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  1. creek sent you txt my 12v did the job very well and wasn't hard on batteries. im on the lake fishing this weekend if you want to come check it out
  2. I just purchased a terrova ipilot .... I will be removing my minn kota edge off my 2006 G3 1860 12v 55lb 42 " shaft EC only upgraded for ipilot abilities PM me if interested
  3. Thanks for the replies I guess I should reword my question. Of the ones listed which one is better, or does it matter which one?
  4. Looking to add one of these to the yamaha f75 on my 1860 G3 flat bottom to provide lift for a lower planing speed. Dont want to lose top end speed if possible. Any one with good or bad experience? Thanks
  5. good deal im sure you will put it to good use
  6. I have a HDS 7 touch ..but I am too new with it...look on youtube
  7. Due to work, family and now weather I havent got to use the boat yet, But I have done an oil and filter change, new spark plugs, lower unit fluid change, and a new water pump. All as a prevententative maintenance. I got my Lowrance HDS 7 mounted and ready. I did some research and found that my outboard was capable of connecting to my Lowrance. I ordered the network kit and the cables even though lowrance has the worst customer service. I have temporily made the connections to verify it works. I will play more with it tomorrow when the winds drop and temps rise. I am excited to see I have a 2006 G3 1860 SC DLX with 2006 Yamaha f75 with only 153 hours!!
  8. New to me 2006 G3 1860 SC DLX 75hp yamaha four stroke
  9. I think the carpet is not ideal but it seems all these type of boats are covered in carpet. Anyone ever remove and go bare or paint/non skid
  10. Thanks TXREDFISH, I am still looking and have expanded to include deep V hulls as well as a mod V. Looking at Tracker PRo V 17's Crestliner Fish hawks Carpeted interiors in these boat is that as big a problem I think it will be if I start casting for bait?
  11. Dont worry I am experienced in CL and online searches, Not really a newbie boater either. I'm not in a hurry either just wanted input. If I can find the links I will share http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2004-Fisher-1860-AW-101800646 http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/4666762140.html http://tippecanoe.craigslist.org/boa/4592696069.html
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