, trout, catfish and walleye but just like to catch fish of any kind. I spend most of my winter hunting deer and duck. Charlie