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  1. Dolphan

    Why use leader with Braided Line?

    I remember times that I have fished with a fluorocarbon leader and caught fish, and a guy standing right next to me using the same lure without a fluoro leader didn't catch anything; I'm not sure what the difference is but I always use a leader.
  2. Dolphan

    Lowrance question

    Thanks for the responses; I tried taking the transducer off and hanging it in the water and that didn't work-You guys are right, must be the splice. It is a lowrance elite-5xHDI, I assume when replacing the transducer it must be the same one I am taking off?
  3. Dolphan

    Lowrance question

    Thanks Dada, gonna try that next time out. Rusty do you mean the transducer should be angled toward the bottom (not parallel)?
  4. Dolphan

    Lowrance question

    I recently changed trolling motors and had to remove the transducer from the old motor and put it on the new one. The new motor has a fin so the only direction I could point the transducer was towards the prop (I thought this might cause interference but didn't really have a choice). Also, I had to cut the cable (above the water line) and splice it back together. I am getting unreasonable depth readings and a blacked out screen. I am wondering if the splice is the problem or the transducer facing the prop? Any suggestions or input would be great, Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses, I talked my way back into the garage until winter:)
  6. Good News: I recently got a new boat and can fish again!!! Not so Good News: I have to store it outside; Anybody have any knowledge about a good, reasonably priced boat cover that will keep out the rain / snow? (BTW, the boat is a 16' fiberglass Center Console). Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info; someone bought it before i got to see it.
  8. I am planning on looking at a boat that has a 2002 50hp Tracker motor on it with 400 hrs. I have no experience with these motors so if anyone knows anything about them, please share. Thanks!
  9. Dolphan

    Back on the water

    Reading this made me smile, I remember doing some of those same things
  10. Dolphan

    Two year old addict

    Those trips make the best memories! I have a 15yr. old daughter that doesn't fish much anymore but we have some great and funny memories of being on the water together as a family.
  11. Dolphan

    My brother needs some prayers

    Sending prayers to you and your family
  12. Dolphan

    Rogersville Steam Plant

    Makes for a nice memory with your boy! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Dolphan

    Prayer needed

    praying for you and your family
  14. Dolphan

    Below Melton Hill Dam

    Went again last night from 6pm-745. Caught 4 stripers and a big nasty gar. Caught everything on the small shad colored fluke and jig head. The biggest striper was about 8#. Fun night!