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  1. Dbcb1961 has joined us!

    DB, Welcome to TN Anglers. Post your 10 ,read other posts, Enjoy. Lots of info here & great fishing partners, too. dada 12-12-17 8:17 AM
  2. Winter Fishing

    HFF, Banjo & Guitar only. Had a fiddle & mandolin & gave them away. dada 12-12-17 8:09 AM
  3. Broken----Again---Grrrrrr

    TNKen, Things COULD be worse. Right after retirement from the FD & teaching Ladder safety for 20+ years, I had a STEP ladder crumble while working on my siding. Broke my arm in THREE places, Doc said not to never try to play a banjo ,etc., then 2 heart attacks & 2 rounds of cancer later, I should play a tune for the doc! LOL. I am still catching crappie (sometimes!) & playing music 3 times a week & getting bye. Things can always get worse but springtime is just around the corner & the crappie are going to jump in the boat! dada 12-12-17 8:06 AM
  4. Winter Fishing

    At my age, retired, don't have to wait for specific days, I fish for crappie whenever the weather warms up enough to go. And I try for walleye going up river to spawn in February, or so. When the line freezes in the rod guides, I stay home or take my banjo & guitar & go pickin' & grinnin' at local "jams". As said, dress warm. I even take a heater along when weather threatens. dada 12-10-17 11:15 AM
  5. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    You are out of my area cause I normally fish for crappie, but it is nice to see a pretty face on the lake when the fish are nor biting. ( I "bombed out" on 12-4 on Douglas) So, Troutgirl, warm up that boat & keep a smile on all these old fishermen! dada 12-6-17 2:44 PM
  6. New to area

    Welcome Jim. For crappie-Douglas. For Bass- Ft. Loudon. For rockfish/striper-Norris or Cherokee. Yellow perch- Melton Hill. Walleye-upper end of Douglas, Tellico, etc. Note- The reason we like for new folks to post their info as to what they are fishing for, their general location, boat available, age, etc. is so WE can sometime assist . dada 2-3-17 12:39 PM
  7. Dandridge Bridge

    Does anyone have info as to HOW the metal will be removed from where they dynamited it into the water? Seems it would be easier to remove it piece by piece while still attached rather than to leave it sticking up where boats could hit it. dada 2-2-17 5:32 PM
  8. Anyone Catching Perch

    Back to Melton Hill for yellow perch today (out from the steam plant) with Gary W.'s boat. After only 3 crappie at Douglas on 2=1=17, we decided the Melton trip would be better! dada 2-2-17 7:12 AM
  9. Norris Lake Water Temperature

    TWO fishfinders on my boat read the 49 degree area below Spring Creek when posted. Temps ARE DIFFERENT on Douglas & other lakes depending as to which area. NOW, WHERE'S THOSE *&%$# CRAPPIE? dada 11-27-17 8:22 AM EDIT: Possibly, because I was right below Spring Creek when the temp was noted, MAY be the reason that water temps were noted as different. dada
  10. Catfish are hardy & survive almost anything. Like said, they have sharp spines that HURT when you grab them wrong, so grab safely! Trout die when grabbed wrong. dada 11-27-17 8:13 AM
  11. Norris Lake Water Temperature

    ON Douglas Lake, the water was 48.2 upon arrival & 49.1 when I left from Indian Creek area. I was trolling 2 Planner boards & 3 long lines.. Didn.t get a nibble on crappie. Got back to Spring Creek & a man said all he got was 4 small sauger there. Norris SHOULD BE about the same temp, but only 17 miles from my house, I haven't fished it in years. dada 11-24-17 3:32 PM
  12. Fort Loudoun Dam

    Schnickols, Looks like the water (& FISH) were flowing real good. Did you get the minnows from along the left side near the dam with a throw net? 20 years or so ago, I threw the net ONE TIME & had more than I could put in a 3 gallon bucket. (shad) dada 11-18-17 6:52 PM
  13. fish in in the marsh

    That is not a crappie from Tennessee! Good post. dada 11-13-17 11;39AM
  14. Good Bank Spots

    Yes, both entrance rock (on each side) can hold crappie at times. Bucks & Bass can supply you with minnows if needed. dada 11-11-17 8:05 AM