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  1. I dig on the pink and the led too nice job
  2. jproofer1212

    Your prayers needed

  3. jproofer1212

    Accidents happen, split second

    Prayers for a speedy recovery and hopefully the fish will just get a short break from that hook set
  4. jproofer1212

    Best smallmouth day ever

    That's a great day thanks for sharing
  5. jproofer1212

    been a while

    ]yes it is Steve and trying real hard to get ready, got a little time Friday between rain and talked the wife into going for couple hours, thought I could get her one on top water, got her a couple that really gave her a great fight. They weren't the biggest but perfect size for her was a blast watching her catch her first stripers
  6. jproofer1212

    been a while

  7. jproofer1212

    been a while

    felt like forever but got a chance to get out for a little while Sunday, started looking for some bait but all my favorite bait sloughs are chocked full of milfoil or whatever it is. Bait is everywhere but not what I was wanting, caught a bunch of small but was just enjoying being on the water. Temp was 64.5 and water about a clear as it gets on the Barr. Went to a slough on the far side that didn't have the stuff in it last time I was out and it didn't have nothing but the striped fish breaking in the very back of it so I tied on a thunderstick and threw and threw but nothing so I tied on a redfin and first cast caught a decent on and caught several more but the cool thing was the fish were breaking in about 2 ft of water and with my polarized glasses I got in pretty close I could see the stripers working feverishly under the water all around my boat and I just set there for about 10 minutes and watch how they were going back and forth and then they would all explode about the same time and they did this several times enjoyed watching that more than catching. Made my day. I took one pic not a beast but sure felt good.[
  8. jproofer1212

    10 -22 -15 Fort Loudoun

    nice report thanks for sharing, I like those cats too
  9. jproofer1212

    Fort Loudoun Catfishing - October 2015

    Hadnt got to go very little this year, hope to get out some when weather gets a little colder but work has been busy and lots of other stuff going on and yeah would love to feel the bend of the pole, glad you guys are catching
  10. jproofer1212

    Fort Loudoun Catfishing - October 2015

    nice cats I bet David glad you got back and getting after the fish again
  11. So sorry, know it will be a great loss
  12. jproofer1212

    My brother needs some prayers

  13. jproofer1212

    Anyone fishing today or tomorrow?

    glad to have you back
  14. jproofer1212

    Mayo Research trip