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  1. Happy birthday , you old  f---!     dada 12-17-21   7:42 AM

  2. Well Graham. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope your operation is healing right!  dada  11-23=21 9:25 PM

  3. Happy birthday Minnerman.  Did you leave us amateurs any crappies in Douglas?  I drove to the dam yesterday,  then  just  drove back home. -RAIN!  dada   10-27-21   8"37 AM

  4. Happy birthday Minnerman.  Did you leave us amateurs any crappies in Douglas?  I drove to the dam yesterday,  then  just  drove back home. -RAIN!  dada   10-27-21   8"37 AM

  5. Depending on what fish you are after, I have fished on most lakes around Knoxville, but now only fish Douglas/ French. Broad. Years ago, I liked Norris & Cherokee, BUT- TWRA decided to overstock Rockfish (stripers) in both & that eliminated most of the walleye, LM, crappie, etc. Even TWRA recently disclosed that river-run walleyes are no longer in the upper Clinch river. Some fishermen enjoy those rockfish & TWRA gets big bucks from out-of-state license, but ---? dada 3-1-21 8:12 AM
  6. O.K. Eddie. Where have you been all summer?  Happy birthday. The fish WILL START biting soon!   dada 12-2-20  8:46 AM

  7. Happy Birthday, Derrick.  Hope this finds you catching a few on Douglas!  I went yesterday & had to go home before I even dropped a line in the water- Had THREE leaks in the old boat, so time to fibregass if I can ever turn the boat over.  (For some reason, I can't seem to tip the boat like I used to.  HaHa!)   dada 11-11-20  7:39 AM

  8. Happy Birthday, dloveday.  OH, to be that young again------If you have kept up on TA, my 20 outboard is  running great & starts every time. Somewhat slower than my old 25 but gets great mileage!  Good fishing-  dada 11-8-20   9:54 PM

  9. Barbara, If you move close as predicted, Watts Bar Lake might be your choice to start fishing Tennessee. crappie, Bass, Catfish, yellow perch, etc. will get you started. Welcome aboard. dada 7-12-20 11:44 AM
  10. We will be living in Crossville. More later. I have been packing every day in 100' weather.

  11. You have to tell where in these parts you might settle in---- This Tn Anglers gives good info sometimes to those who ask. dada 7-10-20 10:20 PM
  12. Finally got the new motor to plane out for a few hundred yards while breaking it in, just one time. My old 25 would do 23 MPH, the new Tohatsu 20 would do 20. SHUCKS!. Oh well, it starts great, vibrates a little more than the old one & gets great gas mileage. AND it doesn't leave me stranded---- dada 6- 28-20 9:23 PM
  13. The new 20hp Tohatsu works great, but has to be ran 10 hrs before full throttle. dada 6-26-20 7:07 AM
  14. Eddie at aztec looked at the motor when I told how it was running & told me what was wrong & costs to fix it. ALL IN 1 MINUTE! That convinced me to get rid of the 31 year old & get a new one. His prices were $1000 less than other s of the same brand. He ordered a Tohatsu for his store with my order just to get free shipping for me, a savings of $150. dada 6-17-20 9:06 PM Darnit! Eddie has to vacate by Aug 1 because the owners wants to sell the property there. Hope he stays close---- dada 6-18-20 1:07 PM
  15. 55, His name is Eddie & he is owner of Aztec Marine, the name on building is Denney's Marine on Cherokee Blvd, Jefferson City. His location is a few blocks past Carson-Newman. dada 6-17-20 1:10 PM
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