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  1. dada

    Nitro, You will never "catch up" to me (age), but for some reason, you catch more fish than me. LOL   Happy birthday and many more great days on the lake.   dada  1-16-20  8:19 AM

  2. Welcome Capt17. Is that handle from a FD or PD? Quite a few of retirees who fish here in E. Tn carried a badge. My cap says "Captain", so, if you see me on Douglas in my little old red/white boat, stop & say hello. dada 1-15-20 8AM
  3. Fishnuts, NOBODY moves back North once they have lived in Tennessee! (I spent 30 years in Harvey, Ill, that's how I know) Welcome aboard . Douglas Lake, here I come tomorrow. dada 1-12-20 1:20 PM
  4. Happy Birthday, Crafterbob.     dada 12-31-19   7:21 AM

    1. crafterbob


      Thanks we need to go fishing soon


  5. Happy Birthday  Graham.  Another 10 years more & you will be as good lookin' as me!  LOL    have a great day & get that house built so we can go after those crappie.   dada 11-24-19  8:24 AM

  6. dada

    Happy birthday, Ezell. We always agree to disagree on some issues, but enjoy each other!  LOL   dada 11-2-19  10:23 AM

  7. Happy Birthday, Minnerman. While you were after those "bambis," I was catching all your crappie. Yep, all 4 of them!  LOL  These bluebird skys and dropping levels are keeping most of them hid,  but the water temp started this AM at 67 degrees. Tuesday, the boss (my wife) is going to show me how to catch them!  dada  10-27-19   7:51 PM

  8. Happy birthday Troutgirl. Sign in my basement says "Looking for a woman who can dig worms & filet fish  & has a good fishing boat---Send picture of boat"   However, my WIFE  won't let me get that picture!   LOL   Hope your birthday is a good one.     dada 10-23-19   8:40 AM

    1. Troutgirl


      Thanks!  I'll send the pictures to your address on the Dark Water Web. 


    2. dada


      Good lookin rig, Troutgirl. Mine is a 14' -Seamore 1986 model on a yellow trailer.    dada  10-24-19   8:14 AMS

  9. KwK, All of us are wacky, we fish! My other vise is a banjo & guitar----3 or 4 times a week, but always save a few days for fishing. dada 7-13-19 8:06 PM
  10. Tube- I fish Douglas for crappie, then  I get desperate & try for bass on Ft. Loudon. We set our goal for 20, then go home as it turns dark. The bass turn off about that time. ( transisition time). They start back up later.  dada 6-7-19  8:15 AM

    1. Tubejig


      I might get over that way one day.  Got grandchildren in Maryville.


      Thanks for the message.

  11. My 2 cents-Did you check the intake hole under the transom? ( if there is one). That boat looks good enough to catch tenn crappie---- dada 5-15-19 5:58 PM
  12. IF IT EVER DROPS--Douglas probably has more crappie, bass & cats than any lake around. Ft "Nasty" ( Loudon) also has the same AND does not have the highs & lows like Douglas & Cherokee in water levels. Since I don't eat fish from the Tennessee River, I give crappie away & throw back the bass & cats. Cherokee used to have giant crappie, but TwRA's stockings of other species have pretty much wiped them out. dada 5-12-19 7:07 PM
  13. Welcome , Bigcat. If you fish below the dams, wear you vests as required. TWRA is known to give tickets for that. dada 4-24-19
  14. Sure would like to know if you were catching  those 25 above or below Dandridge.  I wouldn't fish your "honey hole" even if you gave it to me,   but it's nice to know if all areas are doing the same..   I tried Ft Nasty (Loudon) Wednesday  with bobber in shallow, nothing hit those, but longlined  Turkey Creek & we got 10 crappie.    dada    4-11-19  10:06 PM

    1. shopson


      Dada put in at dandridge and went up. Went up one of the main creeks and just started fishing points in one of the creeks and got lucky finding some hungry ones.

  15. Use heavy wiring to avoid overheating. The longer the wires the more "friction loss" there is. dada 4-8-19 12:52 PM
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