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  1. dada

    Hey Dada

    Tube, Three doctors- no results yet. One says maybe "allergies", another says heart skips a beat, another says possibly lungs,-------- At 81 on aug 3, & too many years on the Fire Dept in Chicago area, maybe that's the problem??? Now, I have to pick my peach trees & the garden today, then finish mowing the grass. AIN'T FINISHED FISHING YET! Thanks. dada 7-14-19 8:46 AM
  2. KwK, All of us are wacky, we fish! My other vise is a banjo & guitar----3 or 4 times a week, but always save a few days for fishing. dada 7-13-19 8:06 PM
  3. dada


    Redarrow, Most pickups only need a ball connected to the bumper, but I don't own a pickup. My Kia Serento needed a hitch so I paid U-haul to install one. $200 to $350 prices. I ordered the wiring connection on the internet for my vehicle & installed it myself. U-haul wanted $50 plus an inflated price to install this. I found that most vehicles have a quick-connect plug that was SIMPLE! Instructions are usually with the kit. Hope this helps. dada 6-28-19 9:12 AM
  4. dada

    New to Walleye Fishing and the Site

    Walleyes are caught BELOW the dams, Ft. Loudon. Douglas, etc. usually in the faster waters below the discharges, with jigs. Also, if you can stay up until 2 AM on Norris, there are a few lake walleyes left . The Clinch river that flows into Norris used to be great for 'eyes, but TWRA says there are no more river strain left there. However, some fishermen says that they catch some on the Clinch, still. ??? dada 6-16-19 7:15 AM
  5. dada

    New to Walleye Fishing and the Site

    Welcome to the site, Knox & Ridge. As said, walleyes are scarce in these parts UNLESS you know someone who fishes for them with the knowledge of where , when, & with what! I have seen TWRA net them above Dandridge years ago, so I tried to catch them there with no luck until I was crappie fishing above Indian Creek with plugs & caught a 7+ pound 'eye. Tho I have fished 16 states, Minn & Wis included, that is the biggest for me---- Right after "ice-out" is the best time & WAY ABOVE Walter's bridge is known to give up a few. dada 6-15-19 9:06 AM
  6. dada

    Ft "Nasty" bass

    Went alone on 6-11-19 to same spots & only had ONE hit! Ft. "Nasty" can change overnight, same as Douglas. Water was dirty & 81. I think that TVA was dumping lots of water & that made the bass scarce. dada 6-15-19 8:48 AM
  7. dada

    6-7-19 sauger

    Rusty, We put an X on your boat to follow you to those honey holes, BUT you changed boats! LOL dada 6-9-19 7:06 AM
  8. Tube- I fish Douglas for crappie, then  I get desperate & try for bass on Ft. Loudon. We set our goal for 20, then go home as it turns dark. The bass turn off about that time. ( transisition time). They start back up later.  dada 6-7-19  8:15 AM

    1. Tubejig


      I might get over that way one day.  Got grandchildren in Maryville.


      Thanks for the message.

  9. Fished last night with "Ross, the Boss" at Concord from 7 to 9. We set our goal for 20, but only caught 17. He was using brush hogs, I was using the same, only mine was darker. He had 5 in the boat, I had none, so I switched to smaller lizard , same lighter color & started to catch bass. Sometimes, even us "pros" (LOL) gets beat ------- dada 6-6-19 7:27 AM
  10. dada

    On a short trip after work

    Time for idle speed or a good trolling motor????? Been there, done that--- Now, I carry a spare prop. dada 6-5-19 7:32 AM
  11. dada

    Where did they go?

    Tried Douglas today for crappie. Might as well to fish in the bathtub! Longlined 4 different lures-not a hit. My helix 7 showed fish & some minnows. Anyone else had any luck in the past few days? dada 5-19-19 8:43 PM
  12. My 2 cents-Did you check the intake hole under the transom? ( if there is one). That boat looks good enough to catch tenn crappie---- dada 5-15-19 5:58 PM
  13. dada


    IF IT EVER DROPS--Douglas probably has more crappie, bass & cats than any lake around. Ft "Nasty" ( Loudon) also has the same AND does not have the highs & lows like Douglas & Cherokee in water levels. Since I don't eat fish from the Tennessee River, I give crappie away & throw back the bass & cats. Cherokee used to have giant crappie, but TwRA's stockings of other species have pretty much wiped them out. dada 5-12-19 7:07 PM
  14. dada

    Douglas 5-7

    Tube, If you run into crappie on Cherokee, let me know. dada 5-8-19 9:32 AM
  15. dada

    Tuesday on Douglas

    Tubejig, I was at Walter's also this AM near 8 & stayed only 1 hrs+. Got 1 crappie trolling , 4 dbl long lines right above the bridge. The timber was heavy then, too. So we reloaded the boat & went below the dam, thinking it would be great-----NOPE! The bypass ports at the bottom were wide open & muddy water was fast & furious. Reloaded onto my yellow trailer & went home! I am desperate enough to go fish FT. "Nasty! dada 4-30-19 4:38 PM