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    fishing and New Hopewell Baptist church. Family of coarsew!


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    Love to fish and relax while I fish!
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    Retired Firefighter (Captain)
  1. Happy Birthday Stepfire!

  2. Happy Birthday Stepfire!

  3. I know the spot that you are looking at . That is an old silo base and most of the rest of it has been pushed out on the end of the flat.
  4. One of the best I have ever seen! Wonder if all those submerged bridges are still there? Thanks
  5. Stepfire

    Square bills

    So much pressure on Loudoun, it's hard to catch ANY fish with a square bill after April 15th
  6. Has anybody used these scatter lipped baits from Rapala? I have tried since they have come out to get them to run right and I have started to beat my head against the wall. I can't get them to run anywhere near right! ANY help would be better than none!
  7. I would have had to change my shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Send ecox a PM. He knows all about planer boards because he is the ******** King!
  9. Well, I throw the suspending model off the ends of bluffs on the Bar in December. if you find them....HANG ON!
  10. Does anyone know of a video of how to use a HDDI Hummingbird? I got mine and it didn't even Have an owners manual. I did download a manual but a video would help me understand it so much better and clearer. If you do please let me know or where I could get one!
  11. Welcome and glad to have you here! Keep fishin' with your son and he will be a better young man and you will have a lifetime of memories!
  12. Pic is beautiful but lets remember...... Ain't God Good!
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