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  1. Happy Birthday Tangboy!

  2. That's a great idea with the milk jug! I'll remember that.
  3. My brother and I stripped the extra rope from the sides of the yak just because of that. At least with an anchor trolly, you can pull the line to you. I'm pretty nimble, I could probably get to the bow or stern with some still waters... In a cove... I'm about 2 inches of water... [emoji1]
  4. It helps with visibility and I believe it glows in the dark in case I'm out in the dark.
  5. Yesterday was the first time out with the flag but I always have it in my mind and didn't have issues.
  6. I will be adding anchor trolleys to both sides eventually. Thanks for the kind words everyone.
  7. Some people have been asking about my boat so here we go... So I picked this up back in February for my birthday and immediately started to research what I wanted to change and modify for my needs. So here is what I have so far after spending several outings on my rig. Here is a shot of the ride. Humminbird 386ci combo. Mod Pod with Scotty rod holders. PVC tube to extend my pole a bit. Crate closed. Crate top compartment open. Crate main compartment open. Flag pole. Rudder cables rerun for ease of use. PVC elbow that protects my transducer cable as it comes up and out of the scupper hole.
  8. Tangboy

    muskie baby

    That's awesome! How did it get in a duck pond?
  9. I checked wally world and Target for a locking tuperware type container but nothing the right dimensions.
  10. I ended up calling Humminbird and just ordering the battery and charger so I know I'm getting the right one.
  11. Hello all, first post here. Just getting into yak fishing and ordered my humminbird 386ci combo but need a battery that will fit in the standard suspension bag. Something I need to order? I believe is a 12v 7amp battery. Located down in Greenback in Loudon County.
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