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  1. Invitation to East TN Fishing Show

    I will try to stop by and see you also alias Rick, said alias Steve
  2. It's a Crestliner 1870 Backwater, 2010 was the last year they made it, mines a 2009. Thanks on the garage , it's the best insulation I ever had , close doors add heat and it stay warm a long time. Sprayed in by a Company call Pro-foam, 3-4 inches thick and water tight as well,, I really like it too.
  3. Mine stays 100 percent warm and ready, charging at all times.
  4. Water Temperature on Norris Lake

    It was 58 on Monday the 4th. your guess was way off Rusty, haha !!
  5. Fort Loudoun Dam

    It was flowing real hard when we arrived , but calmed down after about and hour. I got my bait up in the lake the day before. Threadfin shad on bottom and get ready.
  6. The last Striped I caught

    Here's one from Fort Loudoun today , live bait of coarse.
  7. Fort Loudoun Dam

    They aren't very big but there is a bunch of them , I think we got about twenty five, it was a fun day, with live threadfins for bait on bottom.
  8. The last Striped I caught

    Here's a couple from Fort Loudoun this past Friday , live bait of coarse.
  9. Watts Bar Catfish 10-17-17

    Went to Watts Bar today , caught about 20 - 25 fish nothing very big, but still yet fun.
  10. The last Striped I caught

    Not really just yet, still not real active on top ,more though in the evenings I think , from what I'm seeing.
  11. The last Striped I caught

    Got one for my buddy Greg today.
  12. Skipjack

    Foley spoons, Roostertails, Baby shad, tube jigs, fly's they will hit a lot of things, cast a lot,wind fast ,with a jerking pattern, they like it fast.
  13. The last Striped I caught

    Caught a couple at Fort Loudoun Dam, been slow lately.
  14. Striper anywhere

    It's slow all over