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  1. I had a similar problem with a flasher unit in the direct sunlight so I used a plastic flower pot that fit over the unit screen and cut the bottom to shade the screen spray painted the inside black and worked great
  2. I would leave the threaded area as is and take the length from rethreaded.and reweld. or just cut it off and have the end rethreaded.
  3. Is that even legal? It looks like a rocket ship,be careful and have fun. Wish it were me.
  4. Like a stealth fighter by the time the crappie figure out your catching them from it, would be to late
  5. Welcome to the best and friendlist fishing site on the web looking forward to seeing your cat stories
  6. Glad you survived this take care
  7. What and how did that happen?
  8. Looks great lot of prep but will pay off in the end.
  9. Welcome crappieaddict, you have come to (in my humble opinion) the best fishing site in East Tn.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Dave
  10. Great story Fland49, you more or less lived the life and adventure I have dreamed, but I was a dreamer and you were the doer. Thanks for the post and pic's.
  11. Welcome Hankie, tell us some fish stories. When telling fish stories the first guy hasn't a chance.
  12. Sounds like N.Korea found a way to do us while fishing, with defective batts.
  13. What time zone is this in? I post at 10am est. and it shows up 3:50 pm

  14. Welcome TJ, yup this is a great site, lots of helpful information and friendly people
  15. Welcome marktn4,hope to here about some catches from you soon
  16. WoW! you are one industrious and talented individual. Great story .
  17. I will need a fish catching machine when I get settled in up their and would appreciate any recommendations on a 9K budget. Thanks y'all.
  18. I would lean towards the #3 just because Yamaha is used on about any serious fishing boat here in Fl. As far as a used boat in salt check craigs list in Fl. and you can buy boats cheap because the salt ruins them fast, even if flushed after use.
  19. Welcome to the best fishing forum in tn imho
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