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    White bass vs Rockfish

    The thing I look for is a white bass will have that one center stripe that goes all the way into the tail. Hybrid will most times have two or more.
  2. wading

    A bit off topic, but a desireable panfish

    On the Virginia side they stock northern pike in Hidden Valley Lake. Always wondered why they didn't stock yellow perch in there also. Those high mountain lakes should be much cooler and ideal for them. Would think it would increase the fisherman numbers chasing them also. I wish. Moomaw Lake west of Staunton has a good population.
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    Had a buddy catch 5 maybe 6 lb walleye this weekend fellow below him had 5. The water surge brought them up in the river next day as water was dropping nothing. Of course the barometer changed next day probably part of it.
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    I will get into them every now and then when wading and floating minnows. Smaller fish smaller water?
  5. wading

    fishing areas

    My hunting experience best decribes how I feel about your thought. When I hunt I try to use the science to pick the best place for success, I hunt the game. Then they are those who hunt the hunter. Have had people track back to my stand, deer, and then the next year be setting there cutting me off. Fishing I'm the same way I hunt the fish, I come up short at times but the times I'm successful I feel good about it. The people I fish with most times are chasing the science, but I do help the ones who can't help themselves when I can. Good thing about the way I fish I chasing holding points as the lake rises so my fishing places change from one week to the next, my fishing season is short.
  6. wading

    wading has joined us!

    Hello, Have fished Rogersville area and Upper end of Douglas during the spring runs for the last 20 years. Target mostly crappie, stripes, walleye and hybrids. My ideal fishing trip is to get there about a hour before daylight to wade out in one of my favorite pockets , watch the sunrise, the lake come alive and catch fish. Don't get there but 5-6 times a year the way I work but looking forward to retiring in a few and making it a home away from home.