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  1. Absolutely. Praying that all goes well.
  2. Green pumpkin / watermelon - everywhere
  3. dcallebs

    Change in Tennessee Gun Laws

    So can you keep a handgun in your vehicle without a Carry Permit?
  4. dcallebs

    Mission Trip

    Great to see what God is doing there
  5. I love it all!!! Just hoping to get out more often.
  6. dcallebs

    Anyone else see this?

    That is a monster!!!
  7. dcallebs

    Fishing in the rain

    When your fishing outings are limited, you gotta go when you get the chance, regardless of weather.
  8. dcallebs

    where can i find walleye?

    I am originally from the Detroit area and spent a lot of time jigging the river in the spring. I have just started exploring South Holston and Watauga for walleye, but not much luck yet.
  9. dcallebs

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    MI, KY, Canada, AL, MO, AR
  10. dcallebs

    medicineman has joined us!

    Nice smallie. Doing any good in NE TN? I am hoping to head to Watauga or South Holston tomorrow night.
  11. dcallebs

    dcallebs has joined us!

    I live and fish most in NE Tennessee. Mostly largemouth, but would like to spend more time chasing smallies, stripers, walleye, and musky. Originally from Michigan, it is a whole different ballgame in the mountains of TN