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  1. Opry99er

    Opry99er unicorn

    In Texas, May and June were the most productive months for us... They would crawl up to the rockpiles and rip rap to stake out their territory. A minnow or live 5" gill would usually do the trick.
  2. Opry99er

    Opry99er unicorn

    Wednesday we are going up to Catoosa for a camping trip. If anyone fancies a bit of a drive for some fun fishing, come up. I'll give you coordinates. I bet Rusty already knows where we are going... We have discussed it before.
  3. Opry99er

    Opry99er unicorn

    River channels in current... Tasty, firm filets, flaky and delicious. I would pay $58 to catch that fish today.
  4. Opry99er

    Opry99er unicorn

  5. Opry99er


    Went down to Ye Olde fishing hole today with the boy... We had some intense rain and flooding last week, so all the terrain, cover and quite a bit of the bottom structure has changed. The water level was insanely high, as you can see by the high water deposits of debris in the tree limbs. Water is still very high, but it is 7' lower than it was last week... The water that went through this little stream bed wiped out driveways downstream. Fish were either all washed away downstream in the tsunami, or they just weren't hungry. We threw the sink at 'em.
  6. I have some time off work this week... As I get older, I am realizing that the only thing of true value on this earth IS time... Time with my family, time on the water... I have spent 11-13 hours nearly every day at my job, paying bills, putting food on the table, paying the house payment.... It takes most of my waking time. Now, here I am... With my first vacation time in 2 years. Yesderday we went berry picking at a local berry farm and we went for a nice walk. Today we have pretty much just been relaxing, enjoying each other... I am totally confirmed by the last two days. Time is both RARE and VALUABLE.
  7. Opry99er

    Broke my bad streak

    Man, I need to get out after some smallies!!!
  8. Opry99er

    East Tennesee Lakers & Trout

    My personal favorite fish to catch is catfish... But I am starting to wonder if they're unicorns... Cool story about that big brown!!! Wow!!
  9. Opry99er

    East Tennesee Lakers & Trout

    I have had browns jump on me below Center Hill dam during generation periods. Well, not ON me, but you know... It might be an edge case though, because they were downstream and jumped as I fought to bring them back upstream.
  10. Opry99er

    East Tennesee Lakers & Trout

    All Lakers I have eaten had salmon-pink to reddish meat. When it comes down to the fight, the char always give me a good run... Brooks and lakers. Pound for pound, I like a brookie's fight over a rainbow any day.
  11. Opry99er

    Any drummers out there??

    They're delicious... A 5 pound drum will yield you close to two pounds of filet if you do it right. Wish I had a supply up here!!
  12. Opry99er

    Local fishing spot suggestions

    Duck River makes a nice float trip, from all Ive heard.
  13. Opry99er

    Recon, swimming, and Family Fun Time

    Two counties over to the left.
  14. Opry99er

    Boaters keep getting worse every year

    Parents do not know how to parent anymore. I sound like my grandpa. Lol!!! And that isnt a bad thing.
  15. Did some scouting yesterday... I took the kids to a spot I tried fishing in the winter without success. This time, we went to swim and play, but my eyes were wide open on the water conditions and aquatic activity. And conditions looked goooooooooood...... I may take my son out there today for some fishing, but it is probably more likely that we will go next weekend when I start my vacation. Today, I want to try to get ALL the kids fishing, so Cane Creek Park in Cookeville is probably going to be the ticket. The stream in the pix is definitely preferred over the crappy pond in the middle of town, but the terrain is much too rough for 2 year olds. Wish us luck!!