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  1. brownfish

    I got a brand new one!

    Congratulations, hope you enjoy it for many years to come!
  2. brownfish

    Mountain Browns

    Great color!
  3. Great looking Brownfish! Thanks for sending her back to swim another day.
  4. brownfish


    I have done good with the Lucky Craft Pointer 78 and also the Rapala Husky Jerks. The Husky Jerks are a little easier on your wallet.
  5. brownfish

    Sunday Morning Norris Stripers

    Nice looking fish, thanks for the report.
  6. brownfish

    South Dakota Smallmouth Bass State Record Broken

    Great looking Smallie! Considering their growing season and weather that has to be a fairly old fish.
  7. brownfish

    Melton Hill smallmouth?

    Melton Hill can be very inconsistent. However, I have had some good days on topwater and jigs around docks.
  8. brownfish


    Hi guys,I love to fish for Smallmouth. Nothing against the other fish because I like catching them too, but a Smallmouth is a special creature. As my Dad told me one time " if the good Lord made a better fish he kept it for himself". I fish out of a 17' Xpress with a 90 Mariner. Just like reading and sharing what is going on with the lakes and rivers around here.Brownfish