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  1. dada

    White bass vs Rockfish

    Derrick, turtles have to eat too! Now you know why I don.t fish Cherokee & Norris anymore----SO MANY HUNGRY TURTLES! dada 1-11-19 3:43 PM
  2. Gaylen & I fished Melton Hill on 1-7-19 for crappie. No crappie, but caught 1 catfish & a dozen , or so, LARGE white bass on fly/minnows. My question- At 2-3 # each, were these ROCKFISH? I didn't check the bumps on the tongue , but they were caught 2 at a time. These were caught out from Carbide (now Clark) Park. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to ID these fish? Melton used to have plenty of yellow perch & crappie & this is the first time I fished that area. dada 1-11-19 9:46 AM
  3. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Today, Lenoir Museum between Norris dam & weir dam-2-4:30-- free music. dada 1-6-19 12:30 PM
  4. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Had a video but computer wouldn't allow more than 10 MB & I'm too dumb to figure it out! dada 1-6-19 9:21 AM
  5. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Mon-6-8 PM-Rickard's Barbq-Cove lake. Thurs-9-12 AM-So Knox sr ctr (off John Sevier Hwy). Thurs-7-9 PM-Escapee's Racoon Valley RV (1/4 mile west of I-75). AND OTHER PLACES. ALL FREE> But gotta fish sometimes! Protek, I made a VCR tape, but my grand daughter took back her little pink recorder & erased it---LOL dada 1-6-19 9AM
  6. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Shucks! The ONLY fan I've got, took a picture of me when I wasn't looking---- dada 1-5-19 1:22 PM
  7. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Tubejig, When I went backstage & asked "how are you, Grandpa?" , he would answer "what the hell do you care" & walk away." On stage, he was a sweet old boy, great banjo player, etc. Last time I played 'Old Mtn Dew' in his presense, he gave me the thumbs up. He died that year & Ramona died 2 years later. I miss her---- dada 1-4-19 5:08 PM
  8. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Thanks, fellas but Grandpa Jones & Ralph Stanley made a million bucks before they left here. I never made a dime! However, my "claim to fame" was when Ramona Jones asked me to play back-up banjo once at Museum of Appalachia. I did, she gave me a big hug. I haven't washed my face since----LOL dada 1-4-19 7:38 AM
  9. dada

    New Years fishin

    Tubejig, On 1-1 19, Douglas didn't give us ONE BITE for crappie , long lining, planer boards, etc. with various jigs, grubs, & minnows. Water was too dirty even downstream. We didn't want to clean them anyhow! LOL Only 1 boat reported they got one crappie all morning in the sprinkling rain. dada 1-3-19 5:11 PM
  10. dada

    Any Truck Drivers Here?

    Jamey, Remember that very few go back north after they lived in Tennessee-lower house taxes, NO state income taxes, houses still sold for less, etc. On the minus side, Tennessee taxes stocks-- AND dada & Rusty catches the most fish! (But we left you a few if you decide to join us) LOL dada 1-3-19 8:05 AM
  11. dada

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the great fishermen I have met here. (even if they fish for rockfish!) LOL Here's hoping we all see another year to catch our fishes! "HERE, FISHY, FISHY, FISHY" dada 12-22-18 4:24 pm
  12. Charger1 & I fished Douglas. Cold as a witch's t-- to start but warmed up when we started catching a few. Water temp-46.7, air-still too cold! Long lines & planner boards at slower speeds gave us 8 good crappie to take home. Dandridge area was too murky to fish, so we were downstream. dada 12-19-18 7:07 PM
  13. dada

    What the world

    Some folks changed the name to Ftn City "SMUT POND". Knoxville has spent close to a million (?) dollars on trying to make it look cleaner. So far, wasted tax money. Seems the bad stuff began when the water from the spring was diverted from a pipe going under Hotel Avenue to go around the pond by the playground, therefore keeping the duck poo from being flushed downstream a little at a time. Last week, men were seen netting out the weeds & residue so that TWRA's stocking today would look good (?) dada 12-14-18 10:44 AM
  14. dada


    12-9-18- As of today, the bridge will (eventually ) have another set of lanes. The crossbeams are in place. The additional parking spaces have been made up on the hill & the new dock has been fortified from wave action. Be advised that parking is being enforced!!!! I got a warning for parking on the grassy area west of the walkway to the dock when a TX filled the parking lot. Been parking there for years- BUT NO MORE. Tho it is patrolled , my 1/2: hitch pin was stolen one day while parked there. My lock on the ball may have saved me from losing my trailer, as the short chains kept the insert from being removed. The $10 for a pin lock is well worth it! dada 8:45 AM
  15. dada

    Douglas again

    Tubejig, I ran out of matches to light the fuses on the flares. LOL dada 12-4-18 11AM