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    Watts Bar, Dam Drum

    James and I went fishing again today. We boated many (20) of these today, not what we were looking for. It was however a great day out with a friend fishing, thanks James for the ride. It makes me want to sing so here goes. I don't want to work I want to bang on the drum all day I don't want to play I just want to bang on the drum all day.
  2. Snichols


    Either will work fine, maybe even a larger swimbait. I use all the ones you named as well.
  3. Snichols

    Stripernut16 has joined us!

    Hello Stripernut16, there are a few striper folks here, me for one.Welcome !
  4. ATTENTION: Fisher men and women, FISH FRY : The TSBA annual fish fry is here. Club Fish Fry will be at Grainger County Park, At Cherokee lake October 6th, starting at about 1:00, lunch about 2:00. We are inviting everyone to attend. We do ask you to bring a covered dish. If you plan to attend you could go to the "Tennessee Striped Bass Association" facebook page and check in, We do have two pages so be sure and not go to the members only page. I will approve your request to join the public page, This is so we can have enough supply's for everyone to enjoy. This is a great way to meet fellow Striped Bass fishermen and women. Please fell free to PM me if you need details or have questions.
  5. Snichols

    TSBA annual Fish Fry

    More stuff for sale or trade at the fish fry.
  6. Snichols

    TSBA annual Fish Fry

    Getting ready for the swap meet. Come to the fish fry , buy sell or trade some stuff. I do have several other things I'm bringing also, just no pic's yet. Some things to mention SS prop 20 pitch mercury, aluminum prop 60 hp Merc, deep water releases, planerboards, rod holders, lead melting pot, lead molds for sinkers, lead, life jackets and several other things. I hope others do the same.
  7. Snichols

    TSBA annual Fish Fry

    -holding net throwing contests. -having door prizes. -having an equipment swap/sale table if you want to sell a few things bring them. Here are just a few of the gifts to be given away.
  8. Like Ken said , this is not over, " This issue will resurface soon. We need to be vigilant in making sure that we are not part of the problem, and self-police to stop unlawful transportation of bait. We can be our own worst enemy here." And as Tubejig said " Not just us fishing folks but entire communities are hurting . Hotels, restaurants, bait and tackle shops, recreational users and the entire economy takes a hit. Again thanks to all for everyone's help , is was and is a group effort. Sorry the pic's aren't to good , there is video of the meeting somewhere, probably TWRA site.
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    From the album: Snichols

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    From the album: Snichols

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    From the album: Snichols

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    From the album: Snichols

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    Fort Loudoun

    My buddy James and I went in search of Striped Bass today. We found a few at the dam. Good day!
  14. Snichols

    Fort Loudoun

    This one is one of my favorites, it apply's to most any species.
  15. Snichols

    Fort Loudoun

    My striper song Trout girl. Oh where, oh where Has my little Stripes gone? Oh where, oh where can they be? I'm looking hard, to find two or three. Oh where, oh where can they be?
  16. Wish I'd seen this sooner ,I would be down. Tuesday I have things to do , but back fishing Wednesday. Hit me up anytime , I'm ready to fish most days.
  17. Snichols

    Fort Loudoun Dam

    White bass are there. !
  18. Snichols

    Fort Loudoun Dam

    Went Dam fishing by myself today, no good pic's when your by yourself. I did catch a few , live bait as usual. Also notice the bird standing on the Dam rocks , there is at least 3 or 4 places you can hit them Dam rocks, be aware. And if anyone's looking the white bass are getting thick down there ,17 boats thick there this morning.
  19. Ask Ezell Cox he also had one a few weeks back for sale.
  20. Striperman Ron Whilden has a 50gl. Mel's for sale if it isn't gone already. Cast nets are a different story , what kind of bait, what depth ,what water like lake or river. I like a 7 foot 3/8 mesh for shallow water, 8ft or less of water, if I go deeper I like a 5/8 mesh, if you go real deep you want a ribbon net, most call them deep hole nets. I carry 4 different nets at all times. P.S. we all have'm laying on the bottom, some more than others.
  21. Snichols

    Pond fishing today

    Went pond fishing today with my grandson Tyler Haywood, It was a fun day. Monster Crappie and a nice bass, he beat me 3 to 1 today.
  22. Snichols

    Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Going to fish the boils Friday , in the washing machine, below Fort Loudoun dam anyone up for it.
  23. Snichols

    Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Well James Pierce and I went Dam fishing today, it worked out . It was a good day for fishing with a friend, we caught several fish. It was fun just to be out with a Pal doing what we do. Live bait was the answer , they all were gone before we new it, run out of bait , what a great day.