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  1. dada

    Douglas report

    Tubejig, good report on clips, but crappie usually don't expire too fast when pulled from the deeper waters. Fizzing on bass usually means using a small needle (diabetic type) to draw air from the bladder, but 1/2 gallon plastic bottles of ice keeps the bass for the weigh-ins. DON'T USE ICE. Most ice has some chlorine when made & will kill the fish! dada 11-16-18 8:36 AM
  2. dada

    Watts Bar, Dam Drum

    Did I hear a banjo that day???? That is what I call those drum in with----LOL dada 11-12-18 7:36 PM
  3. dada

    One nice black crappie and a shell cracker

    O.K. Rusty. Are you sure you fished for those at Loudon instead of Douglas? LOL dada 11-12-18 8:14 AM
  4. dada

    Melon Hill mess

    I kept hoping that some fishermen are catching them on Melton, but no posts lately. I caught perch where the sewer lines run in by the bridge at Clinton. I didn't like the smell , so I tossed them back in. (years ago) dada 11-11-18 8:10 PM
  5. Looks like a buck to me, horns & all, but I don't hunt anymore. However, I did hit one with my car near Douglas that almost totaled the car. These 4 were in my back yard in 1-2018. dada 11-6-18 7:27 AM
  6. "Can't catch a bluebird, a redbird will do"---Caught 7 (SEVEN) drum below Indian creek & 1 ' cat. Went downstream & got I -11" crappie, then this 21" walleye. Almost all on plugs in 62 degree water. Other crappie fishermen were only getting a few. Bass fishermen were smelling "skunk". Fish were suspended, near the bottom. Watch out, fishes, I'm back! LOL dada 11-5-18 3:23 PM
  7. My 2 cents--Being a Knoxville born, spending 30 + years in the Chicago area on the fire dept, I was lucky enough to survive those brutal winters. I moved back in '88 & met an old friend that I grew up with, RALPH STANTON. He knew fish buy their first name (LOL) in area lakes. Until his death, we fished txs & fun-fished here. Even won a few! I found this site later, then fished with various members. They showed me how to catch fish, sometimes, I showed them. That is the best way to learn these lakes in E Tn. I live in Hall's Cross Roads (Knoxville) & my fishing pals are local. This Tenn Anglers has a place to get others to fish with when needing a partner. You can also send a private message to members about this. Try it! dada 11-2-18 7:03 AM
  8. dada

    start of douglas crappie

    Loop, You are not alone when it comes to catching small crappie. Most of mine this summer has been just under 10". dada 11-1-18 12:23 PM
  9. Charger 1 & I fished Douglas, caught 10-14, took 5 home for dinner. They hit minnows/jigs for a while, then changed to hitting a plug. Had to troll a long way before finding a few. Water temp on lower end was 65 degrees- beautiful day to fish with very little wind. Those 9"+ fish will make good eating next spring! dada 10-31-18 7:55 PM
  10. dada

    Melon Hill mess

    Last week, I tried Melton again-Same "no yellow perch seen", even with my underwater camera! As soon as I get over this pheumoni , DOUGLAS CRAPPIE-HERE I COME----- dada 10-25-18 10:14 AM
  11. dada


    If your tap water is processed, it will probably have chlorine, that will kill minnows fast! When I try to keep minnows, I always get local creek water & change it often. Also, a battery or electric aerator keeps oxygenating the water. A pinch of cornmeal every 2 days, OR replacing the water containing microbodies that the minnows feed on,, helps. Finally, don't use ice cubes, use frozen cola plastic bottles of ice when those minnows starts surfacing. dada 10-24-18 7:41 PM
  12. Derrick, Today (wed) I got 5 just in sight of Dandridge ramp, then went to Muddy Creek & got 8 more in the livewell. Had to use speed #2  (GPS-1 MPH ?) on my  troller. Black/ purple with chartruse tail & john Deere green / yellow also was hit often. Of course, I was also using minnows. SamSam (Sam Lee) was also there, late as usual, but  he & partner took home 18. He was NOT letting much line out behind his boat. THAT WAS HIS SECRET METHOD for today's crappie.   Water is 56 in Muddy Cr & crappie are spawning, some are close to shore. We were in 20-40 feet.  Unless you get your minnows elsewhere,  Bucks & Bass is closed on Sundays. Call to  ask about minnows at 865-397-6455.   dada    3-28-18  5:55 PM

  13. dada

    Diane has joined us!

    AH SHUCKS! My wife wouldn't let me go fishing with her anyhow. Besides, it looks like she is attached---- dada 10-18-18 3 : pm
  14. dada

    Cherokee Lake striper newbie

    NOPE! Didn't say a thing about smallmouth, RUSTY. I don't like the taste of smallmouth bass & neither does Those critters! dada 10-17-18 1:59 PM
  15. dada

    Diane has joined us!

    Welcome Diane. A new picture awaits you on your post asking about planer boards. 10-16-18 4:35 PM