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  1. aebarney

    Aluminum boat blues

    Have you seen the new Ranger RP 190's? I don't know if it fits your needs but might be worth a look.
  2. aebarney

    Ranger RT 188

    Ranger RT 188
  3. aebarney

    Change my name to catchnofish

    I've tried to catch a few Crappie down in Louden over the last couple weeks. There just not ready yet. Hoping it'll be soon though... My freezer is empty and I'm ready to full her back up.
  4. aebarney

    Winter/Cold Water Safety

    Retired last year... 28 Years in the Coast Guard... Spent almost 16 years of that time at sea. I've witnessed a lot of terrible things when it comes to people and water, but with that being said... Being out on the water is usually a joyous experience. As mentioned many times already... A PFD is paramount, but a couple other things I would like to suggest: Always let your better half (or significant other) know where your going and where your launching, and an approximate time you'll be back. That way if you do get into trouble, they'll know when to call for help and where to send it. Also, don't keep your phone in your pocket while in the boat. If you fall into water with your cell, it won't be any good to you when you get back into the boat and should need to call for help. And lastly... Take it slow and steady in congested areas, around other boats, and/or unfamiliar waters. Speed Kills! Have a safe Coast Guard boating day
  5. aebarney

    Do you like our site?

    Very new to site, but I can't stay away since signing up. Lots of great information and tips. Job well done.
  6. aebarney

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    MI A lot different than fishing some of these deep lakes in Eastern Tennessee. Use to fish the spawn in Lake St. Clair. Good majority of the lake wasn't more than 5 or 6 feet. Beds were everywhere! Just close your eyes and cast...
  7. aebarney

    How to Fish a Drop Shot

    Great video and great tips... It wasn't discussed, but dont forget the polymar knot.
  8. aebarney

    Worm Fishing Secrets You May Not Know

    Wow... Excellent read!
  9. aebarney

    Caught the big one.

    That pic makes me wince... It also makes it tough to say, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!"
  10. aebarney


    I fished the last 2 days on Louden and couldn't coax not even one Slab to take a bite. Very picky eaters right now.
  11. aebarney

    Personal record smallie

    Wow... That's a great looking fish.
  12. aebarney

    aebarney has joined us!

    Hello all, New to Eastern Tennessee and excited to learn the local waters. I have been primarily fishing at Norris and Louden, sometimes Douglas. My interests are Bass, Crappie, and Striper. I've had limited success this summer with Striper at Norris and caught a few Crappie last spring in Louden, but when it comes to catching a Bass... Hope to hone my skills with time and practice. Wish you all tight lines.