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  1. rtillett

    Fort Loudoun Dam

    K, thanks.
  2. rtillett

    Fort Loudoun Dam

    I hate those Dam rocks and those Dam birds also!!! Thanks for the report! We may try the Forks of the river this week!
  3. rtillett

    Prayer Request

    Great news, prayers sent.
  4. rtillett

    Center Hill Muskie

    Nice fish!
  5. rtillett

    What do you fish for mostly?

    The man needs to be in a boat soon!!! Hang in there Ken!
  6. rtillett

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Another pig from last year. Best I can remember this one was 24" 6lbs 5 oz.
  7. rtillett

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Let her go!
  8. rtillett

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Nice day! Fished there yesterday for an hour and half and caught a little pig. 22" 6.3 lbs. The river is full of brook trout right now. Lots of fish, brown and rainbow, in that slot range. Slots have been really helpful for bigger and healthy fish.
  9. rtillett

    Invitation to East TN Fishing Show

    I came by with an 18 month old grandson in tow. Not really a good idea for me but he enjoyed all the attention. Seemed like a good show. May try to visit again!
  10. rtillett

    Merry Christmas

    Best wishes to all.
  11. rtillett


    One fall knocks you out of the things you enjoy the most. Skiing, fishing, and Christmas shopping. Yuck!!! Heal up soon. Those brown will wait for you.
  12. rtillett

    Did our parents go through this?

    I had to stop trying to hire them. Now I work alone. My dad put us to work at twelve years old. .25 cents per hour. Riding in a truck with drunks... Good times!
  13. rtillett

    Oldgoat68 has joined us!

    Welcome to the site.
  14. rtillett

    F150 has joined us!

    Welcome to the site.
  15. rtillett

    Martvol has joined us!

    Welcome to the site.