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  1. TnKingFisher1989

    Douglas crappie

    This weather has been messing up my fishing most of the year...I cant seem to catch a break...on a side note Im glad the site is back up lol
  2. TnKingFisher1989

    Rant: Whitetrash and their trash on the lake bank

    We had a local pond that I grew up fishing get closed for litter. Me and my uncle used to pick up the trash around the pond before he moved back to church hill. I didn't get to fish much last summer so I guess he got fed up with it and stopped letting people fish. I don't blame him tho cause it is a beautiful pond and I'd rather see it sitting there with nobody fishing it than piled up with trash.
  3. TnKingFisher1989

    I think I got robbed.....

    The other day on the Holston I lost three jigs I tied, two rooster tails, one sexy shad I found on the bank, and three bobbers. I also had three knots I had to cut off the reel so I lost probably a quarter of a spool of line. I quit using my stuff and started on dads lol I hate days like that but they happen I guess. Makes a man appreciate those good days lol
  4. TnKingFisher1989

    Heading to the South Holston in the morning

    I believe if they wouldn't have been messing with the water the whole day we would've done good. I caught a couple so I was happy that I didn't go home empty handed. Seen one guy catch a good walleye right next to me and seen another guy another guy lose a good one right at the bank. I think they are starting to move up the river better now.
  5. TnKingFisher1989

    Heading to the South Holston in the morning

    Fished from daylight till just now and caught 3 crappie 1 white bass and 1 good large mouth bass. They were dropping the water most of the day and have been for the past couple days. The water was up pretty good when we got there and it went down slowly all day. I'd call it a bust.
  6. Dad caught up with a few of his fishing buddy's and we got a lead on some crappie, walleye, and the occasional hybrid. Gonna wet a few lines and see what happens
  7. TnKingFisher1989

    Rooster Tail Like Lures

    Sounds like you got it figured out lol I need to get my butt in gear and get started making some. I have been busy tying some crappie jigs lately and havnt fooled with trying to make a rooster tail
  8. TnKingFisher1989

    Ice Storm 2015

    Dang that is bad...at least y'all were ok and you got the tackle box organized lol
  9. TnKingFisher1989

    WaterCar: My next striper rig!!

    I seen em lol and that thing is amazing. I would love to have on. But only if I can get it in camo lol
  10. TnKingFisher1989

    Rooster Tail Like Lures

    Big smallie thanks for the info and those rooster tails look great. Ever since I started tying my own jigs I got curious about making my own rooster tails. How do you twist the wire and make the eye?
  11. TnKingFisher1989

    Beautiful sub-Spring day today!!!

    Yea I still gotta get my license before I can start. I'm usually a last minute type of person so I'll get them on my way to a fishing hole one day lol
  12. TnKingFisher1989

    It's the most...wonderful time of the year

    I'm looking forward to the warm weather and the pond bite taking off. I'm a pond kinda guy and there's nothing better than catching more bluegill than you can carry out. I also look forward to the hybrid run. I love wading and catching them on top water. I also love hooking up with those big cats at watts bar dam. Basically if it's warm and I'm not at school or working I'm fishing lol Cant wait lol
  13. TnKingFisher1989

    Flyfishing for bluegill

    Sounds good to me...I look forward to it
  14. TnKingFisher1989

    Flyfishing for bluegill

    I like the floating stuff so I wouldn't think it would be too hard
  15. TnKingFisher1989

    Flyfishing for bluegill

    I'm gonna try to tie a few flies for bluegill when I get a little more equipped to do so. I need a magnifying glass and some more bobbins and material for tying. That changing the thread every time I tie a different jig is getting old lol