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  1. Fished last night with "Ross, the Boss" at Concord from 7 to 9. We set our goal for 20, but only caught 17. He was using brush hogs, I was using the same, only mine was darker. He had 5 in the boat, I had none, so I switched to smaller lizard , same lighter color & started to catch bass. Sometimes, even us "pros" (LOL) gets beat ------- dada 6-6-19 7:27 AM
  2. dada

    New to Walleye Fishing and the Site

    Welcome to the site, Knox & Ridge. As said, walleyes are scarce in these parts UNLESS you know someone who fishes for them with the knowledge of where , when, & with what! I have seen TWRA net them above Dandridge years ago, so I tried to catch them there with no luck until I was crappie fishing above Indian Creek with plugs & caught a 7+ pound 'eye. Tho I have fished 16 states, Minn & Wis included, that is the biggest for me---- Right after "ice-out" is the best time & WAY ABOVE Walter's bridge is known to give up a few. dada 6-15-19 9:06 AM
  3. dada

    Ft "Nasty" bass

    Went alone on 6-11-19 to same spots & only had ONE hit! Ft. "Nasty" can change overnight, same as Douglas. Water was dirty & 81. I think that TVA was dumping lots of water & that made the bass scarce. dada 6-15-19 8:48 AM
  4. dada

    6-7-19 sauger

    Rusty, We put an X on your boat to follow you to those honey holes, BUT you changed boats! LOL dada 6-9-19 7:06 AM
  5. Tube- I fish Douglas for crappie, then  I get desperate & try for bass on Ft. Loudon. We set our goal for 20, then go home as it turns dark. The bass turn off about that time. ( transisition time). They start back up later.  dada 6-7-19  8:15 AM

    1. Tubejig


      I might get over that way one day.  Got grandchildren in Maryville.


      Thanks for the message.

  6. dada

    On a short trip after work

    Time for idle speed or a good trolling motor????? Been there, done that--- Now, I carry a spare prop. dada 6-5-19 7:32 AM
  7. If my 2 cents are worth anything, we have to give hope where it is due. Today, we stopped at Swan's Marina for minnows. While Charger 1 got them, the lady probably gave twice as much as we ordered, AND at $1.99 a big dozen, cheaper than anyone around! I talked to the newer owner who said he is spending $20,000.00 to put in a decent ramp & prevent rigs getting stuck in the mud at his ramp. He also put us on where limits of crappie were being caught. He seemed to be a nice new owner, so I told him about getting stuck years ago in the ramp area & the THEN owner wouldn't help me get out. I had to put on chains while he sat there by his truck & cable & watched! I will give the new one a try. dada 4-17-19 5:29 PM
  8. Charger1 & I got 13 crappie today, up until 11 AM, then they quit! Water temp-60, wqter rising, most fish were deep, but all had roe. Also found the gas station in front of East Towne's Home Depot that had regular for $2.35.9. Everywhere else was $2.55.9. Now I can go catch some crappie. LOL dada 4-6-19 5:36 PM
  9. dada

    Where did they go?

    Tried Douglas today for crappie. Might as well to fish in the bathtub! Longlined 4 different lures-not a hit. My helix 7 showed fish & some minnows. Anyone else had any luck in the past few days? dada 5-19-19 8:43 PM
  10. My 2 cents-Did you check the intake hole under the transom? ( if there is one). That boat looks good enough to catch tenn crappie---- dada 5-15-19 5:58 PM
  11. dada


    IF IT EVER DROPS--Douglas probably has more crappie, bass & cats than any lake around. Ft "Nasty" ( Loudon) also has the same AND does not have the highs & lows like Douglas & Cherokee in water levels. Since I don't eat fish from the Tennessee River, I give crappie away & throw back the bass & cats. Cherokee used to have giant crappie, but TwRA's stockings of other species have pretty much wiped them out. dada 5-12-19 7:07 PM
  12. dada

    Douglas 5-7

    Tube, If you run into crappie on Cherokee, let me know. dada 5-8-19 9:32 AM
  13. dada

    Tuesday on Douglas

    Tubejig, I was at Walter's also this AM near 8 & stayed only 1 hrs+. Got 1 crappie trolling , 4 dbl long lines right above the bridge. The timber was heavy then, too. So we reloaded the boat & went below the dam, thinking it would be great-----NOPE! The bypass ports at the bottom were wide open & muddy water was fast & furious. Reloaded onto my yellow trailer & went home! I am desperate enough to go fish FT. "Nasty! dada 4-30-19 4:38 PM
  14. dada

    Busy weekend

    Tube. I took the wife to Cherokee, Thought I could beat the crowd by being later--didn't! We got there to Marshall bridge after the blast-off, my wife fell & hurt her knee while launching the boat next to White Pine Tx station, only caught one 3# SM, the wind was causing white caps,---on & on & on----- The only good thing about the whole trip was that the White Pine guys assisted when she fell down. GREAT GUYS! No crappie bites. Looks like TVA & TWRA ruined another lake which used to put out all kinds of good fishing. I can see why there is limited posts about Cherokee! .My last trip there. dada 4-27-19 4:20 PM
  15. dada

    Busy weekend

    How many boats on the White pine tx at 25 E ramp? Thinking of taking my wife on 4 -27 for crappie. dada 4-26-19 5:30 PM
  16. dada

    bigcat25 has joined us!

    Welcome , Bigcat. If you fish below the dams, wear you vests as required. TWRA is known to give tickets for that. dada 4-24-19
  17. left out the good parts-Crappie, walleye . Putting in at the ramp below the dam is no problem, but taking out is difficult because of the water swiftness. 2 persons are needed for best results. NOTE: Check the water release schedule before going. (865-632-2264). When asked, hit #4, then #07 for Douglas dam. If fishing on the quiet side under the dam, about 15 minutes & the water drops until you are stuck up there if they shut down. I never fished too far below the ramp, so can't inform as to the fishing situation. With the 8 1/2 ft water rise above the dam, try below the dam. dada 4-24-19. 8:55 AM
  18. dada

    Douglas Saturday

    Went today with wife. Water was 61.4 to start & 65 at 1PM. High & muddy with too many logs & only 1 crappie & 1 cat ALL MORNING!. It rose 8 1/2 FEET in 2 days. Not smart to even go for the next week or so---- dada 4-22-19 3:43 PM
  19. dada

    Douglas Saturday

    Thanks Tube. I am thinking of going tomorrow???? IF I can motor very little according to the debris, maybe from Spring Creek to behind Swan's Marina or so! Crappie, look out, here I come. dada 4-21-19 2:17 PM
  20. Went alone today & got 12 large crappie 3 cats & 1 drum. + a few throwbacks. Water temp dropped back to 66 this AM, 2 days ago, it was 68. Crappie were back in deeper water, hitting boards & longlines. All were still full of roe. My biggest was 14". 2 boats said they didn't get any crappie casting close to shore & didn't try my way. dada 4-13-19 8:53 PM
  21. dada

    tick bite

    KwK, Most men scratch there a lot (?). Question- Is this tick the same as "seed tick"? We had a few that attached to a friend in North Knox County last year. AND, where do you send one to get a diagnosis? Thanks & GOOD LUCK! dada 4-20-19 5:52 AM
  22. dada

    Douglas crappie spawn

    O.K. fellas & gals. Here's the scoop. Today, Charger 1 & I caught most of our 11 crappie, 10 white bass (or stripers, durnnit!) & 2 drum on PINK FLIES & MINNOWS> We got them on longlines. Water temp-66 with lots of debris coming down the lake. The other few we got on Chartruse/yellow jigs with minnows. dada 4-17-19 5:08 PM
  23. dada

    Douglas crappie spawn

    Sometimes the crappie wants different colors, even hourly! I have used pink & caught, but mostly chartruse works better. Today, I only caught 1 good crappie & a 4" drum on plain hook & minnow. Tomorrow, I go upstream & hopefully get a limit. Water was 62 downstream. dada 4-16-19 8:54 PM
  24. dada

    Douglas crappie spawn

    KWK, My thread is available to all. I get a lot of good advice from other members, fish with some great members all the time. TA offers the best buy available! I tried the others- not acceptable!!!!!!! dada 4-15-19 9:38 PM
  25. dada

    Douglas crappie spawn

    Every fisherman has many boxes, but a plain yellow 1/8 oz jig & medium minnow worked for me. dada 4-14-19 9:3 PM