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  1. minnerman


    Sorry to burst your bridge bubble. The several million dollar additional lanes to the bridge are solely for a walking path and a bicycle path from Dandridge to the Point. Such a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. Who benefits, the city of Dandridge who gets a cut of the profits of the Point, and the private owners of the Point. Taxpayers get the shaft. By the way, the Point is on public TVA land leased to the City of Dandridge. Another case where public land goes to making money for private individuals.
  2. minnerman

    Douglas report

    The ones I found lately are pretty deep. Sometimes 30 foot or more. Caught one week before last at 40 feet. Fortunately it was a keeper, since you can't release them caught that deep. Wife and I went out on Friday looking for bluegill. Switched to crappie later in day and crappie fished about an hour and had 5 keepers. All deep. Didn't stay long as it was heating up quickly.
  3. minnerman

    Crappie slowdown

    At least you and Charger got to spend a nice day on the lake. My records show it really slows down in 2nd half of April. Most have spawned and can't figure out where they go after the spawn. 2013,2015, 2016,2017 shows they drop to nothing around the 20th of April. It stayed good in 2014 until first week of May, but that year the water temp didn't reach 59 degrees and crappie spawn didn't start until late April. The mystery continues. I got 15 on Friday trolling, but only 1 was a keeper, and its still in the lake.
  4. minnerman

    Prayers for dada

    Dada, you wouldn't have want to fish in the sideways blowing snow this morning. Was turkey hunting this morning in the rain, then it started snowing. Slowed down the turkeys, but not the coyotes out looking for them. Crappie were definitely on the banks spawning last week. Probably be mostly over by end of this week. Then it will be trolling time if you can get around in all the trash on the water.
  5. minnerman

    Fishing License

    I think there are only two states that don't get state tax revenue, Tennessee and I believe Maine. The rest get state tax money which keeps their licenses costs lower. Missouri gets the most. You want a lower priced license, get your legislator to get some state money to TWRA, or at least stop charging TWRA to be a part of the state. Right now TWRA is forced to give the State several million of your license dollars each year. One of those hidden things your State Rep. and Senator don't want you to know.
  6. minnerman

    Fishing License

    Tennessee has a combination license. You buy a hunting/fishing license unless you are from out-of-state. As ecox said that is the reason for the March 1 date. Think it has been there for 50 yrs or more. Why both? Each fisherman gets counted as a hunter and each hunter as a fisherman. That means Tennessee gets more federal aid funds which is given out by the Feds by state size and number of hunters and fisherman. If they were split the licenses into hunting and fishing, the cost of the each license would go up to make up for the lost federal revenue. Tennessee doesn't get a penny of state tax revenue. Virginia G & F gets several million a year of Virginia state tax revenue (by constitutional amendment) so they have a lot more freedom in license structure.
  7. Lake is clearing, very good in main lake but pretty stained back in creek embayments. Water temp was 66 degrees (not typo) where I was fishing. Caught 60+crappie 8-9 15/16", with 18 keepers. Lake changes, and fish move almost every day as lake has been dropping a foot a day. Now it looks like TVA is going to take it back up a foot a day starting Monday. Talk about confused fish. TVA normally starts it back up on March 1 anyway. VaMason if you decide to go back on Monday or Tuesday send me a PM. I might be able to help you get your daughter into some crappie.
  8. minnerman

    Crappie Size

    talked to a buddy today who said still quite a bit of ice on Douglas. Looks like Wednesday may be first day with weather. Bunch of boats in at Dandridge. maybe someone will give a water temp.
  9. minnerman

    cherokee/ douglas

    No. You might want to Goggle Earth it (search for Bean Station, Tn.). Its a long ramp at low water.
  10. minnerman

    Crappie Size

    Weather is too cold, at least water is too cold to fish on Douglas right now, so I've been reading about crappie a lot last two weeks. Came upon an article about fillet weight vs crappie length size. done by Wisconsin DNR. Everyone wonders why certain size limits are put on crappie. Why 10" not 9" or 8". For Douglas I know 10" was selected to protect enough crappie to reproduce each year. Crappie less than 10" spawn on Douglas. But what about "meat per fish" by size. Wisconsin determined how many crappie of a particular size it took to get a pound of fillets. So by size it took 8"-12, 9"-8, 10"-6, 11"-4, and 12"-3 crappie to get a pound of fillets. By the way for bluegill it was 8"-9, 9"-6, and 10"-4. For Dada, yellow perch were 8"-15, 9"-10, 10"-7. Interesting info. Another way to look at it is a 15 fish limit of 10" fish will get you 2.5 lbs. fillets, 11"-3.75 lbs., and 12"-5 lbs. For me, I'm ready to stop reading about crappie and start catching them.
  11. minnerman

    cherokee/ douglas

    talked with a guy today that had gone over Indian Creek bridge today. said it was froze up out to lake and main part of lake was froze up towards Swans as far as he could see. Maybe middle of next week.
  12. minnerman

    Dry Hands Minnow Bucket

    No, but I will hand you one minnow at a time.
  13. I crappie fish a lot. Since I spider-rig I may go thru 15- 20 dozen minnows in a week. This is a lot of bending over dipping in the minnow bucket and hands getting wet to get one or two minnows.. Especially bad in cold weather from now to next April. Heard about the "Dry Hands" minnow bucket. The place I get my minnows by the pound had them, so I invested $40 to see if it worked (They are $50 on line). It does. It will dispense 1 or 2 minnows at a time, with minimal water getting on your hand. I did modify mine by shaving off part of about a 1 1/2" ring of the of the insulation around the bottom so it would sit in the top of a 5 gallon bucket. Now when I need a replacement minnow, which is often with 8 rods and 16 hooks I have my minnows readily available. No bending over or wet hands. I do not use it as my primary travel minnow bucket as it has limited water capacity by design. I transport in regular insulated minnow bucket and transfer 3-4 dozen as needed. Wish I had patented it.
  14. :peace:Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, I hope you catch some crappie, I wish I could too.     dada

  15. minnerman

    Leadville Run

    have You may forgot Dada, but I told you a buddy that is really good at catching crappie told me that you are wasting you time fishing in the fall when the water is going up. I tested it this year and sure enough didn't catch anything until the water started coming down and water temp got in the 60's. So haven't fished this week. Hope this weekends rain is not too much to cause the lake to come back up. They finally started pulling it today but it is going to be slow coming back down.