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    Gas Odor while Storing in Garage

    I did disconnect the fuel line. I did not release the pressure to the tank. I will probably do that this evening, crack the garage door, and run a fan for a couple days.
  2. First time having my own boat in the garage. I recently bought a 2015 Xpress jon boat with a 20hp Mercury, 4 stroke. There is a lingering gas odor. When I popped the cowl, I don't see any gas that has leaked anywhere. Is this normal, or should I have somebody check it over. Mechanically my skills are novice level.
  3. JeepKuntry

    Me, my dad and my boy went bluegill fishing.

    Nice day. Unfortunately I haven't been able to go since Memorial Day. Mini-termj night school (pre-calculus) is consuming all of my extra time.
  4. JeepKuntry

    Norris Lake

    Fishing the Powell side Saturday morning. 1 shellcracker and 2 bluegill that were keeper size. Monday fished around Cove Creek, 2 shellcracker and 1 bluegill. I was unable to locate a bed. They seemed to be very spread out. Caught quite a few smaller bluegill, but overall a disappointing weekend. Debating on abandoning Norris and learning Watts Bar. Any Bar starting points for bluegill?
  5. JeepKuntry

    Trolling motor

    I have a 79 Norris Craft 1580. Currently a 37lb. thrust trolling motor. It is underpowered. Looking for recommendations. I'm guessing around 55lb. thrust. Any websites with good prices?
  6. JeepKuntry

    Just a reminder

    We'll be out. Saturday and Monday will be 6am launch and probably be loading up and leaving around 12-1. Sunday evening I'm hoping it's to rough. Gonna go to church and fish later on.
  7. JeepKuntry

    Norris Lake

    I plan to cover a lot of ground. Saturday will be on the Powell side fishing some areas that hold em when it's higher. We'll just see if they go to that area. Sunday I'll be fishing close to Cove Creek and Monday I'm gonna try out by Pt 19.
  8. JeepKuntry

    Learn How to Fish Docks

    Black and white rat. Never would have thought about it. I have that on my list now for my tackle store trip.
  9. JeepKuntry

    Norris Lake

    Any news on the bluegill/shellcracker bite? I caught one keeper and bunch of small one's on 5/10. Been gone on vacation. I've been struggling to find structure with the water being so low.
  10. Started bluegill fishing when I was 3. So that's my fist love. Boat problems prevented me from really giving crappie a go this year. Hope to change that. Besides that bass and walleye. I quit fishing for trout when the regulations changed on the Clinch.
  11. JeepKuntry

    2014 Panfish

    I haven't been on the lake in some time. I will say it's way down. I've never seen it this low this late. Couldn't find any structure that was holding any decent size fish. Caught 1 keeper bluegill and I'm guessing 12-15 smaller one's. Gonna try a different part of the lake this coming Saturday. I'm afraid the water won't reach my normal spots. Water temps were between 62-63. With this weeks weather I'm thinking the water will be mid to upper 60's by the weekend.
  12. JeepKuntry

    2014 Panfish

    RTillet, any updates from your neighbor? We're goin Saturday morning. Putting in at AC Park.
  13. JeepKuntry

    2014 Panfish

    I fish Norris for shellcrackers and bluegill. May try this weekend. I expect to catch some keeper shellcrackers in the next 2 weeks. Last year my best trip was around the first of May. I think it's still a bit early but I might give it a go. We use crawlers on the bottom.
  14. I was taught fishing etiquette and respect as a kid. I mainly fish Norris and it's gone nowadays. Can't tell you how many times I'll be working a bank and somebody will pull up 100ft away and start fishing. Makes me want to get the biggest crankbait I have and cast it at them. Don't even get me started on jet ski's and ski boats. They think they own the lake now!