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    Which body of water for your BIG largemouth?

    Which frog lure are you using? I just got the strike king sexy frog. Reviews seem to be mixed.
  2. TNsaintsfan

    Pound for pound - My go to lure is...

    Black jointed jitterbug with sharp hooks. My bite rate per cast with this little bugger is twice that of any other lure. I fish at night only most of the time.
  3. TNsaintsfan

    Man that owns the Lake

    Here is a somewhat similar analogy. I am an avid golfer and have opportunities to play on real nice golf courses. Some of these golf courses are embedded in high end housing communities. In golf...anything marked with white stakes indicates out of bounds. On golf courses that are embedded in a housing community the white stakes also indicates where the home owners lot begins. Anything within the white stake boundary a golfer is legally obligated to play the ball where it lies. It gets really tricky here. On most housing lots the boundary actually goes well beyond the white stakes and sometimes up through the rough and into the fairway landing area. Yet obviously, the golf course maintains these areas. I have had home owners yell at me for making a divot on 'their lawn' when I am actually a few feet off the fairway. And its not my fault you are having a family picnic a few yards off the course and I become a 'distraction'. I have had confrontations with home owners when I attempt to move their skunk trap they set up on the course so I could mow that area. Its ridiculous. In your case, anything in the water should be a legal fishing zone. In my case, anything in the white stakes should be a legal golfing zone. Though obviously there should be a respect consideration. I would never attempt to hit a golf ball over the head of a person standing in their own lawn even if it means I could cut the corner on a golf hole.
  4. TNsaintsfan

    2014 Panfish

    I fished Indian Mountain State Park on Saturday. Lots of bluegill being caught by people not even trying to catch them. They were hitting on anything small to medium sized. On an unrelated note, I spoke to the park manager up there and I was told that somebody supposedly hauled in an 8 lb and 12 lb largemouth fishing from a paddle-boat just last Tuesday.
  5. TNsaintsfan

    anyone doing any night fishing yet

    I did quick splash hops with the jitterbug and then let is paused.
  6. TNsaintsfan

    anyone doing any night fishing yet

    Concord area bank fishing. Yesterday evening at 8:15pm. A few sprinkles of rain came down and I used a black jitterbug. Caught 2 below average but decent largemouth. No bites before or after the rain shower. But in the 15 minutes of light rain I caught 2 on top water.
  7. I will share my experience yesterday as a bank fisherman. As a bank fisherman I fish mostly the Fort Loudon area (think Carl Cowan/Admiral Farragut Park). Between these two spots I probably have over a mile bank access. Yesterday I was fishing a back cove right by a bridge in Admiral Farragut park. Boats rarely rarely go back in that cove. That cove is essentially a dead end for boats. I like to stand on rocks and fish. Sometimes I can get secure footing on a large rock that is 3-6 feet off the bank. Yesterday a large (30 foot boat) came down the cove going pretty slow (about 50 feet from shore). A few waves came up to my feet but not too bad. The boat then re-oriented itself facing the main channel and gunned it. I had 2-3 foot waves (felt like a tsunami) crashes into me. Luckily I am a limber dude and escaped just in time. My mixed drink that was placed on the shore...though did not make it. I understand I was fishing at my own risk by standing on those rocks right off the shore...but c'mon.... I have never had a problem with bass boats. A few annoyed faces when they are floating with the current fishing banks and then see me in there way.
  8. TNsaintsfan

    Pound for pound - My go to lure is...

    Not even close for me... the arbogast jitterbug in black or speckled green. When I get that thing to dance just perfectly on the surface nothing can resist it! Especially when cicadas or locusts are out.
  9. TNsaintsfan

    Saints fan here

    I went down to New Orleans for memorial day to visit family. I can tell you that the crawfish wasn't slim down there!!!
  10. TNsaintsfan

    view from the honey hole

    That is such a great picture. Thank you for sharing that. Beautiful. This is exactly why I tell my friends/co-workers that I enjoy fishing even if I don't catch anything. Catching the fish is only a small part of the joy it brings me.
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    Welcome to the community!
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    I made it over

    Lots of striper fishermen here. I saw a dead striper on the bank of Watt's bar by Kingston. Nice size fish.
  15. TNsaintsfan

    New member

    Welcome. I haven't caught a trout since I lived in PA. Yesterday I floated down a river on an intertube (the river rat) and saw some guys catching trout. One of them said they pulled in a 20-25 incher.