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  1. dada

    Crappie slowdown

    Charger 1 & I fished for crappie today with only 4 put in livewell. Water temp was 60 & somewhat murky. Nitro was fishing lower waters also, but last report from him said about the same- crappie bites were slow. Good thing that I filled my freezer last month! LOL dada 4-21-18 7:02 PM
  2. dada

    Prayers for dada

    Thanks or the prayers , fellas, but that was TWO YEARS AGO & those crappie are finding their way into my freezer! LOL. My "BOSS" has been keeping me in line, even going fishing with me when the weather is perfect. She even catches the MOST & biggest, but what is a husband going to do?????? Now,if only that wind would drop---------- dada 4-16-18 7:47 AM
  3. Today, Gary W. & I put 26 crappie in the livewell & threw back 20, Longlining with flies & minnow. Two of our TA fishermen are recovering from Pheumonia- Minnerman and Charger 1. Lets give them a word when we say our prayers tonight for a speedy recovery. dada 4-10-18 9:01 PM
  4. Way back in the 70s, I saw this same scene in Wilmington, Ill, Kankakee River & thought it was a close friend. With just a boat & no bodies visable, I waded in & pulled the boat to slack waters downstream. Tho I waded these waters & knew every stone, I was told by an officer that I was "stealing" the boat, at which time I almost cussed him out, but didn't. Then the Fire Chief there chastised me for wading there & pulling the boat in. I never told him that I was in charge of water rescue at my own fire Department & knew the risks. The fishermen on that boat were killed & I tied the boat up & left. As a footnote, dams will spill boats , logs, people over & over & not let go!!!!! Be safe. dada 3-29-18 6:06 PM
  5. dada

    a Great crappie day

    Well, I "forgot" how to wash dishes & make the beds after I married her! Now, if I could only keep up with her---? dada 3-29-18 7:38 AM
  6. Derrick, Today (wed) I got 5 just in sight of Dandridge ramp, then went to Muddy Creek & got 8 more in the livewell. Had to use speed #2  (GPS-1 MPH ?) on my  troller. Black/ purple with chartruse tail & john Deere green / yellow also was hit often. Of course, I was also using minnows. SamSam (Sam Lee) was also there, late as usual, but  he & partner took home 18. He was NOT letting much line out behind his boat. THAT WAS HIS SECRET METHOD for today's crappie.   Water is 56 in Muddy Cr & crappie are spawning, some are close to shore. We were in 20-40 feet.  Unless you get your minnows elsewhere,  Bucks & Bass is closed on Sundays. Call to  ask about minnows at 865-397-6455.   dada    3-28-18  5:55 PM

    1. Jusfishn


      Thanks dada! I was curious how u have been doing. These temps should really get em turned on. Im surprised that mcguire creek hasnt been doing real good yet. Last year this time it was on fire. Im fishing fri sat and sunday so maybe i can catch a few myself.  Im gonna do my best anyways. Take care.

  7. Yesterday, Gary W.& I GOT 12 crappie. Today, I took the "boss" & she put me to shame, at least for the first half. I couldn't throw her out of the boat, so I had to ENDURE IT! Then, I got my bearings again & pulled ahead. We put 28 in the livewell. Now, IF I COULD ONLY GET HER TO BAIT HER OWN HOOK & LEARN HOW TO FILET THEM----- dada 3-27-18 6:23 PM
  8. dada

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    Muskyman, Not much of a fly maker, but the ones I get are thin hair rather than the pictured Doll flys . Seems the ones with less will catch more crappie. Remember that crappie will change their color preferences in less than a day, so have a few colors available. Last week, pink was catching them. Friday, green/chartruse did, AND they wanted plastics rather than hair with a minnow . Finally, some crappie are being caught right against the bank. ( per other fishermen) Now, if we can slow down the rain for Monday------ Water temp Friday was 50.7 below Dandridge ramp. dada 3-25-18 8AM
  9. dada

    Whatcha think???

    -300 miles from Knox, Reelfoot permit required. Fished it in 1970, got 16" crappies. Wish it was nearer! dada 3-24-18 8:30 PM
  10. dada

    Whatcha think???

    Justfishn, When I was younger, we fished txs for bass all around this area, but now I fish for dinner. (crappie /walleye, etc) Since I don't like catfish & don't even think of freezing & bringing home fish from out of state, I would more consider Hartwell even tho I have never fished it. Exceptions would be Reelfoot in West Tn, or Weiss in Ala. (crappie) dada 3-24-18 7:22 AM
  11. dada

    Indian Creek

    Gary W. & I fished down from Dandridge & put 22 in the box. Not as good as the 30 from last week, but the 50+ water temp slowed things down some. Long lineing with minnows . dada 3-23-18 10 PM
  12. dada

    Crappie weatherchange

    Loopy, Guess I'll have to tie my "invisable rope" to your boat next time. LOL Most all mine have been caught out in deep waters with jigs/minnow combos, pink or green seems to be the colors. Thanks for the post. dada 3-21-18 1:09 PM
  13. If you didn't go fishing for crappie in the past few days, you missed it! Crappie are trying to spawn, but the water temps are upsetting the cart. Went yesterday & only got 5 & a white bass. The different location downstream & heavy, white-capping wind put a quick stop to my fun, so I left early. While I was leaving the ramp, another fisherman said he was catching them with float/minnow at 3 ft and near the bank, while I was longlineing out in the deeper water. Now, if we can get some good weather--------- dada 3-21-18 6:49 AM
  14. Got up early, got had good nightcrawlers & big minnows & full tank of gas. Drove the 40 + miles & stated fishing at daylite. ONLY GOT 1 HIT! So, loaded the boat back on the rack & drove to Dandridge where I got 12 good crappie. Sometimes you have to try something different----- dada 3-19-18 6:40 AM
  15. TWRA furnished the boats & materials. We got info by calling TWRA as to where they were making fish attractors. dada 3-15-18 10PM