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  1. dada

    Norris Walleye

    Thanks for the news on Norris. Now if we could only get them back in the upper Clinch River! dada 7-20-18 9:50 PM
  2. dada

    New to tennessee

    Welcome. You might try Ft. Loudon in the late evening IF THE WATER IS COOLER THeN 90! I It was a bad day at Douglas due to 89o water temp.Where do you hail from? dada 7-`13-18 10 PM
  3. dada

    9.9 change over

    Had to "fly" without Justfishn's help, so I just reset the points & got the old 9.9 running again. Since I had ordered 2 ign. (nova 11) modules, I am still asking if they would be any better------? dada 7-7-18 8"30 AM
  4. My son's 1975 outboard went to 1/2 speed, so he challenged me to "fix it". I found the 1 module was bad, so installed a new one. Still wouldn't start, so I decided to install electronic ignition in place of the points & condenser, of which there are 2 sets. QUESTION- Does it require one for each set of points, or do I use just one transistorized ignition module? Sure wish "Justfishn" was closer to Halls---- He fixed this outboard previously & is good at it! dada 7-3-18 7:54 AM
  5. dada

    The Freezer is Getting Thin

    Go early, fish deep in deeper water, troll @ 1.5 mph or more with heavier weights, catch crappie, leave early, clean fish, cook in peanut oil invite the boss lady to dinner,-----enjoy! dada 6-15-18 7:46 AM
  6. Did he catch that fish at Watts Bar, or from a secret pond? Dogggonnit, beat again! LOL dada 5-18-18 8AM
  7. dada

    Perch in Fort Loudoun?

    NukeFisher, When you make a trap, use the ones with the larger caps. They are the easiest to unload. Point the cap upstream when using. My example is posted 9-11-17, probably under" traps".Drill or burn plenty of holes with a solder gun & load weights inside if possible. Tie 20-25 feet of fishing line to the cap end, squeeze a piece of white bread & insert, then gather your bait!. If necessary, give me a message. I live in Halls Cross Roads. dada 5-13-18 7:42 PM
  8. dada

    Douglas report

    Took the "boss" fishing 5-12-18 & she showed me how to catch a bigger crappie. Fact is, I got a 9incher & she got an 11 incher. THAT WAS ALL! Justfishn and 2 other crappie fishermen also failed to catch them. My Hummingbird showed only a few scattered fish. Both fish were caught on long lines with minnow/jigs. I wonder where they all went?????? Water temp was 77 degrees when we left at 10:30 AM. dada 5-13-18 8AM
  9. dada

    Perch in Fort Loudoun?

    Yellow perch WERE in Tellico around the old silos in years past & in Melton Hill last year near Bullrun Steamplant. But the last trip I made to Melton didn't show any perch on the Hummingbird , nor my underwater camera in 16 to 22 ft of clear water. Their disappearance is a mystery to me because I usually catch lots in that area in the heat of summer or in the cold of winter. Does anyone have info or have caught any recently? dada 5-13-18 7:48 AM
  10. KWK, Now that you have learned how to say "Yu'all" & eat a good breakfast, if you want to get rid of Kudzu, get some goats. They will clean out that stuff in a short while. Then, get some pigs & they will take care of all creeping- bent weeds in your yard! dada 5-13-18 7:23 AM
  11. dada

    Crappie slowdown

    Charger 1 & I fished for crappie today with only 4 put in livewell. Water temp was 60 & somewhat murky. Nitro was fishing lower waters also, but last report from him said about the same- crappie bites were slow. Good thing that I filled my freezer last month! LOL dada 4-21-18 7:02 PM
  12. dada

    Prayers for dada

    Thanks or the prayers , fellas, but that was TWO YEARS AGO & those crappie are finding their way into my freezer! LOL. My "BOSS" has been keeping me in line, even going fishing with me when the weather is perfect. She even catches the MOST & biggest, but what is a husband going to do?????? Now,if only that wind would drop---------- dada 4-16-18 7:47 AM
  13. Today, Gary W. & I put 26 crappie in the livewell & threw back 20, Longlining with flies & minnow. Two of our TA fishermen are recovering from Pheumonia- Minnerman and Charger 1. Lets give them a word when we say our prayers tonight for a speedy recovery. dada 4-10-18 9:01 PM
  14. Way back in the 70s, I saw this same scene in Wilmington, Ill, Kankakee River & thought it was a close friend. With just a boat & no bodies visable, I waded in & pulled the boat to slack waters downstream. Tho I waded these waters & knew every stone, I was told by an officer that I was "stealing" the boat, at which time I almost cussed him out, but didn't. Then the Fire Chief there chastised me for wading there & pulling the boat in. I never told him that I was in charge of water rescue at my own fire Department & knew the risks. The fishermen on that boat were killed & I tied the boat up & left. As a footnote, dams will spill boats , logs, people over & over & not let go!!!!! Be safe. dada 3-29-18 6:06 PM
  15. dada

    a Great crappie day

    Well, I "forgot" how to wash dishes & make the beds after I married her! Now, if I could only keep up with her---? dada 3-29-18 7:38 AM