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  1. cackler

    Possible PB smallmouth special thanks to cackler

    There is a bigger one still waiting on you Rusty😄
  2. cackler

    Wednesday March 23 after work (pic added)

    Keep them guessing Rusty,your diehard,reminds me of when I was your age😄
  3. cackler

    A monster of epic proportions

    Stripers will hit anything(grampas,bass jigs)I'll eat big ones depending on environment/body of water.Right time,right place.Small fish=less contamination.But,it may be controversial they don't reproduce in freshwater(around here).
  4. cackler

    Watts bar 72 ramp

    Fished there(above paint rock)a lot of years ago,used to flip a lot,great in the late spring and summer.I would head upstream till I saw concrete and fish for white bass this time of year!smb and lmb should be around bridges and primary points going into creeks
  5. cackler

    Accidents happen, split second

    Thinking and praying for you Fland49
  6. cackler

    White bass on steroids

    Wow!!!!!!! I've caught stripers but never a hybrid on loudon,or ever a hybrid that big anywhere:) plain lucky or that dang good rusty?or learning quickly on a good work schedule ;)
  7. cackler

    Best jerkbait

    I use X-raps and replace the split rings with Rick Clunn oval rings,the action is better and the line doesn't get caught in the gap and fray.
  8. Man,what a fish,you had to show a lot of background to fit the fish in the picture.lol
  9. That's what a deer looks like,2nd day in my stand,still waiting.
  10. cackler

    Crawdads, Crayfish, Crawfish - where to gather?

    dloveday is spot on.If you are catching grampases you probably will be catching crawdads also.
  11. cackler

    More pond fishing! Time to get the kids out

    Spoiled mine early to.Now he just wants to go boat riding.
  12. cackler

    Carpet question

    Pay somebody to do it.I recarpeted my boat once.I still see every imperfection.I don't know if I would do it again.
  13. cackler

    best way to anchor

    I usually just find a rock to tie to near the lauch. If I lose it I'm not polluting,just relocating.Seems they are getting harder to find around indian cave .I have an old coleman also,I'm looking to upgrade to a Old Town Saranac soon.The keel on the coleman has got me in trouble a couple of times.
  14. cackler

    Favorite Baitcaster Reel Brand

    Shimano is all I own!Sent from my XT881 using Tapatalk
  15. cackler

    Braided line and leader

    I also use a swivel.Braid to fluro knots have cost me a few lures.I love the feel of the braid,but hate the casting of the fluro.