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  1. Down imaging for $100? Man... Does it come with a transducer??
  2. Wow... Yea, I have a boat that would make great before and after advertisement for your business... I will loan it to you. Then you will have some great advertising. Just return it to me in the "After" state and we will call it 'even'.
  3. That blue line could be the thermocline... What time of year was it?
  4. Quick question on my new charger... Once both batteries had charged up, I plugged one back in for trickle maintain.... It went into regular charge mode (instead of trickle mode) and stayed there. I eventually unplugged it for fear of damaging my batteries. Does this mean anything?
  5. The charger will stay in my house. The batteries will have to come inside to be charged. Right now I have full charges on both, so Sunday is looking more and more like a boat day... Unless it is pouring rain... Then I might just hit a tailwater from shore. Either way, fish are gonna die.
  6. Happy Birthday Opry99er!

  7. It is 10 amp charge, then 2 amp trickle/maintain. It is really exaxtly what I needed for this boat, and it was under $50.
  8. One step closer... This two stage battery charger was inexpensive, but seems to be doing the job!!!
  9. Here is a shot of my current rod holders: I think I should be able to get something going here...
  10. Wow!!!! Those are awesome pix, and a PERFECT solution for what I need!!!
  11. Congrats!!! And props for choosing a sponsor!!!
  12. Wow... That is a steal!!! Fine looking vessel!
  13. If you look at the far right hand side of the picture at the top ofthe thread, you c can see what I am working with. Rolled aliminum at the top. There are two.rod holders mounted there already... They are sort of snapped in under the round top and screwed into the side wall. They work very nicely for holding non-active rods and my fishing net, but they do not angle downward for drifting, and they are too small to fit my large cat rods into. I am looking up the suggestions you guys have made right now... I appreciate the info!
  14. I have looked at them. There are some very affordable Monster Rod Holders. I don't know how I would mount them though.... My jon boat has some very odd rounded side rails, and it might make for an interesting experiment, trying to mount those holders onto the boat. But perhaps there is a way.......
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