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  1. Well I have a ton still to learn.... only caught 1 nice Hybrid.... Tried every color we had and minnows... and minnows and jigs... We were late getting there... did not get ot the lake till around 1:30 or 2:00... stayed to 6:30... not for the lack of trying but we got skunked..... Oh well... live and learn
  2. Well with everyone catching Crappie on Douglas, I figured I would give it a try... Never been to Douglas (live in Knoxville) and never tried this crappie fish.... I guess I will give it a try... Going to troll some jigs with minnows attached and see if I can get a couple for dinner.... Wish me luck.
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    Waiting on spring.

    Wow... i bet those are a blast to catch
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    2013 favorite picture

    My favorite type of Thread.....
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    Lake Guntersville Grass

    that is sad.....
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    thanks.... i had the same question
  7. Glad there are some good guys on the lake
  8. I have not fished a lot in a long time and to be honest I was kind of surprised by some of the stunts pulled both at the boat ramp and on the lake.... I was totally shocked the first time someone cut in, in front of me fishing down a bank (only about 50 yards in front of me) and started fishing.... I really did not know what to do at that point I was so surprised - shocked..
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    Days Gone By

    Growing up in Florida all I had was 2 poles... (one with a spinning reel and one Fly rod).... I generally only had plastic worms and some real ones I dug up... and about 2 or 3 popping topwater plugs for the flyrod.... but man I caught a lot of fish on them... No boat just waded in the lake and walked around the edge... Still it was tons of fun and good eating
  10. I hear you... Had a guy get annoyed at me the other day at the ramp because I stop him from putting it at the same time I was.... He was annoyed till I pointed out that there was a big log on that side and he might not want to put his boat on top of it.....
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    Terribly Excited!!

    Wow that is awesome..... Take plenty of pictures
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    Sako has joined us!

    I live in West Knoxville and fish a lot on Melton Hill... I have a 12 year old son who lives for Baseball and fishing... We fish for "anything that is biting"... We just love to fish and have a good time together.... (it is amazing how much he likes to talk when him and I are on the lake... Going to try Douglass in the next couple of weeks.... never been there.... We have just started fishing last year... started on the bank, bought a boat, then a bigger one.... nothing real fancy but we are loving it.... I grew up in Florida and fished most days as we lived on a lake but got out of it when we moved about 30 years ago... Anyway, that is me and why and where we fish... I enjoy talking and looking at pictures of people fishing... always inspires me.