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  1. Cousin Garry, it's me Wob Bier! Welcome Friend of the Devil
  2. Happy Birthday you old ____! But you'll never be as old or goodlookin' as me! LOL   dada 12-17-17  10:27 PM

    1. Fishfearme


      Well, thank you very much Sir Dada. It was uneventful. haha

  3. Happy Birthday Fishfearme!

  4. Happy Birthday Fishfearme!

  5. Happy Birthday Fishfearme!

  6. I'll be glad to go over-board in the name of Crappie!

  7. I will troll FISHFEAR ME for alligator bait when I see him!! HaHa. dada 7-21-13 6 PM

    1. Charger1


      Dada. Can you tell me if this site posts specific fishing information regarding Douglas Lake? I fish primarily on Douglas and am interested in info about this lake. After I learn Douglas I would like to branch out to other lakes, but for now I would like to know what other anglers are doing on this lake. Thanks.

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