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  1. if its crappie you are looking for, look at my post today in Douglas Lake.
  2. Happy Birthday, Minnerman. While you were after those "bambis," I was catching all your crappie. Yep, all 4 of them!  LOL  These bluebird skys and dropping levels are keeping most of them hid,  but the water temp started this AM at 67 degrees. Tuesday, the boss (my wife) is going to show me how to catch them!  dada  10-27-19   7:51 PM

  3. :peace:Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, I hope you catch some crappie, I wish I could too.     dada

  4. Minnerman, it's best to troll Charger in the alligator harness before crappie fishin' with him.

  5. Thought I would let you know that Lowe Corp. did respond, referring me to their local representative. The trailer only had a 1 year warranty, so I'm long past it. At least they did respond this time.
  6. The cross piece is V shaped with the area where the un-welded seam is located is against the frame on the top part of the V. Water drainage of the area is not a problem. The bottom of the crosspiece or V is 6" below this attachment. This particular part has two 1" air flow holes up near the frame and several drain holes near the bottom of the V. The trailer has very good drainage. The only reason I can see for it not to be welded is cost. The trailer frame has no galvanizing. Well the ball hitch attachment at the front is galvanized. The paint elsewhere is powered coated on. I looked at several trailers at the ramp today. Most with a boat the size of mine (19.5') have three cross pieces to support the boat. Wood Duck-it is built by Karavan with a K. don't know if it is a part of Lowe or a subcontractor. I had some issues with the dry wells not being dry due to the way the drop ins were constructed. I e-mailed Lowe about the problem back then and didn't hear back, but when a friend bought one in 2011, they had changed the box drop-ins to where they had a lip. I really like to boat and if it were to go away today, I would get another one. However, I would check that particular joint on the trailer the day I got it.
  7. Actually a Lowe boat trailer problem. Went Bluegilling last week and put in at Shady Grove. My Lowe 195 is 7 years old come September, but as Dada will tell you it gets to see the lake a lot each year. The Boat has a 115 Optimax and three batteries at the back. All that to tell you it has a lot of weight riding on the back of the trailer crosspiece support. Upon unloading the boat and pulling out a guy said the back of my trailer was bouncing alot. In reality the back cross piece or stringer had completely failed where it was welded to one side of the trailer. The trailer only has two cross pieces for the boat to ride on. With some ratchets and rope I got the boat back home, after catching enough bluegill to make the trip worthwhile. Took it to a guy that is really good at welding and metal fabricating, and as soon as he looked at it he said, "that's why it failed". Seemed that either Lowe or their trailer manufacturer did not weld the bottom of where the tube met the side of the trailer, only the sides and top. This left the joint very weak to the weight of the boat, etc. pressing down on the whole unit. I have a couple of buddies with Lowe boats, and their trailers were welded the same. Apparently that is how Lowe does it. After three hours of welding and bracing I'm back in business. If you have a Lowe boat, which I really love and wouldn't trade it for any other kind, be aware that the trailer can fail. Its not if it will fail, its just when, Way too much pressure on the welds for the back stringer. Get it welded. Even better is to have an additional brace strap welded to the bottom to help support it. The guy who fixed mine added additional bracing to the top, bottom and both sides of the tube, then went to the other side and did it also. Ended up costing me $115.00, but well worth it.
  8. Happy Birthday minnerman!

  9. I've got a brand new 3 gallon tank with hose I'll give you next time we can get together. The tank end is permanently connected to the tank. Let me know if you want it.
  10. Happy Birthday minnerman!

  11. Thanks for the info HONDAM. Power cord for the Magellan Explorist is about the same, $30, so I going to get it. I know it works accurately.
  12. That's kind of what I was afraid of. This is the lowest end GPS unit made by Hummingbird and it shows it. I've been using a hand-held Magellan Explorist for 3-4 yrs and it worked great. Power cord went bad, so thought I would get a new sonar with GPS. Guess the best way out is buy another 12volt power cord for it and just keep using it. Go higher end on the next sonar when the time comes. Thanks for the help. Still disappointed that Hummingbird doesn't let you know on the lower priced units that the GPS system is not very accurate. They said the higher priced units would work accurately, which is what you guys are telling me. Last three times out I used the old stand-by the eyeball method, the angle of the line into the water. The eye method must have been pretty accurate as we limited out each time.
  13. I recently bought the 581 for the GPS feature. Use it on my trolling motor for forward looking and controlling speed while spider-rigging. I had been using a hand held GPS unit that worked well. Most of my rigging is at speeds of 0.7 to 1.1 mph. Speed is critical to keeping bait at the right height in the water column. I like everything about it except the speed indicated by the GPS in this unit bounces around like crazy at low speed. I sent the first unit I got back after first trip because of the problem and am using the replacement. It will be showing 0.7 then go to 1.2 back to 0.6 back to 1.4 all in 10 feet, with boat not actually changing speed. I called Hummingbird about it and they said that their units would not show consistent speed below 2.0 mph because it was constantly trying to update the satellite data. I've used Humminbird sonars for over 20 yrs but this may be my last one. Anyone else out there had a similar problem? Also does anyone know of a GPS sonar that will show consistent speeds at the low range.
  14. Was told some folks were now using this site. Decided to join in. Main interest is crappie fishing on Douglas, some walleye, and striper/hybrid fishing on lower end of Cherokee.
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