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  1. Also learned conditioning net really helps cast smoother and less frustration when learning is better. I use cap of downy and a 5 gal bucket and soak over night then rinse and hang to dry. Softens net(even helped on cheapo)
  2. Agree if your new to cast net just get wally world cheapy until you get the hang of it. Once you get hang of throwing cheap one then move up to bigger size and nicer quality. I have caught plenty of bait with a cheapo and learning hurts less. Also if you have a Basspro near I purchased a net and the extended warranty after I was told it replaced damaged nets. After one bad day of fishing I had a destroyed net and stopped by Basspro to see what would happen and left with a new one on the spot free. Warranty on second net cost $14.00 and it was replaced few months later but had to ship it in and got a gift card due to time after purchase. Think it was 30 days or less change at store over 30 send in. Either way it work twice now and saved me 60-70 each time. Bait tank depends on what you want to spend really. Cheaper hold bait less time so more bait catching if you are out all day but cost can be huge difference. I started with a cheaper keepalive but after learning more about shad I converted it to an outside filter system and can keep bait easily for 12 hrs or longer with no issues. Cost around 200 after conversion but I have it wired and plumbed for easy removal and filter cleaning is quick and easy.
  3. 10xd

    Striper anywhere

    Thanks all . Made a trip to Kerr lake this past week to take the nephew out and it was slow there also. No striper but was able to hook a few white bass, crappie and smallies. Never fished Melton Hill got to look into that.
  4. 10xd

    Striper anywhere

    Tried Boone and it was like looking in a desert for striper. No luck whatsoever. Cherokee no luck few weeks ago. Seeing some but no bites. Anyone catching or at least seeing any.? Shallow? Deep? up river? near dam? Want to go next couple days but hate to go and waste time if noone seeing anything.
  5. 10xd

    Lowrance question

    Have tried splicing before and very rarely works...shielded cable has to be done very well....I have used aluminum foil and wrapped inside wires separate then all together...better but still some interference.
  6. 10xd

    East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Never heard of a trout tourney...that may be fun. Thanks everyone for the post. Learning more each time Im out. Not had the chance last couple days but plan to try things out again soon
  7. 10xd

    East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I run two poles on same downrigger and like to use heavy setup on bottom rig for snags. I have a few sweet spots where I drag the ball across bottom. Not sure of the science but works for a fish sometime when Im getting skunked. (Gets attention maybe they think its a fish feeding...idk) I use Ande's pink line and I have noticed line size made very little difference for me. I fish Big Tumbling Creek and was told to use 2lb-4lb or no hits, after catching a few I switched to a bass rod with 12lb with same lure setup to try saving gear from snags, catch the same amount of fish with both (at least seems so). I did just pickup some Seagar to test some different setups Ill post results. I agree line/leader size should matter but not quite sold on it yet. Thanks for lure suggestions, Ill look for those to try.
  8. 10xd

    East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I have caught a few lakers around 5-6lbs in last few weeks. Hooked what I am sure was a laker yesterday and after 2-3 mins it broke off. Felt like a monster shredded 20lb test so I know they are good ones in there. Water still high above normal but fishing still good. I use 421 bridge ramp and water level just means truck tires in water and wet feet to unload.No big issues. Get there early and leave about noon it gets busy after lunch and you get beat to death by waves. Copper spoons have been my goto pick catching 75% of fish on that color. All the lakers on copper. Sorry about pictures , I usually just measure and toss or release in water if they are average size. Lazy about pics but Ill get a few.next time. Built a new trolling rack setup and need to show it off . lol
  9. 10xd

    Grinding Minkota?

    The seals on mine go bad quickly (poor design) so i lube with white grease often. Figure cant hurt and only couple bucks a can. Better than getting on lake dropping troller and its rusted froze. Good thing is they are fairly easy to work on.
  10. 10xd

    East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Fished SOHO yesterday starting about 7am. 15 rainbows around 16" all between 20-30 ft. Two very small lakers at 50-60ft and 1 huge 18" crappie at 30ft (thought for sure it was a bass until i picked it up). Spoons and crankbaits at around 2mph in deep water near dam.
  11. 10xd

    Lowe Boat Problem

    The reason it was not welded on bottom may have been for water to run out. I have done this building gates or trailers. Also necessary if you galvanize after its built. If you weld all the way around a joint it can get water inside and not be able to drain causing rust from inside out. Especially when you are submerging in water. Simply drilling a hole will help it drain and air dry and it will last a lot longer.
  12. 10xd

    How about this buffalo?

    I have seen on Food and Fishing shows where people eat Buffalo. Have also read about Haff disease so I'll pass. Then again I had a 107 year old neighbor who ate fish nearly everyday from a river that is said to be contaminated. To bad can't get them to hit a hook (intentionally anyway) that would be a awesome catch to try and land on a rod.
  13. Want to try it out but I have no idea where to start. Looks like a blast
  14. 10xd

    Grinding Minkota?

    I have a Riptide and the bearings on the shaft will rust and start grinding if you don't use it often. Sitting though winter seems to be worst time. You can replace them for around $30 to $40 bucks. I just spray with lube and keep working it back and forth until they move freely then lube it heavily when i plan on parking it for a bit.
  15. 10xd


    http://greatlakesskipper.com/tracker-750-smoke-tinted-18-inch-boat-plexiglass-windshield-133566 http://www.updplastics.com/tracker%20nitro%20boat%20windshields.htm Worst case you can always use plexiglass and a heat gun to make one but takes alot of time and patience. Worked as a Glass technician for several years and boat windshields always hard to find.