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  1. dada


    Big, You really know how to hurt a guy with all those beautiful crappie pictures ! With all the dams open, hurricane coming thru & 200 bass boats doing a tx on Douglas, & having to take my wife to a minor surgery, I haven't been fishing in 3 weeks. Let us know how Tellico works out for you. dada 9-14-18 4:44 PM
  2. dada

    we finally made it

    As a 16 yeAR OLD , I was hunting near Lake City (now Rocky Top) & walked into a clearing with a BIG still cooking. A click of a gun told me I was in the wrong place! Still looking up, I kept saying there were no squirrels around here & I am lost. Kept walking away. The one at the still must have seen I was just a kid & didn't shoot. MAYBE your pond has a still----------??? dada 9-3-18 3:53 PM
  3. dada

    hannaar85 has joined us!

    Welcome hann. Norris, Ft. Loudon, Cherokee are all noted for SM. Pig & Jigs on the bottom will get them, but the last time I knew of anyone eating them, they said it was worse that eating rockfish. To each his own. dada 9-3-18 3:32 PM
  4. dada

    fall shad and bass

    That's when you find that forgotten stick that says "emergency brake". Now, when's the last time you checked the air in the tires including the spare? (been there, done that) dada 8-30-18 9:44 PM
  5. KWK, Those who don't fish, don't get skunked sometime! As for the txs in your location, it might do the trick to go on the internet as to find them in your area. Here in Knoxville lakes, we try to avoid weekends. Evening small txs are held on Douglas , 7 to 10 PM but it has been years since I fished one. dada 8-26-18 9:11 PM
  6. dada

    we finally made it

    Welcome to Tennessee! In my 80 years, I have seen the lapse of schooling. (spelling, etc.) Even those overpaid figures that won't stand for the National Anthem. But time goes on & very few move back north. We still salute our flag & forgo football on Nov. 11th & go fishing, --Maybe we will catch some fish------ dada 8-25-18 8:27 AM
  7. dada

    Line twist t-rig with big worms

    Swivels & slower retrieve usually prevents line twist. dada 8-24-18 5:07 PM
  8. dada

    we finally made it

    A 1/4 oz redhead jig with a 3" white or silver twister attached, will catch as many white bass as you want to pull in when you can throw into them busting the top. A Pop R is also used, but is slower to use. I usually put in at Concord Park & fish up towards the sailboats for them, but they can appear almost anywhere on Ft. Loudon lake. dada 8-24-18 8AM
  9. dada

    we finally made it

    Welcome , KWK. I spent 30 years in Chicago area before moving back to Tenn. Yep, one day too long! Not too many stupid folks move BACK NORTH, do they? My taxes in Knox County -$600.00 yr. My taxes in Illinois-$2000.00 yr. Couldn,t hunt without registering each gun you owned, had to buy a gun owner,s card, state income tax, etc. We know the murder rate there doesn,t reflect the laws-------- No wonder that Illinois is losing people as fast as they can get away! Now, if only the water in Douglas would cool down so we could catch a few crappie----------- dada 8-15-18 8:50 AM
  10. dada

    Tennessee Newbie Here...

    TWS, The water temp in EAST tenn has been too hot (80-90) for good fishing & I have seen the same reports for Nashville area Wait few days & the weathe r will change! (We hope!) dada 8-5-18 8:12 PM
  11. dada

    Calderwood Boating Fishing

    Haven't fished Calderwood in years, but Douglas is too dang hot to catch many crappie. 86 degrees water keeps them down deep. Wish I could help a new fisherman, but------ dada 8-1-18 7:59 PM
  12. dada

    Fishing anyone??

    Twice on Douglas last week, Rymer Creek- Not a bite! Today ,fished Ft. "Nasty", (Loudon) got 2 good crappie from 20+ deep & 2 white bass. Then the sun came out & fishng stopped! Didn't want to clean them anyhow---- dada 7-25-18 11:40 AM
  13. Lake Placid? Isn't that where those giant alligators eat up all those teenagers?????/ LOL dada 7-24-18 4:27 PM
  14. dada

    Norris Walleye

    Thanks Loopy. I was referring to the UPPER Clinch between Lone Mtn dock & 25. We once limited out there, but TWRA now says there are no more river strain walleye there. dada 7-22-18 6:42 PM
  15. dada

    Norris Walleye

    Thanks for the news on Norris. Now if we could only get them back in the upper Clinch River! dada 7-20-18 9:50 PM