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  1. dada

    spawning Crappie

    55 is a start--- Crappie also like clearer water that is a consistant level with some discharge at the dam. Saturday seems to be the day to fill up the livewell with Douglas crappie. Let's go fishin". dada 3-21-19 10:30 PM
  2. Charger 1 & I tried 4 different places on he 20th before catching BOTH crappie! The first 3 places were waters on Douglas that we caught reasonable fish previously, but we got nary a bite. Finally, with the crappie quit biting at all, we caught the TWO. Due to the waters changing- lower, some cleaner, 54 degrees, etc, you have to use the fishfinders & search new areas . The fish were still showing on the graff suspended in all the places we fished, but they always start & quit feeding during the day. dada 3-21-19 7:10 AM
  3. dada

    Finally got on the water...

    Tubejig, who's complaining about a ramp with only 3 rigs parked there? That is what I call EMPTY. We launched in less than 2 minutes! at Dandridge ramp. dada 3-18-19 3:07 PM
  4. dada

    Finally got on the water...

    Dandridge was "empty" of rigs this AM at 8:30. The Geico Bass was at Ft. Loudon this weekend To make matters worse, Charger 1 & I didn't get one crappie bite down from the ramp, nor down around Muddy Creek. (Wednesday, we got 12 good ones) We could see fish on the fishfinder at both places, mostly near the top, but they had LOCKJAW today! dada 3-17-19 2:38 PM
  5. dada

    Trailcam Pics

    I don't hunt anymore, but curious as to where the pics came from? I have heard coyotes chasing their prey(?) at Douglas Flat Creek area, but never saw like the pics here. dada 3-11-19 1;19 pm
  6. dada

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    NukeFisher, Bull Run Park has a sign posted-Open from daylight to dusk ONLY. Wonder if they will tow your rig out after nightfall? dada 3-5-19 8:55 AM
  7. dada

    Rusty said... .

    That's our Rusty. Never knew you could catch a bass in that little ditch behind his house! LOL dada 3-4-19 9:10 AM
  8. dada

    LED Boat Lights

    LEDs are available by the 16' strips for under $10 , usually free delivery from internet suppliers. They come in all colors, even "black lites" & 12 volts. Since I have red-left & green-right side on the full side of my boat, I got the waterproof, self stick kind. They also come in low or bright style & are easy to wire with 2 wires attached. As a kid, we used to carry YELLOW "plastic" & Rubber bands to use in the fog for our car headlights. White reflects fog, yellow doesn't. It has been noted on TA that flood lights are NOT allowed while running a boat, but the LEDs are visable even more than the required bow lights in foggy situations. Most fishermen use green or black lights for attracting minnows & night fishing. dada 3-4-19 8:47 AM
  9. Works for me. I call it "spider rigging" dada 3-1-19 7:54 AM
  10. dada

    Who knows...

    Shucks! You didn't wait for me to get my fishing rods--It was reported that walter's bridge was clearing up SOME & a few crappie were being caught on bobbers near the bank. Maybe I'll see you there, weather permitting---- dada 3-1-19 7:50 AM
  11. Finally got my boat ready, but rain gets in the way! If water conditions & catching info is known, please advise. Tomorrow LOOKS good weatherwise. dada 2-26-19 6:05 PM
  12. dada

    TNKEN, I'm looking for a 48" Trovola . Is it still available, & WHAT PRICE ASKED?  12 V. is wanted, but I always carry 2 batteries for trolling.  Give me a message or call 865-922-4524.  dada 2-26-19  9AM

    1. TNKen


      Check your messages, but unfortunately, the motor sold.

  13. Gaylen & I fished Melton Hill on 1-7-19 for crappie. No crappie, but caught 1 catfish & a dozen , or so, LARGE white bass on fly/minnows. My question- At 2-3 # each, were these ROCKFISH? I didn't check the bumps on the tongue , but they were caught 2 at a time. These were caught out from Carbide (now Clark) Park. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to ID these fish? Melton used to have plenty of yellow perch & crappie & this is the first time I fished that area. dada 1-11-19 9:46 AM
  14. TWRA stocked Ft City duck pond with trout. Reports were that they also checked for trout stamps later. After all this rain, yesterday, it appeared that it had overflowed, washing the trout downstream??? dada 2-24-19 8:28 AM
  15. dada

    Headed south...hopefully

    Justfishn, where is Hartwell & can you wait for the rest of us to get our rods & go with you to get out of this rain?? LOL dada 2-24-19 8AM
  16. dada

    almost a limit

    The almost is 25 for the 2 of us. The wardens don't accept the manikin's license & those dummies take up too much room anyhow. LOL It is "terrible" when my fishing partners gives all the fish to me to clean, then waits for me to invite them over for a fish-fry. The last one I put on , I fried 125 pieces. dada 2-18-19 7:57 AM
  17. dada

    almost a limit

    Took pal Gary to Douglas on Monday. Tho he probably caught the most, we ended with 24 crappie AND HE WOULDN'T TAKE ANY HOME! That left me to clean them all----The water was 42.4 at 8AM & 46 at 2PM & down almost to its lowest. I wanted 20' to fish in but only could find 18', but still had a good day. If it rains Wednesday, I'll be there Thursday to try to beat that number. dada 2-5-19 8AM
  18. dada

    Hey Everyone Im Back

    My last trip to Carbide Park only got dozen white bass & no perch. That was last month .Glad the perch are back on. dada 2-17-19 10:42 PM
  19. dada

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Troutgirl, Maybe its time to fish for other fish in different lakes! LOL dada 2-17-19 8:50 AM
  20. dada

    almost a limit

    We are waiting for that better weather also, Derrick. Weekend might clear up the water & those crappie might have to wait their turn to get into my boat! LOL dada 2-8-19 8:20 PM
  21. dada

    almost a limit

    Didn't go to Douglas 2-7-19---Made the mistake of listening to the weatherman who said 19MPH winds. It turned out that the morning was probably great for a few crappie! Now we know that weather people are like politicians- UNRELIABLE. dada 2-8-19 9:08 AM
  22. dada

    almost a limit

    No map, just follow the 40 or so boats. Probably launching at Dandridge. If TVA drops the level any more, there ain't gonna be any water to fish in! Getting bait might be the biggest problem. dada 2-5-19 2:16 PM
  23. dada

    Well that didnt go as planned...

    Thanks for the info. Before I trot off to Douglas this morning, I have to FIX MY OWN trolling motor tip that lost a couple of screws from the tip of the mount. Even the simple ones have to be looked at---- dada 2-4-19 5;50 am
  24. Weather was cold to start, great at 12 noon. Took the wife, she caught 5 before I got the first. (Where's the alligators when you need 'um?) We tried Eaton Church hollow first with long lines & Boards but only got 1. Then, off to McGuire where they bit like crazy around 11:30, then stopped! Planer boards got nothing. Ended up with 8 good crappie & 2 white bass but Nitro & Minnerman was said to have gotten their limits in other "secret honey holes" Tomorrow might be a better day----- dada 2-2-19 6:50 PM
  25. dada

    Good day at Douglas

    Guess I'll have to wait until Monday to "load the boat with crappie". Got to change a tire on my car today! dada 2-3-19 8:22 AM