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  1. Leadville/Rankin

    Fisher, Charger 1 reported at 10:30 this AM that there were 12 rigs at Walters Bridge, Water was swift & murkey & did not see anyone catch any while he was viewing the area. WE ARE STILL GOING TOMMORROW THERE! dada 2-18-18 11AM
  2. The upper Clinch River feeding Norris Lake, had walleye aplenty, years ago. We ate them all the time. The lower Clinch below Norris Dam is now the home of trout, etc. Both have been said by TWRA- Not many walleye there, especially the river strain walleye. Melton Hill has yellow perch & I 'm still kicking after eating them & not glowing it the dark yet! dada 2-15-2018 4:53 PM
  3. Unionjack1, The island in front of point 19, was my walleye spots YEARS AGO with redfins in the late spring at night. Most were caught after midnight over deeper waters. In the daytime, the nightcrawler harness& gold flicker spinner worked best. dada 2-9-18 9P
  4. Muskyman, I too lived in Harvey for 30+ years & fished at 95th street ramp -1978+. At the time, it was great for coho, perch, etc. Now, I wouldn't get near Chicago, even with my piece. Too much killings. dada 2-8-18 8;09 am
  5. Dandridge ramp is patrolled periodically, same with the Douglas Dam ramp. As noted a few years ago, someone reported that one person was shot while taking the catalitic converter from a vehicle. He died with the converter in his hand, BUT THAT STOPPED the many thefts on that ramp. Wish I could shake that someones hand! dada 2-7-18 2:48 PM
  6. Captwalleye has joined us!

    Capt- Welcome. If you can fish shallow water, above Island home airport gives up some big smallmouth. dada 2-7-18 8:49AM
  7. Just a useless knife review

    Vicious rumor is--Cannonball has to "WURK" for a living, so can't go fishing like we can. But watch out for his planner boards when he is out there fishing & filling up his livewell! (LOL) dada 2-6-18 9:46 AM
  8. dbltrkr, Happy Birthday.  Tried Poor Valley again a few warmer days ago- no luck.  Drive safe..  dada 2-4-18  8:39 AM

  9. Here's what they look like in the box & out. I remember at 14 how I got sprayed by one. Had to burn my Levis! dada 2-4-18 8;19 am
  10. KWK, Thanks for the reply. Tnanney, I have caught a few "striped kitteys" in the rabbit box, no matter what bait used. The thing to do----- MAKE SURE THEY ARE FACING YOU, (Door at their backside) then flip the door open, AND RUN LIKE H----! After that, wash the trap with bleach or other strong cleaner, rinse , then hope you don't get another skunk. Possums, cats, birds, etc are also caught in these rabbit boxes that have wire on the one end so you can see what's there.. dada 2-3-18 9:05 AM
  11. KWK, I also hate squirrels, but wife won't let me shoot 'em. So, I keep a wooden rabbit box in the back yard baited with peanuts. Got 30 this last summer. Dumps them out at least 3 miles away.That is a good looking gun. What price? dada 2-2-18 8:13 PM
  12. Good & Bad

    Tried below Douglas Dam this AM. Fishing for walleye, Only fish seen caught was carp & 'cats. SO, went to above Dandridge and caught 3 good crappie. Another boat was reported to have kept 24, but I decided to beat the rain & left early. WAIT 'TILL IT GETS WARM!!!!!!! dada 1-27-18 5:36 PM
  13. Gas Odor while Storing in Garage

    2 suggestions: 1- Disconnect the gas line from the engine. second- Release the pressure from the gas tank. Do this before you garage the boat after fishing . dada 1-23-18 4:16 PM
  14. Crappie Size

    Poor Valley area gave up a few Bob, but those that tried Douglas did not catch any. SO, tomorrow, I'm going after yellow perch at Melton Hill, starting a Bull Run Park & going out to the main lake. dada 1-20-18 8:51 PM
  15. cherokee/ douglas

    We went today , first time in few years. The ice was still blocking Poor Valley creek area, but a few crappie were caught. I got 2 & was given one by a boater. Most boats had maybe ONE but the ones caught were good size. (11-13) The ramps are not used if you have 4 wheel drive vehicle. They go out too far & the boat just sits on the trailer! Most boats were launched from the N bank. By the way, the water temp was only 36.2, same as Douglas, which was fished by Nitro & didn't get a nibble there. The bridge I was seeking was the OLAN MARSHAL bridge, not Walter's. No fish were caught there by the 3 that we asked . dada 1-20-18 8:44 PM