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  1. VaMason

    Prayers for dada

    Glad to hear that you are doing better. In my Prayers
  2. VaMason

    Prayer Request

    Prayers answered. She does have cancer but not near a bad as the Doctors were saying. Starting Radation Treatments but no Chemo. She is in Good Spirits. Thanks everyone for the Thoughts and Prayers.
  3. VaMason

    Jus foolin around

    Another good bunch of fish. When I was a kid, I learned a good lesson about water moving and fish hitting. Fishing with my Grandfather on Norris Lake one day and the bites were very very slow. Mid day some water skiers came in around us and the waves started so did my grandfathers anger. Within 15 mins the fish were hitting and we were caughting one after another. Believe me it was worth riding the waves out. Funny, the waves stopped and so did the fish. Now he was mad because the skiers stopped and was wanting them to come back. Lol. So equal that to the wind/waves moving the plankton ( dinner bell )
  4. VaMason

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    Yelp, you just can't fix stupid. That is some scary stuff. You don't mess with with moving water.
  5. VaMason

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    I have used that trick with dental Floss and it works Great.The Gel type superglue is the best and less messy
  6. VaMason

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    Nice fish
  7. VaMason

    a Great crappie day

    Good day out, even if you did do all the baiting and cleaning
  8. VaMason

    Prayer Request

    Been very busy with test and Doctor appointments. More to go. Thanks to everyone for the Prayers Remember, you only have one Mother, enjoy them every day
  9. VaMason

    Walleyes missing

    dada, you a man with boat and will travel. lol. Sometimes it happens that way. Glad you got some nice crappie for the day. This has been true March weather this year
  10. VaMason

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    Graffy, What size hook did you end up gettlng?
  11. VaMason

    Prayer Request

    Much Thanks. Testing starts next week
  12. VaMason

    Prayer Request

    Found out today that My Mother has Cancer. Prayers needed for her Please
  13. VaMason

    DIY Casting Deck

    Love to have a Jet for the rivers
  14. VaMason

    Birthday fishing

    True March weather. Sunshine, the next minute pouring the snow and windy. Turn your head and Sun is back out and no wind. All day long
  15. VaMason

    DIY Casting Deck

    Great job and yes much needing storage. Never can get enough. I remember when a 20 hp motor on the lake was the stuff for the fisherman. The average was 9.9 / 10 and maybe a 15 hp. Spent many a day on the water with a 10 HP.