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  1. Hello Stripernut16, there are a few striper folks here, me for one.Welcome !
  2. It's a Crestliner 1870 Backwater, 2010 was the last year they made it, mines a 2009. Thanks on the garage , it's the best insulation I ever had , close doors add heat and it stay warm a long time. Sprayed in by a Company call Pro-foam, 3-4 inches thick and water tight as well,, I really like it too.
  3. Mine stays 100 percent warm and ready, charging at all times.
  4. Happy Birthday Snichols!

  5. Happy Birthday Snichols!

  6. That is a large Hybrid, . And thanks for sharing
  7. I agree with possum1, I have one on my 1870 Crestliner works well, I took it off once , no change so I put it back on since it had it when I got the boat.
  8. http://tennesseeanglers.com/forums/topic/566-crestliners-rubber-floor-paint/?hl=%2Bcrestliner+%2Brubber+%2Bfloor
  9. Happy Birthday Snichols!

  10. If you haven't noticed in classified adds, this boat is for sale, it'll be hard to find a better boat like this , I've completely refurbished everything about it.
  11. Crestliner Backwater 1870
  12. Nice Redfish , caught in Florida
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