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  1. They did have glitter in them, so maybe there is a connection between Bobby and Judy!
  2. Got to get out this morning with my Dad. Caught a 21” Smallmouth on my second cast. We caught smallmouth, largemouth, a walleye, bluegill, White Bass, channel catfish, and crappie. Most were caught on Bobby Garland plastics. Trying to figure out how to shrink picture sizes to post pics.
  3. The water here yesterday was still 59 degrees, however I did finally get into some fish last night. Fished for about two hours and caught 5 smallmouth.
  4. Thanks so much for posting Rusty. It has been frustrating because usually I have done pretty well this time of year. I will keep at it till it changes.
  5. Have lived near the Kelly Lane boat ramp for six years now. This is the slowest spring I have seen for fishing. Has anyone else had trouble catching fish here this year? Normally, I have caught some great smallmouth in April and May, but have not been having any luck at all this year.
  6. I bought one about two months ago. I love it! Am still learning, but it has helped me understand areas that I just thought I knew. Also, made me feel good that a trusted and proven fishing guide I know in the Florida Keys uses the same unit.
  7. Has anyone tried out the stripe run at Three Rivers yet? It should be about time, but around Kelly Lane the French Broad is still in the upper 40's.
  8. Caught the biggest Smallmouth I might ever catch today. 24" and thick. Couldn't weigh it, but it was BIG!
  9. Nice fish. Congrats. Thanks for the post.
  10. ProTek

    Happy Birthday CMS!

  11. I fished today with my dad. So glad I get to. I am 41 he is 62. Hope we still get to when he is 89!
  12. Went to the Clinch today with my brother to fish for trout and Stripers. We hooked three trout, landing one, and had numerous trout follow lures to the boat. I did get to see two different Stripers chasing and eating 10-12" trout. The trout were jumping out of the water with a wake being pushed up behind them, then bam. I can't wait to go back.
  13. Most every night.....here they come from the refuge.
  14. No, I live in the house on the left as your going down the gravel road to the ramp. Right between the big soybean field and the river. I just put in the dock right beside the ramp.
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