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  1. I see the problem Dada. Your supposed to dip them with a net when they jump, not wait until they land in the boat. I've got a net with an 8' handle so I can really go out and get them. And you thought I was getting them on plugs.
  2. If it is still under warranty I would recommend using Mercury 4 stroke oil and mercury filter. Doesn't cost that much more and the first question they will ask , if you have a powerhead problem, is what oil did you use. How often depends on how much you run it. Still I would recommend once a year unless you tournament fish and run it hard a lot. The newer motors have black box that will give them every second on running time at what RPM. Changing it once a year costs me a lot less than the annual cost of Optimax oil I had to add to my old Optimax 115HP. Regardless of oil use the mercury filter. Not all others will work right. An example is my son had my older Toyota Avalon. He changed the oil but didn't use a Toyota filter, even though Dad told him to. It was a recommended Fram substitute. He started to work next day and oil light came on. Went back home and parked it and called me. I went up and checked it and couldn't see any problem, other than the Fram filter. Toyota's have a canister filter. Went and got a Toyota filter, same price as the Fram, opened the canister and the Fram filter had collapsed. The oil couldn't go thru the Fram filter. Replace it with the Toyota filter and no problem. Hey Dada, Mobile 1 is only $22.88 for 5 qt jug at Walmart. Starting to cool down, time to go fishing.
  3. They do sort of represent river channel miles upstream from the dam. Probably more middle of the lake miles, or point to point miles upstream from the dam. Takes out the twists and bends of the old river channel as it goes up. If you followed the actual old river channel upstream from the dam to Leadville Access Access Area it is just less than 36 miles, but the Point Number just below Leadville is Pt 21. Odd numbers on the left, even numbers on the right. Actual river miles you see on navigation maps are for the French Broad River beginning at 0.0 in Knoxville where French Broad and Holston become the Tennessee River. The dam is at French Broad River mile 32.4. Also on TVA lakes, once they go into a large creek such as Muddy Creek, they sometimes use Alphabetic numbers for creek channel miles, i.e. Pt A, B, C, D, etc.
  4. right about the shad spawning at night. Water temp on Douglas has varied from 62 to 68 over the last 2 weeks. Plenty warm enough for gizzard shad to spawn. Not sure if they have spawned any. Yesterday I saw the most shad shools 10-15 ft deep in 55 to 70 feet of water.
  5. Temperature at 57 today, but females at least still deep. Boat traffic wasn't as bad as yesterday where I was fishing, but Dandridge ramp was about full, top and bottom. Had a repeat of yesterday Dada. Did have two short ones, one was a 6" blacknose. While you were picking, I was grinning. (for those of you that don't know, Dave picks guitars and banjos on Thursdays)
  6. Water temp on Douglas is 55 degrees or better right now. Fish haven't moved in yet with the lake continuing to drop about a foot a day. That said, dada gave me a couple of crappie yesterday, one was a black crappie female that was bulging with blood shot eggs sacs.
  7. Went Monday also. Had to go hardwood floor shopping all day Friday. Started below Dandridge ramp, but dingy , water temp 48 that day and lot of fish suspended in 30+ ft water anywhere from 7-12' deep. Couldn't fish for them, NW wind at 8-10. Went to Muddy Creek. Water color was much better just past Insp. Pt. Again fish suspended 7-12' deep. Tried to fish but wind still a killer. Also temperature never got above 34 degrees. Wind chill must have been in the mid-20's. Weather Service sure missed it that day. Never had a hit, but not surprised with weather conditions. Had a buddy that got 8 in Rimmer Creek that day.
  8. After reflection I would like to withdraw one word in my post. Adding the walking path and bicycle path to the bridge is not a "waste". It will provide a benefit. When government takes tax money from you for a purpose, in this case the State, it should be used for that purpose. In this case they taxed motor fuel to maintain and improve roads and bridges. I should have used "inappropriate'. If the State had appropriated money from the general fund to fund that part of the bridge then it would have been appropriate, but they didn't. Tubejig is correct. I should have added the Wallop-Breaux Funds. Since boaters pay federal and state gas tax when they fill up, Wallop-Breaux amended the Sport Fish Act to take a small percentage of federal motor vehicle gas tax collected at the pump each year to be allocated back to the states based on the number of boats they have registered. Its part of what funds Tennessee's boating program. Excise tax (10%) on fishing and hunting gear funds State Wildlife and Fisheries programs. Excise tax on ammo funds Tennessee's Hunter Safety Program and other shooting programs like public shooting ranges. There is the same Federal program for off-road vehicle gas tax collected. It funds a lot of the cost of the North Cumberland WMA which manages the land to allow ORV use. Probably a lot more information than you wanted to know.
  9. Dandridge leases the land from TVA for nothing, then re-leases it to the Point for percentage of the profits. Nothing goes to TVA. It is legal but with so little accessible public land on Douglas ever acre turned over to private hurts. The new parking area was built as mitigation to TWRA for the bridge company use of the area for construction and for them taking some of the land leased to TWRA at the entrance to the ramp. Money for building the ramps and maintaining them comes from boating registration fees paid to TWRA. Excise taxes on hunting and fishing gear are not used for the boating access program. Douglas is different than all the other TVA lakes. TVA bought very little land when they flooded it, only bought the right to flood it. Most TVA lakes have tens of thousand of acres of public land around them. Douglas only has 5 hundred or so acres, with 90% of that either the big island out of shady grove dock, Henderson Island Refuge, or the flooded area at Ranking Bottoms. Every acre lost on Douglas hurts. What little accessible public land there is on Douglas should remain open for public use not private development. My soapbox just busted also.
  10. Sorry to burst your bridge bubble. The several million dollar additional lanes to the bridge are solely for a walking path and a bicycle path from Dandridge to the Point. Such a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. Who benefits, the city of Dandridge who gets a cut of the profits of the Point, and the private owners of the Point. Taxpayers get the shaft. By the way, the Point is on public TVA land leased to the City of Dandridge. Another case where public land goes to making money for private individuals.
  11. The ones I found lately are pretty deep. Sometimes 30 foot or more. Caught one week before last at 40 feet. Fortunately it was a keeper, since you can't release them caught that deep. Wife and I went out on Friday looking for bluegill. Switched to crappie later in day and crappie fished about an hour and had 5 keepers. All deep. Didn't stay long as it was heating up quickly.
  12. At least you and Charger got to spend a nice day on the lake. My records show it really slows down in 2nd half of April. Most have spawned and can't figure out where they go after the spawn. 2013,2015, 2016,2017 shows they drop to nothing around the 20th of April. It stayed good in 2014 until first week of May, but that year the water temp didn't reach 59 degrees and crappie spawn didn't start until late April. The mystery continues. I got 15 on Friday trolling, but only 1 was a keeper, and its still in the lake.
  13. Dada, you wouldn't have want to fish in the sideways blowing snow this morning. Was turkey hunting this morning in the rain, then it started snowing. Slowed down the turkeys, but not the coyotes out looking for them. Crappie were definitely on the banks spawning last week. Probably be mostly over by end of this week. Then it will be trolling time if you can get around in all the trash on the water.
  14. I think there are only two states that don't get state tax revenue, Tennessee and I believe Maine. The rest get state tax money which keeps their licenses costs lower. Missouri gets the most. You want a lower priced license, get your legislator to get some state money to TWRA, or at least stop charging TWRA to be a part of the state. Right now TWRA is forced to give the State several million of your license dollars each year. One of those hidden things your State Rep. and Senator don't want you to know.
  15. Tennessee has a combination license. You buy a hunting/fishing license unless you are from out-of-state. As ecox said that is the reason for the March 1 date. Think it has been there for 50 yrs or more. Why both? Each fisherman gets counted as a hunter and each hunter as a fisherman. That means Tennessee gets more federal aid funds which is given out by the Feds by state size and number of hunters and fisherman. If they were split the licenses into hunting and fishing, the cost of the each license would go up to make up for the lost federal revenue. Tennessee doesn't get a penny of state tax revenue. Virginia G & F gets several million a year of Virginia state tax revenue (by constitutional amendment) so they have a lot more freedom in license structure.
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