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  1. michaeljohnson

    My Nephews Birthday

    Good fish Ezell , always love watching the younger ones fishing .
  2. michaeljohnson

    Last week's catch

    Some great fish right there , thanks for posting
  3. michaeljohnson

    Fishing with visually impaired

    Hats off to you man , it's great to know that there are careing and helpfull people in this world , it's a huge undertaking and I know not an easy on . Thanks for being a good person
  4. michaeljohnson

    Hybrids at Night

    Bite was good last night on upper end of Cherokee last night , till lighting put us in . Won't let me post pics. Day bite good to ,(. Between storms )
  5. michaeljohnson

    White Bass this season

    Good job on the catching Steve
  6. michaeljohnson

    3-14-15 Melton Hill

    A Dandy , great job
  7. michaeljohnson

    Open seat for Norris today

    Some of us really though about it ( guess we knew better )still counting the days .
  8. michaeljohnson

    When You Can't Fish !!!

    Had rotator cuff surgery on each shoulder ( about year apart ). Know what your going thru , but you will overcome this setback , been 3-4 years now and still get tired faster with heavy casting. Changed way of fishing ( and I love it ). It does change the way a person , looks at life in general . Hang in there and best of luck to you
  9. michaeljohnson

    Old bass lures

    Got my Dads older baits in shadow boxes , looking for : top water bait . Heddon , Creek Chub Injured Minner . Got one of his but would to have one to use . Real great bait for catching
  10. michaeljohnson

    Happy turkey and football day!!!

    Happy Thansgiving to everybody .I am sure everyone has something to be thankfull for . ( don't forget to run your scales back a few pounds today ) lol
  11. michaeljohnson

    Ferry boat fishing

    Great pics for sure , except for snake - once bitten - always dislike . If one can't be there fishing or catching , it's great to always see wonderfull pics. Thanks
  12. michaeljohnson

    Prayer request for BayouCajun

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery and back on the water soon
  13. michaeljohnson

    Prayer request for Molly pup and our family

    Cancer is bad deal for sure, sorry to hear this , just make the time left count
  14. michaeljohnson

    My new fishing Buddy's

    Way it was when I grew up , loved fishing with my Dad , and now with my children and grand children. Great times. Thanks for posting