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  1. Fishfearme

    Douglas 12-19-18

    Nice job Dada and Charger. Had more calf trouble Wed. am, so my visit to the lake was postponed again. Need to go soon. Glad to hear the Blackcat's were finally doing their job.
  2. Fishfearme

    Crappie slowdown

    Sorry to hear about the slow down, I was just fixing to hit the water, Thanks for the reports Dada and Minnerman. Might be time to hit Samsam's honey hole during the off hours. Might need to hit the weather witch spot for some kittys , the garden needs manure again. 00
  3. Fishfearme

    Prayer Request

    just saw this, hope the sickness in your mother can be eradicated with lightening speed. God bless you and especially her.
  4. Fishfearme

    Crappie Size

    Nice info Minnerman. Like you said interesting, but let's get back to trying to boat fish.
  5. Fishfearme


    Cross your fingers and pray. I found catching Walleye in East Tn. is not the same as northern states or in Canada. Catching them here is very hit and miss. It might be fishing pressure or fewer numbers. It may also be a water movement thing. ie. generating water or not, how much flow etc. I wish I could find a crystal ball with proper techniques for walleye fishing around here. Good luck Friday, C Jim
  6. Fishfearme

    9.9 fixed

    Dada, it's nice to have the shoe on the other foot for a change sir. You certainly are a gentleman. About 4 years ago while fishig and talking with Dada, I mentioned an A/C problem I needed to get fixed. It was August and pretty hot. Never even thought twice about it, it was just conversation. The next day Dave was at my front door asking me where my A/C unit was. His place to mine is 46miles one way. Truly an unselfish man.
  7. Fishfearme

    Good Bank Spots

    Hey Rooster, people fish for Crappie off the bank at Walter's bridge. 25E / Dixie hwy south of White Pine. Park at the boat ramp and walk up stream of the bridge along the bank. I've caught crappie all along that bank, till it gets to steep to fish comfortably. Minnow under slip bobber will work. You can also tight line a minnow, just pick your spots. Good luck.
  8. Fishfearme

    minnow trap

    no dogs, but caught a 12 inch long snapper once. he saw the minners inside the bottle and got his flipper wrapped up in the mono. glad i had the drag on the bottle adjusted properly.
  9. Fishfearme


    tnroostertail thanks for sharing on your sauger expedition. like someone else said, 8 in a trip is better action than most of us get. i love walleye fishing myself and have heard so much about leadville/rankin, but have personally never gone up there. fishing shallow areas of an unfamiliar area is conducive to boat destruction. i've never considered going bank fishing in leadville. hummm just a quick thanks to dada for taking me to his honey hole this morning. if one of us was Jesus, we could have fed 40 people with the 2 inch blue gill we brought to the boat today. truth be told it was a tough day, starting with the dense early am fog. didn't lift till just before 10. dada had the harness on the alligator rig so tight it was hindering my casting ability. even though we were trolling. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. thanks for a fun morning Dave
  10. Fishfearme

    minnow trap

    Meadedog, they catch great. Dada made and gave me a few a couple years back. I have had 100's of dozens of FREE minnows since. Spring, summer and fall catches best, winter months I don't catch many. As far as the stealing, i'm lucky, the creek i trap is on my land. Like Dada said it's just a small creek(year round flow), but if you can sink the bottle in 5inches or more, it will catch. The little pidgeon river is very close to me as well. I have not done as well there.The small creeks don't have the predation, so minnows are less timid.
  11. Fishfearme

    Any where one could point a novice Walleye fisherman?

    good luck with that! lmao
  12. Fishfearme

    Today's Crappie

    Nice job Dada. A few of those look short. Just messing with the master who taught me all I know.
  13. Fishfearme

    Spring Run

    managed to get a limit today. We fished at the top end of Douglas this morning 6-10am. Caught 14 walleye on jigs and minnows. 10 came home with us including a 23 incher weighing 5 lbs. Not a single sauger. Great morning on the water. My fishing partner had the hot stick, boating 11 of the 14. Kudos Billy Saw Dada on the water and he ended up with a limit of nice Crappie. Well done Dave and Julie!
  14. Fishfearme

    Accidents happen, split second

    Sending prayers your way for a speedy and full recovery. God Bless.
  15. Fishfearme


    Very nice fish by anyone's standards!