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  1. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Rogersville water level

    I was down Saturday and it was really low up passed hughe b day bridge so had to stay on down towards church house and caney creek caught some nice smallmouth and largemouth and one hybrid that weighed 6.8
  2. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Rogersville water level

    Thanks Ecox your the best
  3. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Rogersville water level

    What’s the backwater like is I high enough to take a bass boat from Hughe B Day bridge to the spillway yet? Thanks in advance for any info
  4. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Transporting Bait---We dodged a bullet with TWRA

    Cost efficient fertilizer that’s eco friendly lol best use I can see for them
  5. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    Yes sir some of the best advice on the web right here I have never caught a bass on a lipless that was the first one
  6. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    Made through the tornadoes and caught my pb 7.0 even thanks for all the great info red traps jerkbaits and swimbaits worked best caught one dink on a frog also
  7. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    That’s great now I have idea how to get started
  8. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    I went down there back in October for some frog action and was not disappointed hope to be successful this time as well I figure ledge bite might be off for week or two but the cuts do u mean like small coves off main bank
  9. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    Need some advice big lake were do I start and I think that traps jerks and chatters might work any opinions or advice greatly welcomed and btw I’m not a tourney angler by no means just the best medicine for stress
  10. BrandonNFaithHankins

    Fishing License

    Va license expire on date of purchase so you get a full year of use from date of purchase not the case for Tn I think I get more bang for my buck in Va just my.02
  11. BrandonNFaithHankins

    What is your Favorite Worm Color at what Lake

    Camo and motor oil all sizes all lakes
  12. BrandonNFaithHankins

    3-14-15 Melton Hill

    Beautiful fish
  13. BrandonNFaithHankins

    first catch of 2015 (cherokee) march 1

    Went down to cherokee Sunday fished up river of 344 bridge caught 2 keeper walleye 1 short nice smallie small spotted and a drum sonar showed some nice schools of fish in one hole that is 30 feet deep off the rock face awesome day bunch of nice fellow fishermen there as well