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  1. crappieaddict

    Calderwood Boating Fishing

    I haven’t fished it in many years, so I’m no help. Pulling a boat on the Dragon just doesn’t appeal to me. When I want trout action, and cooler water, I usually choose the Clinch River. Also, I either wade or use a kayak. You just have to be aware of generation schedules, and how long it takes to reach or recede from the area you plan to fish.
  2. crappieaddict

    The Freezer is Getting Thin

    I’m catching some on the main channel on Ft Loudoun. Not huge numbers, maybe 10 a trip. It’s time to do some night fishing.
  3. crappieaddict

    Center Hill Muskie

    That is awesome!
  4. crappieaddict

    Still poor fishing

    They will bite, but I’ve found it’s “hunt and peck!” We kept about 10 Saturday morning, but it was run and gun fishing. Bait is everywhere! We need the water to cool a bit more, and it should be game on! They ain’t where they’re supposed to be!
  5. crappieaddict


    I was surprised it was that warm, however I shouldn't have been as I read LRO's post each morning and knew it had hit 50 in Townsend. Yeah, we had over 1" of rain overnight in Blount, so that should take care of that!
  6. crappieaddict


    55 degrees? Then Little River portion of Loudoun is almost there! The colder temps that are forecast will likely prolong it. For some reason I had approximately 62-68 degrees in my mind, but my memory is far from what it once was! I have not noticed any males putting on the spawning colors.
  7. crappieaddict


    Strange year! Loudoun was 54.4 degrees today. Could only find small fish. The big uns were there a couple weeks ago. Some deep, some shallow, and most were black crappie. Based on water temp, and my limited knowledge, couldn't the spawn begin in about 7 more degrees?
  8. crappieaddict

    Perfect day to fish

    Never caught a walleye. Never fished for walleye. Need to add to my bucket list!
  9. crappieaddict

    Perfect day to fish

    Dang, now I am gonna have to look at the cows before I fish! I've lived in East TN my entire 55 years, but I've never heard the cow sign! You can bet your last dollar, I'll be a cow watcher from now on!
  10. crappieaddict

    Perfect day to fish

    Sounds like others had results on Sunday that were similar to mine. Saturday must have been the better day. I'm still learning, but I would have thought the reverse would be true.
  11. crappieaddict

    Perfect day to fish

    Same as RLP. Fished Tellico today, not getting started until about 2:00. Motor just wouldn't start. After finally getting it limping along, caught 7 crappie, only 2 were keepers. I didn't see any ice, but was fishing near the 411 bridge. What I caught was 15 - 20 ft in 28 fow. Now I get the joy of calling a mechanic! Come on spring!!
  12. crappieaddict

    Fort Loudoun or Tellico?

    Wow! Excellent average! You have it figured out for sure!!
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