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    harry has joined us!

    Thanks for the report!
  2. harry

    harry has joined us!

    Sorry for the too late reply, but couldn't help you anyway. After many years of not fishing, I just started back up a few months ago and have only been to local lakes so far. I do plan on a trip to Pickwick in the near future and would love to hear how you do.
  3. harry

    Anyone else see this?

    Hadn't seen that. And on a 4" plastic worm. Wow!!
  4. harry

    How to Fish a Drop Shot

    Tried this yesterday at Herb Parsons in west TN with live minnows. We mostly just got small stuff, but did better with the drop shot than with the bobber.
  5. harry

    harry has joined us!

    I'm also looking forward to getting to 10 posts and being able to see the fishing reports!
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    Do you like our site?

    Wasn't sure about the black background at first, but now I really like it. It's easy on the eyes.
  7. harry

    Is This The Best Bass Strike Ever?

    Wow!!! Gonna have to get more topwater stuff to throw!
  8. harry


    Very interesting read. Thanks for the post!
  9. I picked up a new boat with a 60hp Merc a few months ago. I've only had 2 chances to run the engine above idle since I bought it because the only lakes I can find near where I live are no wake lakes. So the last 4-5 times I've just putt-putted around at idle speed or slightly above. Is this bad for the engine? Also, for any of you guys that live around Memphis (Wolfchase Mall area). Are there any places to run a boat that are not an hour plus drive. Harry
  10. harry

    Crestliner VT17

    Crestliner VT17
  11. harry

    harry has joined us!

    Retired last year and sort of new to freshwater fishing. Did a little freshwater fishing as a kid, but mostly grew up saltwater fishing in Florida. I'm in western TN on the northeast side of Memphis.